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"GiGi-Gertrude's house looked like a whole different world. There were extremely short neon-wearing servants hobbling about, carrying the strangest smelling potions around. Unusual trees sprouted from the wood foundations, and the air was misty green.

Two odd –looking creatures Benny couldn't identify blocked a door with two simple "G"'s written on it.

One creature with three eyes and one foot spoke first.

"You have trespassed. Prepare to die."

Chapter 1

"First of all," Ethan began, reaching for his math textbook. "The episode of Myth Busters last night was based on Egyptian myths, not European m-"

Ethan closed his locker door, and looked to his left, surprised not to see his friend, Benny there. Instead, a beautiful girl was in his place, looking very confused.

The girl had brown hair that was curled at her shoulders, and a long, poofy blue dress. She held out a hand to Ethan.

"Hi, I'm Dory. I'm new here from Kansas. Do you know where Mrs. Jones' room is?" she asked Ethan wiped a sweaty palm onto his jeans, and began to shake Dory's hand. As soon as he touched her, he had a vision.

Dory, Benny, and Ethan were tied to a wall while an evil laugh sounded in the distance. Dory struggled as half of her body began to disintegrate.

Dory ripped her hand away from Ethan, and stepped backwards.

"A-are you okay?" she asked. Ethan blinked twice. Dory was even more majestic than Sarah was. And if the sun hit Dory's face right, more beautiful. Her perfect, soft voice put him in a trance.

"Um, yeah, just trying to remember where Mrs. Jones' room is," he lied. Dory nodded understandingly.

"Well, you haven't told me your name, yet." She reminded him. Ethan felt so stupid, and blurted his name out goofily. He took a deep breath, and tried again.

"I'm Ethan. Mrs. Jones' room is straight down the hallway." Dory nodded.

"Thanks, Ethan. See you around?" she asked. Dory didn't wait for an answer, and strode off in the direction of Mrs. Jones' room.

Did "around" mean soon? Did it mean after class, I'll meet you? Ethan slumped down on a bench, and tried to clear his head. Benny plopped down next to him.

"Now you show up?" Ethan snapped. He hoped Dory hadn't listened too closely about Myth Busters. He didn't want a new girl thinking he was a nerd already.

"This girl, GiGi looked like she wanted to pick a fight with me." Benny said. "She's after me because I cut in front of her in the lunch line…It was the last burrito!"

Ethan's best friend planted his hands on Ethan's shoulders, and shook him vigorously.

"IT WAS THE LAST BURRITO!" Benny repeated.

Usually, Ethan would pry himself away, very annoyed with Benny. But today, he was in a sparkling mood. And yes, it was because he had just talked to a girl (besides Sarah and Erica) without embarrassing himself too badly.

"How many times have we been pushed around?" Ethan asked rhetorically.

"I don't know, ever since we've known Rory," Benny answered anyway. Ethan stood up, throwing a weak fist into the air.

"We can't let someone as small, or as…young as her push us around." Ethan continued. "I say we stand up to her, and show her who's boss!"

"Who, us?" Benny asked.

"Yes, us!" Ethan responded, now annoyed. He really wasn't sure if his plan would work, but it was worth a shot.

He spotted GiGi across the hall, writing in…a diary? But that was besides the point. He found this a perfect opportunity to stand up to the bully. He laid a hand on Benny's shoulder, and pointed to GiGi.

"See? See her there? We can go confront her right now!" he said. When he pulled his friend along, Benny led him the wrong way.

"Ethan, we're late for class." Was all he said.