"Oh…" The breathless little moan came out before she could help herself, the man pinning her to the wall smirking against her neck as the fabric of her shirt ripped and he pulled back to rove over her chest. Breasts held within a plain nude bra, keeping them from his mouth. A single clawed finger worked under the middle wiring and flicked towards the man as it tore, the man immediately pushing her up the wall farther so he could reach her breasts comfortably. "Peter…please…" She whined.

"Patience is a virtue pet." The man whispered between the small mounds, lapping at the sweat filming over her body. Her pants and underwear already in tatters on the floor gave him easy access to her wetness, his fingers easily slipping inside to tease her. "We've got all night to get to the good part. Well, I say the good part, it's all good really."

He kissed her chastely, scissoring his fingers against that spot that made her see white stars. "I…Peter…please?" She found it increasingly unfair that he was using the only wolfs bane to affect humans, a rare thing that made them need to be pleasured for hours. "Need you so bad." She panted against his shoulder, sucking a mark in to the skin there to watch it fade away, biting through to watch the blood briefly run down for her to lick back up the closed wound.

"I know." Peter breathed, her scent blooming into the air as she moaned loudly into the silence around them, save for her breathless panting. Bringing his hand away, he pushed his fingers into her mouth as he shoved in, growling at the heat she emitted around him. "Mine."

"Yours, I know, always yours. Forever, yours, just move." She rambled on as he moved within her, feeling the knot coming and letting it be shoved in on a particular hard thrust that had him coming inside her. Her scream was muffled by him blocking his ones sounds being vibrated out through a hard kiss to her lips, his tongue swiping in to taste her in her own mouth.

"Mine." He swallowed, biting into her left breast, leaving teeth marks in her already marred flesh.