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-Chapter 6: Exposure-

Meta Knight stood in front of the group, facing the killer. Ike
couldnt beleive what he saw, but with a sigh, was the first to speak.

"There was a number of Smashers I suspected, but you were the last of
them. In fact, I don't think I could have ever guessed it was you,

The robot stared at them blankly. He remained like this for about five
seconds, before his mechanisms began processing what Ike had said.

"You suprise me." he nearly whispered as he looked over the remains of
all the dead Smashers spread across the floor from the recent
explosion. "And here I thought it had been thought through so...
carefully. Please, if you will, explain how I was suspected."

Meta Knight stepped forward, as he stared into the robot's cold,
lifeless eyes. "I always suspected you. I wasn't sure until just about
two hours ago. Now, my deductions are a bit fuzzy, but I believe your
not the only killer."

Pit jumped as soon as Meta Knight said this. "Of course! That explains
everything!" he said excitedly. "Thats the reason it was able to
happen so fa-"

His voice was interrupted as a sharp blade shot through his back,
protruding out of the center of his chest. With a cry of pain, he
collapsed on the floor, dead. Lucario revealed himself from behind
where Pit once stood.

"Clever." he growled as he stood beside ROB, facing Meta Knight, Ike,
Snake, and Ganandorf. As much as they hated to admit it, they were the
four remaining Smashers, besides the killers, to survive.

"If you think about it, it is fairly easy to explain." Ganandorf said.
"In fact, its so simple, that a child figured it out before we did."

Ike blinked. "What child is that?"

"Toon Link." Meta Knight muttured. "It's all coming together now. Let
me explain."

Lucario growled, but remained standing beside ROB. He figured they
should hear their explanation before killing them.

With a quiet sigh, Meta Knight began speaking. "This is what happened."

"Now, I'm not sure what your motive was, but you wanted every Smasher
dead. You decided to start with all of the Smashers from the Pokemon
universe, but you knew you couldn't pull it off alone. You got help
from Lucario. Being a pokemon, and having yet to be tamed by a
trainer, he was easy to convince. You started with Red, killing him,
and hanging his body in the greenhouse. Why? Because you wanted Red's
death to be known. You wanted everyone to be scared enough that they
would remain in safe places. Safe places you had access to. Being the
handyman of the mansion, you have a key giving you access to every
room, every dorm, every storage house, and the warp room. You needed
time to hang Red's body though, thats when Lucario came into play."
Meta Knight continued glaring at the robot and pokemon.

"Oh, I get it now." Snake growled, taking over for Meta Knight.

"Remember when we were all hanging out in the living room? Lucario was
just checking his watch. You gave him a time limit, and when it was
over, he was to get everyone into the greenhouse. He told everyone to
be quiet, and said he heard a scream. He was the only one that 'heard
a scream'. Toon Link was the first to notice this, leaving Lucario one
option. He had to kill him. This was difficult, seeing as how they
were trying to get all the Pokemon characters out first, making Toon
Link stick out like a sore thumb between the trophies of Red,
Jigglypuff, Pikachu, and Lucario." Snake stopped to take a breather.
Ganandorf resumed for him.

"Killing Pikachu was easy. He was sent to the Pokemon Universe to tell
of Red's death. All it took was a bit of tampering with the Warp
Portal, followed by some twisting of the body, which you managed. Next
was Jigglypuff, whose death you tried to blame on Pit, but your timing
was off. Lucario had to get killed in there somewhere, so he pretended
to be poisened. ROB then revived him after Master Hand converted him
to trophy form, seeing as how he never died. In order to get the blame
off of ROB, Lucario tore him in half, killing him. Remember how Sonic
said that Master Hand couldn't come see ROB because he was 'looking
for Lucario's trophy'? Well, thats the reason why. Lucario then took
up the killing job until ROB could get repaired. He managed to kill
off Mario and Master Hand." Ganandorf nodded to Ike, allowing him to

"After Crazy Hand repaired ROB, the two of you killed Luigi, Samus,
and Kirby, not going by any actual order, unlike how you killed the
Pokemon characters. ROB then got thousands of smart bombs from the
storage room, and, well, we all know what happened after that." Ike
stopped and watched the two killers closely.

"Your reasoning suprises me." ROB said. If he had a mouth, he would be
smirking. While they talked, he had been charging up his most powerful
laser. "Lets see if it will get you to the afterlife."

Everyones eyes widened. Ganandorf, thinking fast, managed to create a
small shield in front of him, made of dark energies. The blast lighted
up the whole room, proving to be too much for Ganandorf's shield. He
flew back, slamming into the wall. His limp form sank down upon the
remains of Bowser and Captain Falcon. He barely opened his eyes,
seeing, much to his dismay, his three comrades fall to the ground,
joining the rest of the dead Smashers.

Lucario noticed Ganandorf, and began building up a massive ball of
energy. "Stupid fool. You are just as weak as the rest of them." he
spat, venom dripping from his voice. He fired the blast.

"NO!' Crazy Hand shouted, warping in front of Ganandorf, absorbing the
blast, and firing it back at the killers. Lucario disintegrated while
ROB combusted because of the massive heat. Crazy Hand sighed, and
slowly turned towards Ganandorf.

"Are you okay?"he asked.

"I-I'm f-fine" Ganandorf managed to say, stumbling up on his feet.

"I'll get them into trophy form." Crazy Hand sighed, gazing at all the
dead Smashers. "They should all be healed within about five months or

"No, they can be revived now." Ganandorf said. "Convert them to trophy
form, and get all the trophies out here. I... I can harness enough
power to heal them. All of them."

Crazy Hand nodded slowly. "ROB... his programming... it got messed up.
I don't know if it was done by someone, or if it happened on its own.
Thats why he had no motive. It's... its a miracle you survived that
blast, but I'm glad you did. It's nice to know that this tournement...
wasn't a complete failure."

With that, the hand floated up the stairs to gather the rest of the
trophies. Soon, the whole living room had been filled with the
trophies of every Smasher, whether gathered from the storage room or
turned into a trophie right then and there, they had everyone.

"Using my power, I 'reset' Lucario and ROB. Never again will they be
murdering others after they are revived."

"Excellent." Ganandorf said, facing the trophies and begining to build
up power. A black aura surrounded him.

"Wait!" Crazy Hand said, "Ganandorf, using that much power your
charging up will revive the Smashers, but it will also kill you."

Ganandorf sighed, remembering all the evil he had done... to Link...
to Zelda... to Hyrule... and even the Smashers. As more energy built
up he turned to Crazy Hand.

"Whatever it takes to revive them. I... I deserve it"

With that, he fired the blast, screaming as pain surrounded his body,
the sheer power's weight crushing his very limbs. The familiar
reviving sound echoed throughout the room. It was the last thing
Ganandorf heard.


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