Ten Minute Tales #11

Star Wars: Kade Mando'ad

A Post-Fate of the Jedi Tale (about 200 ABY or so)

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Star Wars; that's Disney's property now. I own the characters of Jask Boken, Jorso Boken, and Solus Gai. Please, enjoy the story.

Author's Note: Sorry for the delays in any updates; my internet went down several days ago and only came back up today. I'm still working on the updates for The Book of Artemis and C.A.T.Z. - True Agenda (for those of you who also follow those fics).

The sounds of discharging blasters and screaming beings filled the air in this part of Formulca's rolling grasslands. The once-thriving settlement, which had been a fairly modern place, was now in firey ruins. A rumble sounded as a burned-out building succumbed to gravity and collapsed. Gutteral and mocking laughter echoed as the group of trandoshan slavers enjoyed the misery and destruction they'd caused. Their ship, an ancient and much-patched Sentinel-class Imperial Landing Craft, sat nearby, it's boarding ramp down and awaiting the panicked beings now trying to escape their destroyed town. The slavers merely guffawed and moved to start herding their captives towards the ship. Some tried to escape, but were cut down before taking a dozen steps. The inhabitants of the town were a mixed lot - humans, bothans, twi'lek, devaronians, zabraks, even a family of sullustans. One-fifth of their number was dead; most were killed in the slavers' attack, the rest while trying to escape.

"Get them on the ship now," the leader growled in rasping Basic. "Once we're full, kill anyone left." At that, a few of the potential slaves broke and ran. Each one was mowed down by more blaster bolts than was warranted - including bursts from an old heavy repeater. Once again, the trandoshans laughed at the sight.

Until the loud crack! of an archaic slugthrower followed the sight of one of the slavers' heads exploding into an expanding mass of meat and bone.

The would-be slaves screamed and tried to escape, but the trandoshans instead tried to hurry them on board the landing craft. Then came the throaty roar of an atmosphere-traversing starship, and everyone looked up to see a uniquely-shaped vessel flrying overhead - and three Mandalorians jumping out of a ventral hatch. Their jet packs flaring, the three figures descended into the mass of beings. A stun grenade flattened the remaining settlers, and made the slavers stagger back. Hitting the ground, all three pulled out weapons and began shooting the slavers. A pair of blaster pistols, a thermal detonator launcher, and a blaster carbine began kicking out fire and light. The one with the launcher roared into the air again, flying towards the landing craft. The other two began putting down the rest of the slavers.

But as their potential victims began recovering from the short-term effects fo the tun grenade, they switched to closer-range measures to take on the slavers. Holstering their weapons, both pulled out lightsabers and flicked them on with the signature snap-hiss, bringing to life green/gold and purple/gray blades. The Mandalorian with the purple blade snapped its wrist out and a bladed whip shot out of the bulky gauntlet, wrapping itself around a trandoshan's neck. Another snap of the wrist and the blade-whip returned - taking the lizard-like alien's head off in the process. The green/gold bladed Mandalorian had leapt forward, its lightsaber picking off blaster bolts while the carbine in the other hand spat bolts back, giving the slavers each a third eye. A loud crack! sounded from the Sentinel and black smoke began pouring out of its still open ramp. Within moments, the last of the slavers were dead and the lightsabers were back on their wielder's belts.

One of the settlement's surviving leaders approached the Mandalorians as the rest of the settlers returned to their town's ruins, seeing what could be salvaged. As the individual, a bothan male, approached, he saw them remove their helmets, revealing a both a male and a female human as well as a twi'lek female. The humans looked related, though it was hard to tell with them.

"Everyone alright now?" asked the human female, establishing that she was the leader - or at least was the one currently in command.

"Those that are left will be," the elder replied. "If I may ask, who are you?"

"I'm Jask Boken," she said. "This is my brother, Jorso-" she gestured to the human male "-and my girlfriend, Solus Gai." The red-skinned twi-lek nodded.

"We're very grateful for your help," the bothan told them. "We don't have much, especially now, but we'll give you what we can."

"There's no need," Jorso said, holing up a hand. "We've already been paid."

"We were contracted to curtail pirate operations in this part of the Mid Rim," Solus added. "Besides, we hate slavers. We would've done this for free."

"I don't understand," the elder admittted. "I thought-"

"That all Mando are mercenaries?" Jask finished with a grin. "And that they don't usually have lightsabers?"

"Well, yes. No offense intended, of course."

"None taken. It's a common misconception," she said as their ship came back and landed.

"Jask, the Gai bal Manda is waiting," Solus told her.

"The Gai bal Manda?" the bothan echoed in surprise. "Then you're . . ."

"The Kade Mando'ad," Jask confirmed. "The Blades of Mandalore. Goodbye, and good luck."

The three returned their helmets to their heads and strode up the ramp of their ship, which began closing as they walked into it. As the ship ascended into the air and then blasted for space, all the elderly bothan could do was shake his head in wonder.

We were saved by members of the only group of Mandalorians that actively train and use the Force, he thought.