This is my third fanfiction! If you haven't already please check out my other two stories 'Goode High School for Insane Youths' or 'The New Kid at Goode High School.' As you can see, both stories are about Goode High School but I promise you that high school has nothing to do with this story.

The title Speak Now is based off of the song by Taylor Swift, except it's not a songfic. The plot line, however, was based off a screenplay that I had written and completed last year.

WARNING: There's going to be some major changes. For starters, Percy has a little sister named Cindy. (She is very important to the plot.) Percy's mother and father both died when Percy and Cindy were much younger. Also, Thalia is NOT related to Percy.

Sorry if characters are OOC.

Chapter One: A Terrible Birthday Party Surprise

"Welcome to Percy's 23th birthday," Cindy Jackson said. She was passing out red cups filled the brim with beer to young adults who Cindy had never even seen. Cindy was standing beside a long table with a Happy Birthday table cloth over it. Platters of chips, vegetables, chicken, noodles and much more covered the table. Beside Cindy were rows of plastic red cups. Underneath the table was a bright blue cooler jam packed with beer. "Here," Cindy said, smiling as she filled up another red cup and handed it to yet another friend of Percy's. "Gosh," Cindy whispered, as she filled she own cup with Diet Pepsi. "How does Percy have these many friends?"

Percy Jackson was Cindy's loving, older brother by nine years. He's been taking care of Cindy ever since Cindy and Percy's mother and father, Sally and Paul Jackson, were killed in a car accident. (A/N Yeah, I know its Paul Blofis not Jackson but it's one of those many changes.) Percy was nineteen years old and Cindy was ten. Most of Percy and Cindy's relatives had passed away, so Percy took Cindy in. They've been living together ever since. Cindy had to admit that Percy was probably the greatest guy she had ever met. He was funny, sweet, loyal, generous, caring, everything. Sure, he didn't make the most money being a gym teacher (and a free lance swimmer on a community college team). Sometimes Percy did struggle to keep the bills paid and have food in the fridge but Percy never let Cindy worry about that. Percy was a good-looking guy, too. He had untamed black hair that barely covered his sea-green eyes.

Cindy loves her brother. She loves to pull pranks on him. She loves to watch Percy's swimming meets. She loves to watch movies with Percy. She loves to cook with Percy. She loves spending quality time with Percy. Of course, now that Percy's been dating someone for…what, the last two and half years, spending time with Percy is hard. Actually, having a decent dinner with Percy is difficult. Drew, Percy's girlfriend, ruined Cindy's life. (A/N Yes the Drew from The Lost Hero.) When you first meet Drew, you think 'She's so sweet! And kind! Percy is so lucky to have her as a girlfriend.' That's what Cindy thought the first week that Percy met Drew. Then, about a month later, everything started to change. Whenever Percy had his back turned, Drew would give Cindy dirty looks. If Percy was out of the room, Drew would lash at Cindy in ways that Percy would never imagine possible from Drew. Drew was good at keeping her distance toward Cindy a secret, though. She never let anyone see her bad side but Cindy and Drew especially sure that Percy would never know the real way that Drew treated Cindy. Of course, Cindy had no problem showing her distaste toward Drew. Most of the time when Cindy did it though, Percy would get angry and snap, 'Cindy!' Then, Cindy would mock him. The fight would escalate and usually, it was always Cindy that won but ultimately, it would be Drew that would win.

Drew was tearing Percy and Cindy apart.

Deep down inside, Cindy was pretty upset about it but typically, she refused to let Percy see that she was hurt. Most of the time, Cindy would hide with mockery and sarcasm. Thanks to Drew, Cindy doesn't even let her own brother in.

"Don't I get a drink?"Cindy hadn't realized that she had been so absorbed in her thoughts that she had managed to zone out. "Hello? Cindy?" Cindy looked up to see Luke Castellan, Percy's lifelong friend. Behind Luke was Grover flirting with one of Percy's work friends: Juniper. Cindy had to admit that Luke was also very attractive. He had sandy blonde hair, a light tan and a broad, confident smile. When Cindy was eleven, she even had a small crush on Luke but it was nothingserious. "Don't I get a beer?"

Cindy laughed and filled up a red cup. "Here you go, Luke." Luke gulped down the beer and looked at Cindy, smirking. "Where's your girlfriend, Luke? I made sure that Percy invited her." Cindy was practically in charge of throwing the party. She picked the location, which was her backyard. She picked the foods. The refreshments and was in charge of sending out the invitations according to list of guests that Percy invited. Of course, Cindy 'accidentally' threw Drew's invitation away. Oops, she thought sarcastically in her head.

"Thalia's going to be coming a little later," Luke replied, nonchalantly. "She's out with a couple of friends."Thalia Grace, Luke's two week girlfriend (Luke's longest relationship in the last three years), was in charge of his huge company that tracks and studies animals. It's called the Hunters. Although Cindy has never been there before, she can just picture it as some huge company with TV screens everywhere filming exotic animals.


"So, where's Drew?" Luke asked. Cindy glared at Luke, smacking him forcefully on the arm. Luke gripped his arm. "OW! You know, for a fourteen year old, you have a mean swing. A mean swing."

Cindy smirked. "Don't bring Drew up and I won't punch you."

Luke sighed. "Let me guess. You threw her invitation away in the trash and when Percy comes over, you're going to say very innocently that you have no clue what happened to the invitation?"

Cindy scowled. "So maybe I did throw her invitation away but Percy's better than her."

"How? She seems so sweet."

"Well she isn't," Cindy muttered. "I'm doing this whole party a favor by not inviting Drew."

"Don't you think your being kind of selfish?" Someone chimed in. Cindy turned around to see Grover looking at Cindy with raised eyebrows. Grover's curly hair was tangled and his wispy beard was well wispier. "Come on Cindy," Grover said, patting Cindy on her shoulder. "You know that Percy loves Drew and just because you don't like, doesn't mean that you have the right to make your own brother miserable at his party."

Cindy scoffed, "Look at him, Grover." Percy was chatting with his co-workers Charles Beckendorf, his fiancée Silena Beauregard and Percy's cousin Nico Di Angelo. Percy was laughing so hard at some joke that Nico must have said. "Yeah, Grover. He looks really miserable."

Grover rolled his eyes. "He'd be happier if Drew was here and you know that."

Cindy sighed. She did know that. She did know deep down that Percy was in love with Drew and a part of Cindy knew that Drew loved Percy back. But also, a part of Cindy knew deep down inside that Drew also loved being bitchy for Cindy just as much as Drew loved Percy. And Cindy didn't put up with that stuff. She has enough girls like Drew in middle school and Cindy did not need more Vanessa Henley's (A/N the bully at her middle school – not going to be a character in this plot I don't think … did I forget to mention it's summer vacation) at her own house.

"So," Percy said as loudly as he could. His voice carried through the party, silencing everyone. "I just wanted to say thank you to everyone coming. I've never had this many people attend one of my birthday parties."

"THAT'S 'CUZ YOU'VE NEVER HAD THIS MANY FRIENDS!" Luke shouted, loud enough for everyone in the party to hear. Percy's friend chuckled. Even Cindy cracked a smile.

"Thanks Luke," Percy said, sarcastically. Luke winked and gave Percy a huge thumbs (grammar?) up.

"Anyway, back to what I was saying," Percy said. "I just wanted to thank someone personally. Without them here, this birthday party could never be better. This person," Percy sighed, "She makes so happy. I love spending time." Cindy smiled. She had a feeling that this was about her. "I love it whenever cook pizza together." Cindy chuckled. She and Percy haven't done that in such a long time. "I love it when we swim at the community pool." The last Cindy enjoyed doing that was before Drew came…but perhaps Percy enjoys that Cindy's just there. "Without her, my house would never be as exciting."

"It's definitely about me," Cindy whispered, smirking at Grover and Luke.

"Without this girl, my life wouldn't be the same. So I personally just want to thank…," Cindy grinned, "Drew." Cindy's smile faded as soon as she saw that flash of brown hair. Suddenly, Cindy saw Drew kissing Percy so fiercely.

Grover cleared his throat, "This is kind of awkward."

Cindy groaned. "I think I'm gonna barf," she whispered. "Okay! That's enough! You tongue each other in private!" Luke snickered.

Percy pulled Drew away and looked at Cindy in frustration. Drew, on the other hand, just glared at Cindy, shaking at her head menacingly. Cindy knew that look. She saw that look nearly every day. It was Drew's classic when-Percy-is-gone-I'm-going-to-rip-your-head-off course when Percy looked at Drew apologetically, Drew's expression softened and she smiled, meekly as if she was the victim. "Tell me you guys saw that," Cindy whispered to Luke and Grover.

"Dang, that girl can really give people glares!" Grover exclaimed.

Luke just shrugged.

"Anyway," Percy said, latching his arm around Drew's waist and holding her close. Cindy tried as hard as she could not to throw up, "I just wanted to say that I love Drew so much. My life wouldn't be the same without. She's my other half."

Drew giggled, "Oh, Percy," she said and she kissed him again. As soon as people starting saying, 'Awwww,' Cindy hid her head in Grover's shoulder. Eventually when Drew continued talking, Cindy took her head out of Grover's shoulder. "I'm not sure what happened with my invitation," Drew sent a scornful look at Cindy that Percy SOMEHOW missed, "But I wouldn't miss any of Percy's birthdays." She lightly kissed Percy on the cheek.

"I'm glad that she came," Percy said, smiling, "Because it wouldn't be the same announcing this without Drew." Cindy's eyes widened. What was Percy talking? She looked at Luke and Grover, who both were just as confused at Cindy. "Drew would you like to say it?"

Drew giggled, "They're your friends Percy."

"Fine," Percy said, beaming. "Guys, I wanted tons of people here at my 23th birthday because I have really important news. Drew and I…," He looked at Drew, who nodded and smiled encouragingly. Cindy's face fell. In the pit of her stomach, she knew where this was going. It was something that she feared greatly. "We're getting married." Almost everyone at the party started cheering…except for Cindy. Her ears starting ringing, she felt like someone had punched her in the stomach.

"What…the…," Cindy started. She was hyperventilating.

"Cindy," Luke started, "Deep breaths. Calm down."

"Oh my god," was the last thing that Cindy before everything went black.

Okay so before people go crazy, I just clear something up. Yes, I know that it seems like it's Cindy's POV and I just wanna say that for a few chapters, yes it'll be in Cindy's point of view but it'll also be in Percy's and maybe Drew's, but only for like one chapter.

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