Title: Silver, Away!
Summary: James is bored one summer night. Pavel provides an outlet for that boredom.
Character(s): James (James T. Kirk), Pavel (Pavel Chekov)
Pairings: None
Genre(s): Humor, Family
Word Count: 214
Rating: K
Warnings: ASTCE-verse. You won't get it unless you've read Totally Illogical.

Author's note: Remember the ASTCE-verse? If you don't, get thee to Totally Illogical. All is revealed there.


Great, everyone back? Now then. Remember how James was giving Pavel a piggyback ride while Spock was trying to read? Here's how they got there. This is dedicated in part to I heart Star Trek, who gave me this idea.

And yes, Christoper is the ASTCE-verse version of Captain Pike.

Disclaimer: Do I look like Gene Roddenberry? No, I don't own Star Trek, just the ASTCE-verse.

It was a warm summer night in the small town called Enterprise, and James couldn't keep still for the life of him.

He continuously paced his room, trying to find some outlet for his pent-up energy. That was only one of the problems with being seventeen: sitting still was tough for him.

Pavel sat on the bed watching him, warm brown eyes following his every step. James loved his younger brother dearly, and knew that the feeling was mutual. The younger boy, in spite of his silence and typical shyness, had been known to show his rare but violent temper only when James was insulted.

"I need to find something to do," sighed James. Pavel nodded sagely and looked at the floor.

"I know the saying, Pavel. I'll wear a hole in the floor if I keep this up. Any ideas?" The little boy shook his head. It was a strange system of communication the two had, speech on James' part, simple gestures and body language from little Pavel. Yet the two understood one another perfectly.

And then James remembered something. Something he had done with his cousin Christopher when they were younger. Somehow, Spock had always found the behavior illogical, but James had loved it all the same.

"Stand up, Pavel," James ordered. As soon as he got close to the couch, he backed up right in front of the little seven-year-old. "Now jump onto my back and hold on tight." The younger boy obeyed, leaping on with all the grace of a cat and wrapping his arms around James' neck. James, meanwhile, looped his arms around Pavel's dangling legs like they were backpack.

"Comfortable?" Although he heard nothing, Pavel made no move otherwise, so James broke into a run.

"High-oh, Silver! Away!" he shouted before breaking into the William Tell overture, Pavel giggling wildly as the two galloped around the house.

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