Noise. All of the Smash Mansion seemed to be drowned in it. The inside
was always chaotic, whereas it appeared silent outside the mansion.

What exactly made it chaotic, you may wonder. Lets take a look inside.

Pikachu and Kirby were rapid firing paper airplanes at Marth, who
seemed very ticked off. Mario and Luigi were arguing with Donkey Kong
about who-knows-what, Ike and Snake were playing a wii game, and had
the volume turned at its maximum. Sonic and C. Falcon were racing
eachother INSIDE the living room, why Samus was yelling at Pit for
spilling coke on her power suit.

Ike finished playing "Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games" with
Snake, and surveyed the chaos around him. He watched Lucas and Ness do
some sort of Ninjago thing against each other, while Lucario was
checking his watch for some reason.

Suddenly, Lucario's eyes widened as he looked up. "QUIET! EVERYONE
QUIET!" he shouted. After everyone shut up, Lucario listened.
"...did... anyone hear that?". Answers of "No" and "What are you
talking about?" echoed through the room. Lucario sighed.

"I..." he began. "I think I heard ...a scream... in there." He said,
motioning to the greenhouse, which was just outside the mansion.

"Should we check it out?" Samus asked.

"Most likely, someone could be hurt." Meta Knight said with a nod.

The Smashers made their way out of the mansion and into the
greenhouse. They saw nothing but plants, trees, a few fruit trees, and
more plants.

Mario looked around. A drop of liquid landed on the ground, just an
inch fom his foot. He bent down to look at it. It was a red liquid.

"...Blood..." he mumbled.

"Say wut?" Sonic asked, coming closer. "Aw, dude, thats sick! Its
probably fruit punch!"

"Then why would it drip from the ceiling?" Ike asked, as the Smashers
looked up at the source. What they saw, horrified them.

Suspended to the ceiling with chains was what appeared to be a body.
Its long, shaggy black hair had been almost torn off of his head, his
eyes were almost completely oozing out of his face. His mouth hung
open, with blood dripping out. A heavy knife was protruding through
his chest and out his back. His limbs hung lifeless. On the floor was
three crushed pokeballs, as well a pokemon trainer hat.

"Is... is that... Red?" Pikachu asked.

Peach and Zelda looked like they were about to faint. Link and Marth
carried them out of the room.

"...Red? are you still there?" Snake asked. No answer. "Oh, ship,

All the Smashers began searching at once. A lone figure watched from
the shadows. It left without a sound.

"One down, 34 to go."

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