imagine sakura haruno as a clan surviver adopted the day the event happenened and now reveiling the horrible truth. everything she did, everything she said and everything she supposidly felt as a lie to support her fake identity. this the true sakura and somehow in some way she is connected to sasuke...

Sakura's real identity


"what in the world. Shikamaru come look at this." Said Temari while looking through some ID files of the leaf village

"what is it. this is such a way" said Shikamaru looking over Temari's shoulder and onto the file in her hand.

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"I want you to explain this aswell as this" said shikamaru slaming two files onto the hokages desk. Both files were stamped confidential. one was labled 'Uchia clan' and the other 'Jurosaki clan'.

The hokage-lady Tsunade- was talking to the two elders until she got interupted.

"what is the meaning of this! you barge into my office and demand to know the information of two files that have been stamped confidential!" shouted lady Tsunade

"I'm sorry lady Tsunade but we weren't talking to you..." said Temari

"we were talking to them" continued shikamaru. Tsunade turned to see both the elders staring hard at the two files infront of them-as if they kept one huge big secret. tsunade reached up to see the files infront of her when her hand got stopped by one of the elders, he said:"how dare you go through our files"

"you told us to go through them and saught them out" replied Temari. shikamaru quickly picked up the files before he could get stopped. "these files both have something in common...murder and the Uchia clan file it claim that the clan was enielatied by Itachi Uchia and Sasuke Uchia is the clan surviver. it also claims that Itachi Uchia was blackmailed by the two elders and a man named Danzo." said shikamaru. he saw lady tsunade's expresion-which was speechless- and he saw the elders expresion-which was scared. temari picked up the other file and continued: "in the Jurasaki clan file it says a simmilar story. the clan was illiminated by Ken Juraosaki and there was a clan surviver...his also says that ken was blackmailed by the same people who blackmailed Itachi. know, according to my research the Jurosaki clan had no suvivers and his sibling died in a mission the day before. here it says something very unexpected...the clan survivers name was Sakura Jurosaki and she was addopted a day before by miss Kyoko Haruno..." everyone was speechless until...