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Dick Grayson, aka Robin, had been missing for three days. He had disappeared as Robin, so at least he could fight back. To say that Batman was worried was understatement. To say he was easy to irritate, especially if you're his little birds best friend, was accurate. Wally has been looking over the man's shoulder in the Bat-cave hoping to see something of the bird pop up on the monitor, but so far nothing has come up. Batman had tried to force the teen, of seventeen, to leave for days, he finally gave up after forty eighth straight hour.

Wally was about to turn towards the Zeta-tubes, it had been three days after all, he needed to get back to his city and help his uncle. When, all of the sudden, he heard a pinging noise. The speedster turned back to the large screen to see that an address had finally come up, warehouse 24. It seemed that his best buddy was at the docks. He rushed right back to the screen and saw an almost visible smile on the dark knight's face as he rushed to the Bat-mobile.

After three days of waiting Wally wasn't planning on being left behind, so he jumped in right behind Batman, who scowled at him. Wally knew he didn't have the patience to kick him out right now, all he really wanted was to see his little bird.

The two drove in silent anticipation. Wally was almost vibrating through the car. Batman sent his a glare in the rearview mirror and Wally calmed himself down right away. He didn't need to be even more in the bad side of daddybats than he already was.

The Bat-mobile was going down the streets of Gotham at speeds that Wally could reach. Batman had told Wally that Dick disappeared during patrol a few nights prior. Batman had narrowed it down to two possible villains, Joker or Mr. Freeze. Either one would have fun with the Boy Wonder. Mr. Freeze is always willing to inject him with various dangerous viruses. The Joker on the other hand loves to beat him to a pulp and then inject him with Joker venom. 'Oh, the joys of living in Gotham…' Wally thought to himself as the Bat-mobile came to a jerking stop.

Wally finally noticed that they'd reached the docks where his best friend is supposed to be. Batman, if he was anyone else, would seem like he's rushing out of the car to get to his kid. Then again, he's Batman and his cape sweeps out behind him as he silently makes his way to the warehouse.

Wally knows better than to get out of the car and mess him up, but he follows anyway. He keeps a safe distance from the brooding Bat and listens for gunshots or battle, but he isn't greeted with either, just silence.

That is never a good sign. Wally makes his way to the warehouse quietly and then a loud bang comes from inside.

"Batsy, what took you so long to get here? Here Freezy and I thought you weren't going to come and rescue your bird. We've just injected him with something I cooked up! Well…Freezy cooked it up, I just modified it a little," Wally heard the Joker tell Batman gleefully. A shudder ran up Wally spine.

"You did what? I told you not to touch anything!" He heard Freeze yell angrily. This is a usual for Gotham villains or so Wally had been told by none other than Dick himself a few nights ago. Gotham villains love to mess each other up, especially the Joker. He just loves to play with people, whether it's the Dark Knight or a fellow villain.

There were some rather loud bangs and thumps and then more silence. Wally took this as his cue to come out of the shadows and help. He turned the corner to see both of the villains out cold. No one messes with Batman's bird, ever.

Wally watched as Batman tied up the two villains and then hung them from the raptors of the building. The Speedster almost laughed at the sight, until he remembered that he needed to find Dick.

He turned back to where the Dark Knight was supposed to be, but found that he wasn't there. He was walking down the hallway without him. Wally huffed and ran up to the man all in the black.

"You were supposed to stay in the car," he stated bluntly and emotionlessly. Wally sighed and kept moving forward. Wally decided that this was the time to use his speed, he went from room to room looking for his friend. He opened the last door in the short hallway to see a tattered cape and a body under it.

He ran into the room and stopped by the body and poked it a few times. There was a quiet groan and a head rolled over to expose a domino mask. "I found him!" Wally shouted, hoping that Batman would hear.

Within seconds there was a shadow over his shoulder. Batman attempted to move his protégé, but Dick wasn't having it. He refused to budge. "Robin, move. I need to see if you have any injuries," Batman told his protégé softly. He only ever reserved this voice for Dick. The Boy Wonder only shook his head, the whites of his mask were wide. The poor fifteen year old looked terrified.

"Dude, just move the cape," Wally said as he grabbed the cape and out of the younger teens hands.

"Wally no-" Dick begins, but covers his mouth. The vice didn't sound like Dick's it sounded higher. The other two males looked the Boy Wonder over only find that he wasn't really a Boy Wonder anymore. Wally looked over his friend to see that his cape was covering his new female body. Dick now had softer features and Wally's eyes started wandering downwards, he friend had a chest now! Dick stood up, grabbed his cape, draped it around his shoulders, and slapped Wally as hard as he could without collapsing from exhaustion.

Wally recoiled back from the hit and Batman had a deep scowl etched on his face. "Robin, come on, let's head back to the cave to figure this out," Batman said softly, taking off his own cape and wrapping his kid in it. He then picked up Dick and carried him to the car.

Oh, Wally, you really had that one coming...

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