Hello again

I'm sorry to all the people that are upset with my last announcement. I would like to correct myself and continue with the stories. I know what it feels like for your favourite story to come to a halt without a reasonable ending.

Sooooooo, this is what I'm going to do:

I am going to go over all of my stories and edit the spelling, punctuation and grammar.

I am going to continue with the stories

However, I am going to continue changed appearances, same people first as I am most confident about that. Also there is the fact that it is the most developed. Being an idiot I am I started many stories at once and I only have the brain power for one at a time so that is what I am going to do. Sooooooo, the rest are at a halt but not completely discontinued as I will get back to them.

Loving u all, mischief maker. *kisses*