Title: Introspection
Summary: Erik reflects on the day on the beach. Memories, regrets, and Charles's lies.
Character(s): Charles Xavier/Professor X, Erik Lensherr/Magneto
Pairings: None, although you can interpret it as Cherik if you wish. Not really my preference, but whatever.
Genre(s): Angst
Word Count: 211
Rating: K+
Warnings: This is a personal interpretation only. Might be canon, might not be. Also, you'll need to have seen X-Men: First Class.

Author's note: I couldn't sleep last night. This is the result.

Disclaimer: If I owned X-Men, there would be much more Charles. Always. Everywhere.

I remember the day on the beach oh so well.

I remember killing Shaw. I remember avenging my mother's death. I remember attempting to kill thousands of humans in one fell stroke.

And I remember you.

I remember deflecting a bullet into your spine. I remember your scream, your blood, your fear and agony. I remember drawing the bullet out of your back. I remember holding you, desperately wishing my best friend and brother wasn't lying in my arms but sitting by my side.

And I remember when we parted. How I'd declared that we wanted the same thing. And you'd said we didn't.

Charles, you lied.

We DID want the same thing. We wanted a world where it would be safe to be a mutant. We just wanted to reach it different ways. You wanted diplomacy and peace with the humans. I saw humanity as an enemy.

We parted because of this vital difference. And although I do not regret my years of terrorism against the humans, all the lives I've taken with a flick of my hand, all the fear I've inspired in people, I do regret leaving you there on the beach.

And I will carry that regret to my grave.