Warning: This is told as if I were telling you this in person as if it was a story. Third person with attitude. So enjoy or fuck off. P.S: There is yaoi, and Lavi has both his green eyes.

Chapter 1: If You Don't Believe in Fate, You Might Want to Start

Everything adds up. If you get anything from this story I heard from a friend, it's that. Things happen in your life, from the fucking awesome to the fucked up, for a reason. All your baggage and all your experiences come together in one big pretty package for you, either from yourself or from the universe. And no it's not just a fucking personality change; What happens is bigger than that. This package you get is going to be so big, it's going to change more than you, it's going to change everything around you. No kidding. But you need to know this change doesn't happen in an instant. It's definitely not going to take as long as it took your life to build up to it, but this package will take a while to be completely unraveled. But one of the cool parts is that after this transformation, when you get through it -if you get through it- and look back, you can almost put a pin on exactly where it all began: where, when, and how. And I know precisely what that was for Lavi. He had twenty-two years of a hell of a life before this all began, but I can tell that this story definitely began in late spring at a café in South Los Angeles, where Lavi was waiting for Daisya…

"Sometimes I can hear my bones straining under the weight of all the lives I'm not living." -Johnathan Safran Foer

Lavi had to state the obvious: it was fucking hot. He was sitting outside of his favorite café near his neighborhood in middle of the LA heat because the inside was jam packed with bodies. Daisya, his best friend, was on his way to hang out with him, and apparently, he had some pretty big news.

It was so hot that day that Lavi was only a few degrees from taking off his short-sleeved red tee to cool himself off. And honestly, everyone with a sex-drive for men near by was all but begging him to: Lavi was hot. His body was lean and slightly muscular with a nice, not-too-tall height. That skin of his was perfectly sun-kissed from years of visiting the beach when ever he could. He had unbelievably red hair that would have gone to his shoulders if not for the colorful bandana holding it up out of his eyes. His eyes, by the way, were a vivid and mischievous green. I've heard that were some of the most beautiful eyes you've ever seen or ever will see.

Lavi had a finger hooked to the collar of his shirt, pulling it down to cool his chest, giving a few stalker girls heat-flashes as they eye-raped him, when he finally saw Daisya jogging up. Daisya was good-looking enough. He had shaggy brown hair that was out of it's usual cloth bindings due to the heat, but even the hottest day of the year wouldn't make him stop wearing a hood, so he had on a short sleeve shirt with a thin clothed hood over his head. One thing that made everyone look twice at Daisya was his strange eye make-up. He claimed it was "New Age", and nothing could convince him otherwise. And, as always, he was dragging around his God damn soccer ball. That thing was glued to his hip. Daisya loved soccer a little too much, in my opinion.

Lavi cocked a grin at his best friend's arrival, "'Bout damn time!"

Daisya held up his hand in mock surrender, "Sorry, man, you know what it's like: Come rain, earthquake, or fucking heat wave, Cali streets stay as packed as a mother fucker."

"Ha! True, true… Here, I got you an ice water."

The hooded twenty-one year old took his seat and looked at his refreshment, "Ice water? I think your missing something there, Lav."

Lavi peeked at the very melted ice uncaringly, "Your own damn fault."

Daisya threw his head back in curt laugh, and the two settled in a short, comfortable silence that they had developed over the years. The two had met in their sophomore year of high school, where they caused plenty of trouble with their pranks. But, the two were more than able to keep up their grades so they could graduate, thanks to Lavi's brains, and they ended their education there. Lavi got a job as a tutor, and Daisya worked at an In-And-Out Burger, which he considered his dream job. But, with the public school year ending, the red-head was about to lose a lot of clientele, except for a few college students. He needed a job quick.

This fact flashed through Daisya's head, "Hey, what are you gonna do about work? I don't think I need to remind you about the job market now…"

Lavi sighed, slouching in his seat, "I don't know, dude. I've been applying, but no one's hiring, not even the places I've worked at before. There is just no room."

"Sorry… I put in a good word for you at In-And-Out, but Boss said we had no open spots either."

"I don't know about that…" Lavi inter-locked his fingers behind his head as he leaned back.

"What do ya mean?"

"I could get you fired and snatch up you job!" Daisya growled as Lavi chuckled at his own joke.

Daisya suddenly jumped up as he remembered his huge news, "OH! Dude, you won't believe this!"

Lavi sat up, interested in what Daisya thought was so damn important, "Oh yeah! What is that had you flipping out on the phone earlier?"

"It's about Nuclear!" shouted Daisya, bouncing in his chair.

Lavi rolled his eyes, "Of course…" Nuclear was Daisya's latest book obsession. It was a popular series of sci-fi and action the was apparently a real hook. While Daisya was a die-hard fan, Lavi's only connection to it was when he sat and listened to his friend flip out about it. The red-head was more of a classic book lover. But, Daisya was going especially nuts for this latest craze because it was being turned into a movie next winter, and he was clinging to every and any news update and making sure Lavi knew what was happening, whether he cared or not.

"No, man, this is huge! They've finally found who's going to play Marcus, and word on the leaks say he's perfect." Marcus, as Lavi knew very well, was the male lead of the sci-fi series, and he had some very rare characteristics. Daisya had told Lavi he would have looked just like him if he were paler. The casting people of the production team were having a hard time finding a good actor to take up the role because none of them had the looks for it, and that was crucial because Nuclear fans would tear this movie down if they didn't get Marcus perfect.

Lavi smirked at his friend's over excitement, "Great, you can see him when the commercials start airing."

"No, Lav, that's just it, the producers are holding a private news conference to announce this brand new actor and they allowed twenty fans of the Nuclear Movie website to go…"

Lavi leaned forward during the pause, "…And?"

"And I was chosen!" yelled Daisya with as much excitement as Lavi had ever heard.

For a moment, the green-eyed friend was speechless with shock of his hooded friend's luck, "…Oh my God…" But then he jumped up and hugged his friend in a flash, "Oh my God! That's fucking amazing, Daisya! Congrats!"

"Thanks! I'm going to the meeting tonight in Beverly Hills. Afterward, the fans get to meet and chat with him for a little while."

"Damn, those producers know how to hook a fan up! You're gonna have an amazing time." Both seated themselves as Lavi spoke.

"Right? I'd drag your ass along with me, but it clearly said no guests, so I can't."

"I actually really would have loved to come, but it's cool. You can tell me about it tomorrow."

"Ha! I don't need you permission to do that, Lav."

"You never do."

The two friends chuckled as Lavi's cell phone went off. He pulled it out to check and found it was an alarm he had set earlier, "Hey, man, sorry I gotta cut this party short, but I have an interview at a coffee shop in thirty minutes. I need to move along."

"Yeah man, no problem. But a coffee shop, Lavi? Should you really be working around all that espresso?"

"Har, har,har." said Lavi sarcastically, friendly flipping off Daisya. He rose and nodded to his friend, "Well, I'll seeya tomorrow and have fun at that meeting."

"You know I will! Seeya tomorrow, Lav."

Lavi turned on his heel toward the coffee shop and yet another interview.

"There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle." -Albert Einstein

The door swung open with some serious attitude at a cheap, Spanish style home in an older neighborhood. Lavi sported a look that was a cross between rage and disappointment as he closed the door with a slam, trudged in and plopped down onto the well worn couch of the living room, tossing his bag with his résumé to where ever. Lavi didn't fucking care. The interview, if you hadn't picked up on it yet, went horrible. Well, that's not completely true: Lavi did pretty well in the actual interview, as charming and professionally dressed as he was, but even with all the charm in the world, the owner still told Lavi that there were far more skilled candidates than himself, some who have been working at Starbucks for years. The interviewer didn't even tell Lavi he'd call him later, and Lavi wasn't holding his breath for a call anyways. But, fuck that boss. Fuck the other candidates. And fuck Starbucks.

It was late when Lavi got home, and all he did for a while was wallow in his annoyance of his failure in silence. As six o'clock rolled around, the door swung open again with much less force than Lavi had. In entered the other occupant of this house, twenty-six year old Tyki Mikk. If Lavi was hot, Tyki was a sexy mother fucker. He was taller than Lavi by a head and Portuguese. Tyki had a deep, natural tan and also had a lean body. His hair was curly and the darkest brown possible, ending wildly at his shoulders. But the most piercing part about him was his eyes: They were eerily yellow, like a cat's. While Lavi came off as mischievous, Tyki came off a just plain bad, but maybe that's what turned Lavi on the most.

Yeah, that's right, Lavi had the hots for Mikk and was gay, but Tyki was the same. The two had met through Tyki's niece, Rhode Camelot, that Lavi began to tutor three years ago. Often, Tyki would pick and drop off his niece and would chat with the good looking tutor. Soon enough, with some serious urging from Road, the two began to date. They were a match made in heaven and fell for each other before either of them knew it. Tyki and Lavi didn't want to marry, but they did buy a small house together a year ago. Now that they had been living together and were clearly a couple, Lavi became Uncle Lavi to Road, whom Lavi loved like a niece, no matter how mischievous she was. But Lavi loved Tyki more, and Tyki felt the same.

When Tyki came in the house from his job at a local wine store, he spotted Lavi on the couch and immediately recognized his foul mood. Knowing Lavi had the interview, Tyki knew what was wrong, "Didn't go well?"

Lavi sighed, not wanting to meet Tyki's eyes, "Yeah. They had people from fucking Starbucks."

Tyki frowned for Lavi's disappointing day. He set down his keys and wallet and went to his lover that sat on their couch. Lavi let Tyki pull him on top of the older man as they laid on the worn couch. Settling into the nook between Tyki's neck and his chest, Lavi listened to the heartbeat that calmed him so many times. Tyki ran his hand along Lavi's side and his fingers through Lavi's hair.

Lavi's anger slipped away as Tyki held him, their legs tangling together, and worry filled him, "What are we going to do Tyki? Just teaching college kids and your job isn't enough to pay for everything. I need another job. Our payments are coming up, and we're running out of time…"

Tyki planted a kiss on top of Lavi's ruby red hair that was so soft between his fingers, drawing him even closer, "We'll make it work, Lovely. We'll make it work…"

The couple were silent with insecurity for a minute until Tyki could no longer take his Lavi's sadness lying down. Pushing gently, Tyki made Lavi rise to his feet and led them down the narrow hall to their room. Once inside, he had Lavi sit in his all time favorite chair that the red head had picked out from a flee market for an amazing bargain. It was pleasantly comfy and excellent for reading.

Lavi looked up at Tyki, eyebrow cocked at his new place, his concern currently subsided to curiosity. With a small smirk, Tyki held up one finger as a request to wait just a moment before he rose and left to the kitchen. Lavi listened with renewed interest as the clink of plates and glass resonated into the room. A few minutes later, Tyki entered the room again with his hands full with two wine glasses, a bottle of complimentary summer wine Tyki got from work, and a small plate of fresh cut strawberries and blackberries.

Lavi laughed lightly as Tyki knelt and set the surprises onto a small table after removing the books, "You really do spoil me."

Tyki poured our the fine wine into the glasses as he spoke, "I don't spoil you. Road does: She dropped off this fruit while you were out. I just make it seem like it's me doing the spoiling."

Lavi chuckled at his lover's odd reasoning before accepting a blackberry into his mouth from Tyki's fingers. After sipping some of his wine, Tyki spoke again, this time with a sure comfort, "Now that you mouth is busy enough not to argue, I can tell how and why we're going to be okay." He gave his Lovely a slice of strawberry. "First off, there are still plenty of jobs to be had, and we don't need one with a big pay so that widens the search. We only need enough to cover the last bit of the mortgage my pay check can't cover." Tyki served Lavi a sip of wine. "Secondly, don't worry about not being hired today: You really don't need to be working in a coffee shop anyways. Besides, anyone would jump at the chance to hire such an intelligent, charming, hilarious, and sexy young man such as yourself."

Lavi opened his mouth to deny the flattery, but Tyki took a chance to silence him with a kiss, slipping his tongue into the open cavern. The denial died between Lavi and Tyki's tongues as they glided against each other before the redhead left Tyki to his magical work. Tyki bathed in the familiar but never tiring taste of Lavi's mouth, tracing a light pattern along the roof of his mouth, eliciting a moan from his lover. The excellent kiss ended all too soon, but it still left Lavi panting and flushed, eyes half-lidded. Tyki lowered his head and spoke into the sensitive nook where neck met shoulder, "And finally, I hate to see you that sad. You weren't meant to look so hurt, Lavi. There is no doubt in my mind that Fate would never leave you to be so sad. You will get a job. We will make this all work out."

Tyki lifted his head and leaned over the chair to meet Lavi's eyes sincerely. With a small smile from the redhead, Lavi wrapped his arms and legs around Tyki. Understanding, the Portuguese rose and turned around to face the bed. He laid his Lovely onto the scarlet sheets before crawling above him.

Tyki picked where he left off, delving into a kiss with Lavi. Licking Lavi's lip, he was granted entrance and deepened the kiss further than before. Lavi arched his body to press into his lover's, meeting with a perfect torso through both their dress shirts. A hand slipped under the younger's back and pulled them closer so Tyki could give and take more of the addictive touch. He succeeded in bringing their clothed, growing erections together and getting a desperate whimper from Lavi.


Tyki left his Lovely's mouth and grinded their hips just to hear Lavi moan uninterrupted, which he did so perfectly. With a satisfied purr yet hungry growl, Tyki set his lips to Lavi's vulnerable throat. The redhead's breathing hitched before becoming pleasured gasps at the Portuguese's trained tongue along his neck. Lips kissed, teeth bit, and tongue soothed as Lavi was marked over the previous evidence of lover's escapades of his body.

"Mmmm, please more….ah, Tyki, more…"

As he kept the redhead well distracted, Tyki skillfully undid the small buttons along the dress shirt, being carefully to not touch his Lovely's chest yet. Tyki ended his assault of Lavi's throat as he made a particularly dark mark on the dip behind the clavicle, where the redhead was just so sensitive.

Lavi was surprised to find his shirt undone with out his knowledge yet again, but the shock was erased and replaced with a moan-nearing-a-scream as Tyki latched onto one of Lavi's nipples, "AHHHHH! Ty-TYKI!" The ministrations on his neck were done with far more intensity on the small peak, leaving the red head in a writhing, audible mess. Tyki left the now red, hard nipple for it's match and treated it just a passionately.

Tyki couldn't get enough of Lavi's endless cries. The older ended his ministrations on Lavi's chest, leaning back to rid himself of his shirt.

Before his hands could reach the black buttons of his shirt, Lavi grabbed Tyki's wrists. Slightly shocked and first, Tyki became hypnotized as he watched Lavi undo the buttons himself. His Lovely slid the fabric along and off of Tyki's shoulders, staring appreciatively at the marvelous chest. Lavi leaned in a pressed an innocent kiss to the skin above Tyki's heart. Tyki watched with disbelief of how perfect Lavi was as those lips stayed put of his chest for a moment before his Lovely pulled back to look up a Tyki, a small smile gracing his lips.

Lavi gently pushed Tyki back until he was leaning back onto his hands with an excellent view of Lavi in between his legs. Smirk still present, Lavi undid Tyki's pants, taking both them and his boxers down and off his legs. Looking back up after tossing the garments to the side, Lavi gazed at the familiar cock he was so entranced with.

Lavi crawled on his hands and knees to the leaking rod and took this last chance to glance at his lover before he began. Tyki's golden eyes were overflowing with lust for the boy before him, and he whispered his name with a growl, "Lavi…"

With that, Lavi encased Tyki's cock in his mouth. A gasp escaped his lover's throat as the redhead's tongue traced his dick with unabridged excitement. Lavi glanced the tip of the erection to collected the precum there, reveling in the taste. Lavi did not want to deny Tyki anything, so he began to suck and bob vigorously. His hands were placed upon Tyki's hips to keep him from bucking into Lavi's mouth.

"Lavi! Please, let me…" Tyki lost his words in his bliss, but Lavi still understood. Still bobbing and licking, he relaxed his throat and slid his hands down Tyki's thighs and away from his hips. Gripping the sheets, Lavi stopped his ministrations, but Tyki picked up where he left off: He began to fuck Lavi's face. The redhead could feeling the hard cock pounding the back of his throat and could taste the leaking cum there.

Though it had shocked Lavi at first when they began to sleep together, the younger was soon able to overcome and adore Tyki's harsher tendencies and needs in bed. He knew Tyki was being very sweet and gentle with him before, but he felt that he needed to give his lover what he truly desired.

Lavi moaned as his ruby hair was gripped for more leverage. He could almost see Tyki's face: Head back, eyes closed, mouth open, whispering for and thanking Lavi. It made the redhead even harder.


A deep groan escaped Tyki's lips as he came inside Lavi's throat. His Lovely did what he could to swallow Tyki's seed, but as he pulled away, white liquid ran from the corner of his mouth. Seeing his essence drip from his Lovely's kiss swollen lips harden the Portuguese immediately. He snatched Lavi's lips in a harsh kiss. When Tyki pulled away, he spoke quickly, "Please lay back, Lovely, and grab the lube while I rid you of these." He ended the sentence by hooking a finger into Lavi's uncomfortable pants.

Lavi dropped back and only had seconds to snatch the lube off the night table before his pants and boxers were ripped away with a dangerous ferocity. Lavi passed the lotion to Tyki: The Portuguese snapped the cap and put a generous amount on his finger, spreading the thick liquid between them.

A finger slid into Lavi's ass before he knew it and gasped at the feeling. The digit thrust in and out and curled, stretching Lavi's hole. Tyki bent over Lavi and assaulted his navel without hesitation, his tongue swirled around the dip on the lean stomach before plunging in repetitively, mimicking what was to come. The hand that was not preparing Lavi's tight hole snaked up and teased Lavi's pert nipples, jumping between the two. And through out all this, Tyki's chiseled chest hover so close to Lavi's weeping cock that every miniscule movement rubbed the sensitive tip.

The four combined senses overwhelmed Lavi. He couldn't even recognize that more fingers were being added thanks to Tyki's hazing ministrations. Lavi was writhing and squirming uncontrollably under the pleasure, moaning like a whore. He fought his rising climax the best he could, not wanting to come too soon. Lavi nearly failed his battle with pleasure when Tyki slammed into his prostate with all three fingers. Screaming desperately, Lavi begged, "Oh, God! Tyki… Gah! Pl-PLEASE!"

At once, all pleasure ceased. Tyki had sat up, lubing his own rock hard cock. Seeing Tyki prep himself, Lavi rose from the bed till he was on his knees before Tyki, legs spread wide. Tyki pulled him closer until Lavi was hovering above the Portuguese's erection. As Lavi lowered himself onto Tyki, he threw his head back, "Ohhhh!…" Tyki held his hips firmly, helping him along. Once Lavi had settled, Tyki hissed at the heat, "God, Lovely, your so tight."

Lavi lifted up slowly, and as he dropped back down, Tyki thrust forward, impaling Lavi. "TYKI!", screamed the redhead, wrapping his arms around Tyki's neck. Lavi rode his lover's cock as Tyki snapped his hips into him simultaneously. Lavi tightened and jumped as Tyki located his prostate again, slamming into it mercilessly, "Oah! Y-yes! There! Harder… Please, T-Tyki!"

Everything to Lavi was a fiery haze. When he finally could open his eyes through the bouts of extreme pleasure and perfect pain, he met Tyki's golden, lust-filled ones. They met for a uncontrollable kiss, tongues gliding against tongues, lips pushing together. They were desperate for each other.

Tyki took a turn for his wild side as he pushed forward off the bed, still in Lavi, and began pounding into his Lovely the headboard on the other side of their bed. "AH!" Lavi screamed at the sheer force of Tyki's renewed thrusts, enhanced by the unmoving headboard pushing him further onto his lover. It was all so much that Lavi couldn't even push back on his own accord.

"I-I'm close, T-Tyki-ah!"

"Me too, Lovely."

One of Tyki's unbelievably skilled hands came up and pumped Lavi, furthering his all ready Earth shattering pleasure. It was all too much…

Tyki ran his palm up Lavi's shaft as his shoulder's were clung to for dear life. Tyki swiped his thumb over the tip while he lusciously whispered in his Lovely's ear, "Come for me, Lavi."

The words were enough; With a final scream that racked all of Lavi's writhing body, he came long and hard on his chest and Tyki's hand and chest.

As Lavi constricted around Tyki's cock, the Portuguese came with inside his lover, his head buried in Lavi's neck and shaking shoulder.

Both glided down from their sex highs, panting and cooling from their mixed sweat. Lavi groaned as Tyki slid out, feeling his seed leak out of his ass. Even though exhausted, Tyki reached down and picked up a discarded shirt. He gently wiped down himself and his Lover, cleaning their still sensitive skin. Once the soiled shirt was on the floor again, Tyki gingerly set Lavi beneath the covers beside him. When Tyki turned off the lights and settled under the sheets, he felt Lavi move closer to him. The softest kiss Tyki could ever recall was placed blindly on his jaw.

"Thank you, Tyki."

A miniscule smile graced over the Portuguese's lips as Lavi cuddle close to him in his sleepy haze. "For you, Lovely, anything and everything. Good night."

And Lavi slept soundly till morning.

"I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be." -Douglas Adams

Lavi rose first at eight and set right to work. As silently as mouse, he did cleared the left over dishes and filthy clothes, putting them in their proper places. Lavi was never so clean before he moved in with Tyki. But he realized that Tyki was not the least bit tidy, so to keep a sound mind over his first home, Lavi picked up after them both.

Wearing a pair of loose fitting jeans and a large tee, Lavi washed the reminisces of blackberries and strawberries from the small plates over a sink. A pair of long arms snaked around his middle to pull him into a mindfully gentle embrace from Tyki.

"Morning, Lovely."

"Mornin'", Lavi returned as he felt a head nuzzle into his warm hair atop his head.

Tyki pulled back, albeit reluctantly, to grab the bread from the pantry for toast for the two, "So, any plans today?"

Lavi went for the butter and jam in the fridge to accompany the toast, "It's Saturday, so I have no interviews, but I am meeting Daisya at the café. He's got to tell me about the cool things that happened at a press conference he got to sit in on for an up and coming movie."

"Wow, lucky him," Tyki said with more interest than Lavi knew he truly had for Daisya and his ever-changing fandoms.

"Lucky for the conference?"

"Lucky to get you."

Lavi blushed at the quick compliment, but that was tossed aside when some one began banging on the door rapidly, yelling frantically for Lavi.

"DUDE! Laviiiiii! You're not gonna be-fucking-lieve this! GET YOUR ASS OUT HERE!"

Lavi recognized the guy screaming his head off way too early in the morning, "Daisya?"


Lavi made his way to the front door, a curious Tyki right on his heels, "I thought you were meeting your friend later at the café…?"

"Me too…"

Lavi opened the door to a bug-eyed Daisya, clothes astray with a rush to put them on earlier that morning, "Oh my God, Lavi, you gotta come with me now!" Daisya snatched Lavi's wrist and yanked him out of his house toward the beat down car Daisya lugged around.


"No time for questions man! I'm lucky I got the old man to believe me about you. This shit is going to be fucking life changing for you!"

Tyki, realizing their breakfast had just been cancelled for something important, grabbed his keys and wallet off the living room table and jumped in the car, just as unsure as Lavi.

"Reality continues to ruin my life." -Bill Watterson

Daisya hauled ass to Beverly Hills, staying well above the speed limit, saying vague things like "This is some freaky shit, dudes!" The car finally came to a rubber burning stop in front of an all glass office in a pricey district Lavi was not used to. Daisya jumped out and dragged Lavi through the front door, Tyki trailing behind.

After weaving through some halls and lobbies, Daisya pulled Lavi to a rough stop again, grabbing him by the shoulders and looking him dead in his green eyes.

"You know how I've told you that you could be Marcus from Nuclear if you were paler? Well, man, during the conference I saw just that! I talked with the actor's old man to check you out and this could be some real shit man!"

Lavi looked at Daisya like he had lost his damn mind. This guy was making absolutely no sense. Suddenly Daisya moved to the side, revealing a small old man in the hall behind him. The man was half Lavi's height, was bald save for a patch of hair tied up in the back, and he had drawn in black rings around his eyes which staring holes into Lavi's own green ones.


The old man before Lavi didn't reply to him, but instead spoke to Daisya as he continued to blatantly stare at Lavi, "You were correct: the resemblance is exact."

"See?! Now are you gonna show him your guy or what, Bookman?"

Bookman cut his gaze at Daisya to shut him up and cut him down for being annoying as usual. Then his gaze was on Lavi again, but he called out to some one else again, "Get out here, idiot."

Lavi cocked an eyebrow at being ignored again, but said nothing as one of the unmarked door behind Bookman opened to reveal the unthinkable.

He had Lavi's red hair, his green eyes, his body, and his face. Or did Lavi have his? It didn't matter where the looks came from, because either way, they had the same ones. Lavi was just tanner, like Daisya had said. Both the red heads stepped back in mirrored shock. Lavi fell back into Tyki's arms, and the look-alike grabbed the doorframe for support. Bookman spoke seriously and calmly, the only person covering up his shell shock from the situation:

"This is obviously a lot for you to take in, Lavi, but I am just going to tell you right out. I believe you are a child that went missing from my family after a fire when you were little. If I am correct, then I am Bookman, your grandfather, and this boy behind me is Deak, your twin brother."

"Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive that is Youer than you." -Dr. Suess

And there's the beginning of the end of Lavi's life as he knew it. Things will never be the same for him. And that's going to happen to you, if it hasn't already. You probably won't find some long lost twin, but it'll be something. You learn something you never knew you could know, find something you've always been looking for in the last place you'd ever imagine, or lose something so great that the world ends. But the world's not ending. No, it's changing forever. Whether it's for good or bad is what you decide.