Hello Babes! 3

It's been a long time, I always promised that I would finish this story, so it's time for me to get cracking on keeping that promise. Flow might be an issue as it's been a few years, and I see tons of mistakes in what I original posted and later edited, and I'm sure this one will be the same. Regardless of that I hope you enjoy! Special thanks to all the lovely babes who would send a PM every once and a while to encourage my writing- while I may not have replied, I did not want to disappoint you. Let me know what you think.

As always- the characters you recognize belong to Janet, everyone else was developed by my muse.

Ranger and I both looked at each other and we seemed to have a moment of ESP because I knew he was telling me to get into the shower while he took care of the little ones.

Just as I reached the bathroom door I heard Lexi one more time, saying "Open please you watch us now!"

As I opened the door to the walk in shower I could faintly hear Ranger say "what are you doing Munchkin?" I had to assume he had opened the door to the little one, possibly ones. As I showered, autopilot took over and I allowed my mind to wonder back the talk Ranger and I had last night and the few words that were spoken this morning. For two people whom at times were so connected, how did we miss all of each other's signs the first couple days of our trip? For years how have I not acknowledge the depth of Rangers love and devotion to me as shown through his actions like Fern pointed out? I know that his words said differently, but was I truly that naive to only listen to his words, and not look at the whole picture? As I shut the water off, I shook my head and cleared my thoughts and admitted to myself that I was blind to his actions because I was scared, if I'm being totally honest, I still am.

After drying off, I poked my head out the bathroom door to the bedroom, making sure the coast was clear of little ones before I made my way to the dressing area. I was flabbergasted again by the amount of cloths that adorned my side of the closet, if it could even be called that, department store is more like it. Did he really think I needed all of this for a four day trip, or that I wanted him to buy things for me? As I continued to look around, it dawned on me that there is no way all of these items could have fit in the Porsche on Friday, looks like Batman has some explaining to do. Finally I settled on a pair of ink blue linen pants and a seafoam colored racerback tank, I figured for now it would work as I did not know what plans had been made. I make my way to the intimates draw of the dresser and pull out another set of La Perla lingerie, this time a satin soft gray color thong with lace trimming and a matching strapless bra.

As I slip the panties on and then the bra I take a moment to enjoy their beautiful fit and feel, but it's not long before reality comes knocking and I grasp that these two garments likely cost more than I spend a Victoria Secrets in a six month period. What was this man thinking, was it that he needed to buy my love? I decided it was best to wear one of the things I had packed myself and was just about to slide the panties back down my hips when my neck started to tingle.

Before I could even turn around, a jolt of electricity ran though me as Ranger placed each of his hands upon my hips and began tracing the fabric of the thong with his fingers.

"Dios babe, eres tan bella y sexy, no me merecen."*

My body felt like it was on fire and I no longer remembered what I was about to do. I spun around to face Ranger, hoping to get a translation of what he just said. Before I could ask his lips crashed down upon mine in a kiss that was so wild and fierce I surely would have fallen to the ground if his hands didn't have a tight hold upon my creamy white globes. My arms instinctively wrapped around him, and as he picked me up with only his hands on my ass, I buried mine in his hair and enjoyed all the sensations that were washing over my body.

Breaking away as our bodies were in desperate need of oxygen, I was slowly lowered to the floor, my body making full sliding contact with Rangers hard chiseled form. I swear, Michelangelo himself couldn't have sculpted a more perfect specimen.

"Madre de Dios, tenemos que salir de aquĆ­ antes de que no dejamos durante todo el mes de septiembre. Ustedes me hacen perder todos mis manos Stephanie, mira lo que me haces." Ranger said before taking my hand and grazing it across his hard and thick cock, straining to break loose from his shorts. I had no idea what he just said but I have a very vivid picture in my mind of exactly what I do to his body, it was equal to what he does to mine. I couldn't help but think that sharing myself with him was something I could not wait to experience again.

Biting my lip and lifting my gaze to meet Rangers, I was taken back by all the emotion I could read across his face, happiness, desire, love, affection, they were all there to see, no blank face to be found. I released my lip and smiled softly, hoping my face mirrored his.

A knock on the door sounded before I even had a chance to speak.

"You have five minutes before I send Lexi, no make that Celia and Pillar up to drag the two of you out" a voice chuckled, sounding speciously like Fern.

The color from my face must have drained, because Ranger pulled me close softly kissing my lips, I assume as a way to reassure me that everything was just fine.

Finally snapping out of my trance, I pushed away from Ranger and walked back into the dressing area. I quickly pulled on the linen pants followed by the tank, before making my way back to the bathroom. I tried to gather my wits, as I tamed my hair with some gel hoping to combat the freeze and added moisturizer to my face to enhance the color I obtained yesterday at the beach. I decided on just a few coats of mascara for strength during this babysitting adventure and some great lip gloss Ella packed with SPF before turning to walking out of the bathroom only to find my exit block by the Cuban sex God.

"Beautiful as always Babe" Ranger said before lighting tracing the neckline of my shirt with his fingertips.

"It's the clothes you have here for me Batman that are beautiful" I replied, adding "it's something we need to talk about" before walking back into the dressing area and selecting a pair of sling back Michael Kors flat navy sandals. I quickly made my way to the bed to sit and put the shoes on but before I had the chance Ranger took them from me, slid them on my feet, buckled me in with a kiss, and had me standing back up.

I turned and smiled, expressing my "thanks" softly followed by a chase kiss on his cheek, before grabbing his hand and making our way out way to the door.

We didn't even make it down the first flight of stairs before I heard children arguing.

"I want to play mini balls" came from what sound like a whinny Lexi.

"It's not just your choice" said a much older child in a tone that was far too loud, I could only assume it was Rafael.

As we continued to make our way down the second set of stairs I heard a little girl say something about the beach, I think it was Danica, she is always so soft spoken.

Making our way to the last step I heard all of them begin shouting at once, the showiest of which seemed to be the duo of Renzo and Alejandro who were chanting about watersides it seems, although it was not quit clear.

I froze before walking into the large kitchen area, afraid to cross the threshold, as I attempted to back up Ranger placed his hand on my back and leaned forward to whisper in my ear "we're going to do this Babe, and it's going to be good".

*God babe you are so beautiful and sexy, I don't deserve you.

** Mother of God we have to get out of here before we don't leave for the entire month of September. You make me lose all of my control Stephanie, look what you do to me.

###Not sure if the quote at the end is quite right from #8- I don't have everything on my new phone, if it should be adjusted please let me know- thanks.

Thanks for reading, Renee.