It's been a while since I published any fanfiction. Been busy the last few years. I have however discovered Labyrinth and have subsequently been inspired to write

The Stone Queen

Its currently a Work In Progress (WIP) but I know where its going and have the ending all sorted. I thought publishing it would help motivate me to keep it going. Reviews help too (hint hint nudge nudge!).

I'm rating this (M) according to the rating standard "for mature teenagers 13 years +". There's going to be war and some hanky panky, but nothing graphic or gratuitous (that I've planned) - only what's necessary to the story.

Hope you like it.


In secret, Sarah flees with Toby to the Underground when the death of their parents threatens to separate them. There, she hides under the very nose of he whom claims Toby as his Chosen Heir. But civil war has been brewing in the Underground for over a millenia. The Unseelie fae Mordred, full of vengeance and a yen for power, seeks to claim the title of High King. Alliances are made and broken as Seelie and Unseelie prepare for a war that will change the face of the Underground forever. With his heir missing and no consort to stabilise his position as Goblin King, Jareth must fight to preserve his crown and kingdom from those whom would dare challenge for the Throne. Meanwhile, in the east, a new power rises - The Stone King, whose power it is said could turn the tide of the coming war.

Chapter 1

Aboveground : September 1984-Mid 1986

Underground: 10 Years Since Labyrinth

Sarah Williams was a changed girl. Her parents couldn't quite say how, but they could pin point when. One September night, 1984, they had left behind a spoiled, selfish brat to go on a date, and returned to find a young woman. She wasn't perfect. She had her moments. But Sarah Williams was a changed girl. In the months that followed that night Sarah showed greater maturity and acceptance of her new family. She took up chores without complaint, stayed ahead of her school work, and much more surprisingly took greater interest in her little brother, Toby. It was a happy time in the Williams household.

But tragedy was lurking around the corner, and a year later when Sarah was not yet 16, it struck. Robert and Karen were sadly killed in a car accident by a drunk driver having run a red light. The loss was devastating to Sarah, for she had only just begun to know her parents. She grieved for herself and for Toby, who would never know them. Greater tragedy threatened when Sarah learned she may be separated from Toby.

After the death of her father, Sarah and Toby were put into the care of Sarah's mother, Linda, whom took the children in under great duress. Linda had no time for children – she'd left her Sarah as a child to follow her dreams years ago and had not regretted it since. Now it seemed she would be put upon by two children. It was a sad situation. Neither Robert nor Karen had any living siblings. Robert had been an only child, and Karen's brother had died many years ago. Robert's parents, Sarah and Toby's grandparents, too had passed on, whilst only Karen's mother remained – and that lady was under care in a nursing home. Truly there was no one to whom Linda could turn to unburden her of these children. She enjoyed her wild ways and parties, despite her age.

It was by accident, a few months past the sibling's first Christmas without their parents, Sarah learned of Linda's feelings, or rather lack thereof, toward herself and Toby. Linda often threw parties. They were wild raves that reminded Sarah of a much more dire version of a certain ballroom. Drugs and alcohol abounded, and one night Linda drunkenly confessed to no one in particular that she was thinking Sarah would benefit from being sent to boarding school. Then Linda asked, again of no one in particular, if perhaps Toby would be better off with a loving family? She certainly couldn't provide a home for a baby. Linda got not further, for she promptly passed out. But Sarah had heard every word.

Knowing she would never achieve emancipation from Linda and that she could not protect Toby in a world where the law dictated she was too young to care for him, Sarah put a plan into motion. Perhaps she had other choices. Perhaps things might have gone differently. Perhaps it was always meant to be this way. Whatever the possibilities, they did not matter for Sarah decided that she would take Toby and run away to the Underground. There she had friends who could help her; friends who had stayed with her through thick and thin. Here, she had no one. Here, she stood to lose her only family (Linda now excluded). There was but one snare in her plan: the Goblin King.

Sarah knew the Goblin King wanted Toby. He had gone to great lengths to keep Toby, and she had matured enough to respect that the King was a formidable opponent. She could not allow him to know of her return. Thus, with grave purpose, Sarah carefully formulated a plan. It saddened her to exclude Hoggle and Sir Didymus from the plan. Hoggle was too afraid of the Goblin King to help her without hindering her, and Sir Didymus too honourable to deceive his master. It was Ludo to whom she turned for aide. Ludo, whose simple loyalty and fearlessness would see her through.

Sarah was careful in her planning. For weeks she secretly spoke with Ludo through a small compact mirror. Though Ludo was of few words, he did not lack intelligence. He understood what was needed and saw to his end of seeing Sarah into the Underground. It was not long before the giant bid goodbye to Sir Didymus and Hoggle, saying "Ludo go." They took it on face value, never questioning why. The Goblin King didn't notice the beast's absence at all.

On her side, Sarah drew together all the baubles and valuables she could gather. She understood the Underground to deal in items of beauty and precious metals as currency. She hoped to gather sufficient funds to support herself and Toby until she could earn their keep. It turned out to be fortunate for Sarah to be living with Linda. Her mother adored pretty things and did not bother to hide them. Sarah did not want to be a thief, but needs must and she did what was necessary. Over several weeks she gathered her treasures, and when the time came took Toby and left this world for the Underground. All that she left behind was a note:


I'm gone and have taken Toby with me. I heard what you said, and I won't let you separate us. Don't bother looking for me. You won't find us. Goodbye.