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Chapter 3

Ethan was laying on his bed, reading GiGi's diary. Most of it was about 'being a witch is hard. There's no best friend to tell your secret to,' and how she liked Brock, the girls' bathroom guy.

"Today I met the nicest girl on the planet." Ethan read aloud. "Her name is Dory, and she may be nice, but she's invading my territory with peace and…good. I'll have to do something to her…

"This jerkface named Benny almost broke the curse today. One more time, and I'm over. But he has a hot friend. I think his name is Ethan. I plan to steal him to seal the curse. Now all I have to do is"

Ethan turned the page, but no other words remained. Great. He thought. If only Benny and I hadn't crept up on her at that exact moment, she would have finished her thought.

Suddenly, Ethan processed something in his mind about the diary. He scrambled over to his computer, and logged into a video chat with Benny.

"What's up!" his friend chirped.

"Big news. And it's creepy." Ethan began. "GiGi likes me." Benny hung his mouth open.

"Um, no way! I saw the way she treated you. There is absolutely no chemistry there." Benny said.

"Remember, you're failing chemistry." Ethan pointed out. "Besides, it says it right here in the book. 'he has a hot friend. I think his name is Ethan. I PLAN TO STEAL HIM!'"

"So, Ethan, let me get this straight. GiGi is a witch. Who looooooves you. But what's her relation to Dory? What's wrong with her?"

Ethan nodded and flipped through the book. As he was reading it, he had noticed GiGi was heavy on journaling. She could word-for-word describe everything the principal had said at the pep rally earlier that month.

"Wait a minute. Benny, GiGi's real name is…Gertrude."

"Hmmm…Sounds like a witch's name." Benny agreed. "At least we have some material against her. Wait-Ethan, read the first page of the book."

His friend turned the page and began to read.

"Hi, Diary. I'm Gertrude. AKA GiGi. If anyone found out my real name, I would die. I live under a curse, but I don't want to talk about it. Apparently, the Dorothy my sisters want revenge on (which is my quest) is at a really strange White Chapel School, or whatever." Ethan stopped reading. "Um, did she just say Dorothy? That must be Dory's real name!"

"Gertrude is a witch whose sisters want her to get revenge on Dorothy." Benny pointed out. "Sounds a little fairy-tale-ish."

"Oz!" Ethan called out. "She's one of the wicked witches! They must be castaways from the land of Oz.

"Think about it!" he continued. "Okay. So the wicked witch of the east got a house planted on her, and the wicked witch of the west got melted, so…"

"We live in the north." Benny supplied. Ethan continued talking because he was on a roll.

"So, the wicked witch of the North is out to get Dorothy's daughter, Dory! But what's the curse?"

"I don't know. But I have a student directory! We can find Gertrude's house, and melt her!" Benny suggested.

As long as it had something to do with melting someone, he was all for it.

Ethan's house- 4:30 PM (Rory)

Rory knocked on the door of Ethan's house. He waited for the cream-colored door to open, welcoming him in.

Really, he thought he shouldn't have had to arrive there. But the new movie he, Ethan and Benny should have seen started an hour ago. Rory wasn't surprised they stood him up. Again. They were always off doing some cool fighting and work without him.

Jane opened the door and rolled her eyes.

"If you're looking for Ethan, he's not here. My parents are doing backyard work, so make this quick." She ordered.

"Good! So…Ethan's on his way to the movie theater?" Rory asked. They could still catch the 5:00 showing.

"I highly doubt it. His bike's in the garage."

Great. Ethan and most-likely Benny had officially ditched him. Rory wondered if Erica and Sarah liked Sci-Fi.

Jane noticed Rory's look of sadness, and she sighed in defeat.

"Okay. So I did listen in on his conversation," she confessed. "I found out that he's chasing after a girl. GiGi? Gertrude? I had trouble identifying which was which."

"She's a witch!?" Rory couldn't believe it. But why did Ethan like her. After all, he was chasing after her. Rory had been getting a vibe that Ethan liked Sarah, but obviously that was wrong.

"Where does this…GiGi live?" Rory seethed.

"I don't know. How am I supposed to hear Benny on video chat say she lives at 49 White Chapel Drive?" Jane asked.

"Thanks! Jane, I owe you big time!" Rory said. He began to walk down their driveway until her heard the door close. Then, he used his vampire speed to get to GiGi's house in the nick of time.

There was a small, shabby house standing before him. Either GiGi's parents were poor, or they had never heard of gardeners.

"Uh, Rory, what are you doing here!?" Benny asked. He and Ethan walked up to the driveway to him with a bucket of water.

Rory fell down into the fetal position, and began to rock back and forth.

"I'm sorry!" he yelled. "I didn't see you guys at the movies, so I went to Ethan's house, but you weren't there, so I-"

"This bucket of water isn't for you! It's for the witch." Ethan said.

"We're going to melt her!" Benny added excitedly.

Rory stood up and dusted himself off.

"Right." He said. "But what about that movie? We were supposed to see it at 3:30!"

"Either we go to the movies, or we save someone's life. Because you can't have both!" Benny explianed.

"Oh," Rory mumbled, feeling small.

"Hey, Benny and I are going in. If we don't come out in 20 minutes, go get help. Thanks!" Ethan called. He and Benny entered the house.

Instead of wondering why GiGi's door was unlocked, Rory avoided the dead cacti in the yard, and sat down. Maybe Benny and Ethan weren't his real friends.

But, if he could stick to his word and go get help in 20 minutes, he could prove himself worthy.