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Chapter 7

To say the Autobots were impressed would be an understatement. The reserves were filled more than they had been in years and the base had become very calm. There was no reason to go into harm's way now that they had a plentiful stash of energon. But it would not last forever and Optimus knew this. He was cautious to let the duo out again, yet he knew that they were capable of handling themselves.

Something was odd though. The two were very close to him, but the way Pixel looked at him made the leader wary. Her optics looked very much like his first love: Elita-1. His first mate had perished at Megatron's servo. He wanted to return the feelings but he feared that the young femme would succumb to the same fate.

Nightfury could see the dilemma in Optimus' optics as she rested against a wall next to the humans. The children were playing video games, Bumblebee and Pixel watching intently, as the adults talked among themselves. Nightfury had been watching too, when her optics had trailed to Optimus. He had looked serious as always but his optics rested on her sister.

A small frown graced her lips. Elita-1's death had been highly publicized by Megatron. Her final moments had shown on the feeds for months, made to weaken Optimus' resolve. She knew what was going through his helm.

"Optimus, could we have a word?" Optimus was startled as he felt Nightfury's presence. Even his keen senses had trouble hearing the seeker's approach.

"Of course, is something bothering you?" he asked, leading her away from the room so they could speak privately.

"No, but something is bothering you. She's not Elita, Prime. She has people that will protect her with their lives. Most importantly, she has us. You never knew Megatron would stoop as low as to kidnap your mate. We know what he is capable of now. Let yourself love. Life is too short not to let yourself. Primus knows that I would rather die than let harm come to her. You're not the only one that has lost a great love." Nightfury whispered, resting a servo on his arm. Optimus' optics widened at her words. How had she known?

"You are correct, Nightfury. But I can not put another life in danger. I promised when you two came here that you both would be under my protection. safer without my affections. As for have lost someone?" Optimus asked, his interest peaked at who this femme could have possibly interacted with during her constrained upbringing. Nightfury could not help but laugh bitterly as she took a seat on some empty crates.

"Shockwave had others that he worked with to increase research. Eventually, a medic called Knock Out began to come around. He was quite the smooth talker, a real charmer. But I only had optics for his assistant. I always watched him from a distance, too afraid to approach anyone that worked with that crazy scientist. One day, the big lug tracked me down to see what kept watching him. He was surprised how deadly I was but had lost my moxie. It had not helped to have Tarn, the spark-whisperer himself, breaking me like what the humans call a horse. The mech...was gentle with me. One of the only people in my life that showed me kindness when the others had only hurt me. We became very...close. He put the fire back in my optics. But one day, he stopped coming around. I always assumed that he had died during the war. It was something I had to come to terms with or else it would eat away at me. If I find someone else, I would jump at the chance to be with them. The point is, Prime, what's the sense in winning the war if you can never find someone to spend it with? Pixel needs a strong mech to love her." Nightfury said, her optics taking on a teary glaze. In truth, she thought her mech had simply forgotten her. The pain only eased at assuming he had just perished.

Nightfury flinched a bit as Optimus wrapped an arm around her shoulders. It was not because she feared him, but because she was not use to the contact. Pixel was the only one that had ever really shown her that affection, besides her lost love.

Optimus could feel her cringe but did not move. It was a simple gesture but one that spoke volumes. They sat like that for a few moments until Ratchet's voice rang out.

"Optimus! A new source of energon as revealed itself on the scanner. We have no need for more energon right now but we can not allow it to be mined for Megatron's use." the medic hollered, the leader and seeker instantly heading his direction.

"Then we will head out immediately and see what can be done." Optimus responded.

"Not so easy. Fowler just called and said Megatron had been spotted very close to Jasper. You will need to handle him before anything." Ratchet explained, looking at the Autobot leader with tired optics. Pixel was quick to pop up next to her sister.

"Optimus will need the rest of the team by his side. It's not safe for him to go alone... Wait! Nightfury and I can handle the mine! I mean, Starscream is surely with Megatron and the others. The mine will only have drones and Nightfury can take them out, no problem!" Pixel giggled, clinging to her sister as she spoke. Nightfury smiled and nodded her agreement as she stroked Pixel's helm.

"They're nowhere near as quick as a normal bot. You guys worry about Megatron, we can handle the mine." Nightfury agreed. It would be a stroll in the park and the femmes still needed to keep out of Megatron's grasp. Luckily, to their knowledge, they were still unknown to the Decepticons.

"That may be the the best plan of action. Much better than letting Megatron see them right out. Their identity needs to be kept confidential until absolutely necessary." Ratchet agreed, his optics resting on Pixel. The two were like his daughters and he did not wish to see them perish at Megatron's servo. Optimus pondered for a moment before finally agreeing. It was the best plan.

"I don't think Optimus likes me very much." Pixel finally spoke, breaking the silence they had held as they flew to their destination. They had needed the time to stretch out their wings.

"Don't say that, sweety. I know for a fact that he cares very deeply for you. Some mechs are just too afraid to show it during war times. It's very dangerous for any sign of love to be shown because it can be used against them. But something will change eventually." Nightfury assured her young charge. Her words finally brought a smile to Pixel's worried features. Her older sister had never led her wrong before.

"Okay, I bet you're right! Maybe he'll come around when things calm down. I really hope so...I'd be spark broken..." Pixel mumbled, her optics watching the scenery fly by. Nightfury could see the mine coming into sight. It was very hidden but not for her optics. It was easy to see the opening. Carefully, both landed in the bushes nearby. It was always best to make sure the close was clear.

"Pixie, what are you smelling? I smell vehicons inside but it's really strong." Nightfury asked, taking a deep whiff of the surrounding area. Pixel stuck her nose a bit farther out to smell. Her servos instantly came up to cover her nose.

"It smells awful!" she whimpered, trying to block out the smell.

"Agreed, it does smell terrible. But it may be that they hit a raw energon vein that is really strong. Either way, we will remain vigilant. Just watch out for me, okay?" Nightfury ordered, inching toward the entrance. Pixel was quick at her back as they made their way closer.

"So the pretty birds finally made their way here, huh? Took you long enough." a deep voice laughed behind the femmes. Both of their optics went wider as they finally sensed two presences behind them. Nightfury instantly jerked Pixel behind herself as two huge mechs made themselves shown. A shudder went down Nightfury's spine as she recognized the awful mechs: Tesarus and Helix.

Pixel clung close to Nightfury's back as she felt her sister's instant terror. Who were these mechs? Why was she so afraid? One had what looked like a smelter in his chest while the other had some sort of grinder in his own chest. Both looked equally as terrifying.

"Been a long time since we saw you, Nightfury. You always were Tarn's favorite pet. Good thing we're here to bring you back." Tesarus, the one with the grinder, snickered as he came forward a bit. Helix smirked as he looked them up and down.

"And she even has a new little friend to bring home too. Tarn always loves the pretty ones. Maybe Megatron will allow us to play with them since they caused him so much trouble and broke the rules." Helix grunted, starting to advance as well.

The femmes were quick to back up from their advance, only pushing them closer to the opening of the mine. Pixel had never seen Nightfury like this except when the Decepticon Justice Division was mentioned. But could these mechs possibly be them?

"N-Night?! Who are they?" Pixel whimpered, begging her sister to respond. The blatant terror in Nightfury's optics answered her question. The older was a by no means a coward...but these mechs. They were monsters. The very thought of their servos on her charge made her visibly shudder once more.

"Aw, the little one doesn't know who we are, Helix. I thought we were more well-known than that. But I think Tarn would be the best one to fill you in, sweetspark. Or maybe you should ask his little playtoy all about us." Tesarus laughed heartily.

That was it. Nightfury did not have a choice. These mechs were going to rip them limb from limb and do the unspeakable to them. They were already pushed a few feet in the mine's mouth and she knew there was only one place to go but back. The huge mechs laughed as Nightfury protectively scooped up Pixel and dashed further into the mine.

The further she ran, the sooner she started to realize the mistake she had made. Fresh energon was splashed across the room and against the walls. It was as if someone had slaughtered a hundred drones and poured their life energy all over the place. With a gulp, she realized that was exactly the case. It had all been a trap to seal them into their doom. Everything began to fall into place. The energon had shorted out their sense of smell so that they could not know how many other bots were here. Then Tesarus and Helix had come from behind to herd them into the only place out. Now they were trapped in this mine that only went into one straight direction: forward.

"Pixel...I'm not sure how we're going to make it out of here this time. I will fight until my last breath, but I want you to do anything to get out of here unharmed. These mechs are merciless to any that stand in their way or their Master's." Nightfury whispered, holding Pixel closer than ever. Tears filled Pixel's optics but they did not spill over. She did not fear death when she knew that Nightfury would be there for her through it. Though she wished that her guardian was no where near this place.

"Already saying final good byes? But I haven't even began monologuing yet." a deep voice rumbled, his voice echoing across the hall way. Pixel felt Nightfury's grip tighten as the mech showed himself, a much smaller mech followed at his side.

"Tarn..." Nightfury whispered, her spark racing faster than it had in years.

"I'm touched that you still remember my name, love~. You always have brought so much pleasure into my life." the large mech purred, his masked-helm tilting to observe her fine chassis. It was amazing to him how it only grew more lovely with time.

"Burn in the pit!" Nightfury spat disdainfully, her glare piercing. But on the inside, she felt as weak as a newborn turbofox kit.

"No need for such cruel words. You'll wound me. Ah, but I see you brought your new sister along with you as well. Pixel is her name, if I am correct. A pleasure to meet you." Tarn chortled, going into a mocking bow. Pixel nuzzled closer into Nightfury's chassis and hid her face.

"Tarn, this is between us and you know it. She was only following my orders like she was ordered by Megatron to do. I am at fault for all of this." Nightfury argued, fighting to keep her charge alive in this awful place.

"Yes, but she was quite aware of where her true loyalties should have been. This is punishable by death in my optics. But Megatron does not wish either of you dead and I can say I'm pretty happy about that. I wouldn't want anything happening to my pretty little bird." Tarn chortled, coming forward. Nightfury knew better than to squirm away from his advance. His servo came up to cup her cheek almost lovingly. She could feel his optics searching her face as his digits gently stroked the growing warm metal.

"Please..." she whispered, memories flooding back of their time together. The mech had not been gentle in training her. Pixel uttered a faint whimper.

"Please, what? I've heard that word so many times in my life that I'm never sure what they're actually begging for. Are you asking me not to kill you, hurt you, or simply for me not to touch you? Or perhaps it is your little friend that you fear so much for." Tarn purred, his servo coming down to stroke along Nightfury's chest plating until it contacted with Pixel's helm. He could feel her shudder as his digits played along the smooth metal. Instinct to keep her charge safe caused her to slap the servo away. Tarn stared at his servo with amusement.

"You were always so protective of anything you got a hold of. I can't wait to see how protective you'll be if we were to have our own sparklings. Now why don't you put her down so we can put some cuffs on those pretty wrists of yours." he smirked, pulling a two sets of stasis cuffs from his belt compartment. Nightfury gritted her dentals but begrudgingly obliged his command. Gently, she allowed Pixel to her peds. The younger femme was nervous as she finally turned to look Tarn in the optic. His optics were like the pit themselves.

The smaller one, Vos, spoke in chatters and clicks that neither of the femmes recognized. He seemed to be speaking to Tarn about something but Nightfury could see the way that he was staring at Pixel. Tarn looked as if he was listening quite intently until he finally laughed.

"Yes, Vos. They are both very lovely to the optics. Perhaps Megatron will allow us time with the two as a proper punishment for their crime. I see how you watch the little one. You two would have quite a bit of fun together. Personally, she is a little too fragile for my taste. Nightfury can withstand my sort of punishment. Whisperings into the very spark and a passion filled night can certainly leave a femme quite dented, but not my little bird. She's quite the fighter, in and out of bed, I'm sure." Tarn laughed heartily, watching Vos click his digits together gleefully.

Something seemed to go off in Nightfury. If she was going to die or wish for death, it was going to be on her terms. She couldn't just allow Pixel and herself to be toys to please these horrendous mechs and serve Megatron. Nightfury finally snapped and she pounced on the distracted Tarn.

Both fell to the ground with a large thump. Claws tried desperately to pierce his armor but Tarn knew her much too well; he had trained her. He managed to keep her at far enough distance to force the femme on her back. Nightfury hissed as his weight pressed against her and she felt her hips forced down by him beginning to roll on top of her. She struggled desperately but Tarn had won the upper hand. He sat with her under him, straddling her hips and her wrists held down by his own servos. Nightfury turned her helm away as he smirked down at her, his groin plating forced roughly against her own.

"Ah, starting the foreplay so soon? You are a feisty thing, aren't you? But why don't we save it until we're back in the warmth of my berth." he chortled, dipping his helm down so close that she could feel his vented air fan warmly against her chest platings.

"Get...slagged..." she whispered, wincing a bit at the friction of his intimate touch. Pixel went to help her guardian but Vos was swift to shove her against the wall. She squeaked as she felt his frame pressed roughly against her. He clicked quickly in his language as he nuzzled into her delicate neck.

"...F..filr...fra..gile..." he whirled, his words having trouble forming together.

"Not now, Vos. Megatron will get impatient if we wait too long. Put the cuffs on her and we'll take our leave." Tarn ordered, forcing Nightfury to her peds so that he could cuff her. Once that was done, he threw the other pair to Vos, who quickly did as he was told.

Nightfury and Pixel exchanged a look as Tarn called for Kaon to send a ground bridge back to the ship. What would happen to them now? What horrible fate awaited them?