Hey guys,

I'm sorry for the delay but I am officially cancelling this story. The thing is that, as I am looking back at my work I am utterly embarrassed. The punctuation, grammar and everything else is horrendous. I will admit I was young when I did this but if I was going to write a story I should have at least used proper grammar.

I am sorry for all who suffered through this.

Also for those who gave me supportive criticism, I apologise for ignoring you and I should have taken your words to hand.

As for the stories themselves, if I can remember what I was going to do to them, I will fix everything (grammar, etc) and continue writing. However, if I don't remember or find it to be not worthwhile for you to read I will delete them completely. I am sorry. I hope that my stories for the future, if there will be any, will be better.

Chou, Mischief Maker.