"Peter?" Stiles asked, tiredly blinking her eyes, a lazy smile splayed across her face. Peter didn't answer, just continued to draw patterns across her stomach that was extended slightly. The tiny bump making an appearance a little bit earlier than it was expected; not that it was an unwelcomed sight to anyone in the pack. Peter and Derek were both ecstatic to have cubs in the pack again—even if Derek was creeped out that his uncle was his pack-moms mate. The pack-mom being six years younger than Derek himself, and almost twelve years Peter's junior. "You know that tickles right?"

"Mmm, and yet you're being highly aroused by it." Peter placed butterfly kisses across her chest, tongue sliding across the claim mark over her rapidly beating chest. "Derek says he's taking the beta's out for a while."

"Yeah?" She glanced at his face, resting over her stomach as her trailed kisses along her torso. His eyes met hers as he scented her belly, smelling the growing embryo's within her. "I lurve you."

"Do you have to use those incessant teenage terms? I don't see why you teens can't say the proper words." Peter sighed and nipped at the bump. "I love you too."

"Of course you do. I'm Stiles Stilinski, and no I am still not planning on changing my name to Hale." Stiles smiled at the pout. "If we get married you're taking my name. Derek has to grow some balls and have his own kids if he wants the Hale line to continue."

"I'll change your name eventually." Peter ignored the very unlady-like snort that came from the young woman under him.