NCIS Case File: Avengers Assemble

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Rated: M (NC17) – Slash, Lemons, Violence, Blood


Gibbs/ Tony or Tony/Steve R. (Captain America) or Gibbs/Tony/Steve R.

Phil Coulson/Clint Barton

? McGee/Thor?

? Abby/Bruce?


His life has always been watched it seems, or maybe it was just when Tony started to have strange powers begin to develop. One case with NCIS that might have killed them all has compromised his secrets, at least to that of SHIELD's eyes and ears. With Loki threatening to destroy the world and Director Fury is as desperate as he seems, Tony is asked to come in. But with this new case, Gibbs and the team begin to ask questions that Tony cannot and will not answer, even if it means losing the ones he loves. However, Gibbs has connected the dots and goes in after him, leading the rest of the team along with him.

"This is nothing you have ever fought against Gibbs. You are fighting against things you cannot begin to believe and this time, I don't think that Marine luck of yours will hold out."

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~*~*~ NCIS Case File: Avengers Assemble - Prologue ~*~*~







"Anthony, time for bed," the woman called as she sat down on the bed that belonged to her five year old son.

"Coming mother!" was hollered from the nearby bathroom, if a bit muffled.

She chuckled as the gurgle that followed and the rush of a tap being turned on. She looked to her left to see the box that she had placed on the bed still beside her.

The pitter-patter of small feet on wood grew louder as the small boy ran towards the bed before laughing and jumping the bed, snuggling under the covers as he looked up at his mother.

Lady Dinozzo chuckled at the boy, tucking the sheets further around him, keeping him warm in the winter night.

"All tucked in tight?" she whispered.

Anthony giggled before nodding at his mother.

"Now about that story I was going to tell you?" she hummed, acting like she had forgotten as she tapped her chin, "What was I going to tell you again?"

Anthony giggled again, though softer as he tried to hide behind his hands, "You were going to tell me about the family he-hearbloum,"

"Close Tonio, the family heirloom," she stated, before picking up the box next to her and placing it on her lap.

"Now where was I. Oh yes, a long time ago, when the gods still lived among the mortals and magic protected its people, a magic cube of energy fell from the heavens,"

The little boy smiled as the images began to appear in his imagination.

"This cube was so small to the gods and so ordinary to the mortals that none thought to think about what it could mean. One day, the energy from the cube began to help the plants grow and the people began to grow stronger as well as they were in its presence, but those who dared to touch the cube were never seen again,"

Small eyes grew wide at her words.

"Men began to fight amongst themselves for the power of the cube, the cube drawing on their anger and making it stronger. Unfortunately for the people, war broke out over the cube,"

She took a deep breath before grabbing the child's small hand reassuringly.

"The gods, seeing man's war, took the cube from man and hid it away on their realm. Both to protect it from man and that of the worlds that may come for its power,"

Anthony titled his head in confusion, "But what does this have do with the family heirloom mommy?"

"Patience, little one, patience," she chuckled, "Can I continue?"

The little boy nodded.

"Well now. Before the gods took it, one brave man attacked the cube, hoping to destroy and bring peace back the world of Man. But it was too strong and the blast took his life. However, one slither of the cube broke off and fell into a nearby river, only to be swept off by the water. No one ever noticed the missing piece before the cube was taken away," she finished softly.

She opened the box on her lap to reveal a beautiful blue crystal and glowed softly on the padded surface it resided on. Pulling the necklace attached, she unlatched so she could hang the chain around her son's neck, letting the crystal fall until it resided upon his chest.

"My mother always told me this story and told me that this crystal was supposedly the lost slither of the magic cube. She told me it would protect me and give me luck in my life. Now I'm giving it to you," she finished kissing her son's forehead softly and tucking him back into the covers.

"Thanks for the story mommy. I will take real good care of the necklace," the little boy said, yawning softly.

"I'm sure you will Anthony. Good night," she said, turning off his light.

"Night mommy," Anthony whispered before falling asleep.

~*~*~ NCIS Case File: Avengers Assemble ~*~*~

Tears fell down the ten year olds face as he looked upon the photo of his now dead mother on his nightstand.

Tony Dinozzo sniffed before wiping the tears from his face. He shivered at the look on his father's face when he had sneered down on him, the old man's thoughts screaming at him, blaming him for his mother's death.

'I'm only ten, what more could I have done to save her than he could?' he thought bitterly of the old man.

His bitter emerald eyes fell down to the crystal on his chest, picking it up and holding it in his hand.

"So much for bring my life luck, all I want is my mother back," he whispered harshly, throwing the crystal against the wall.

It tinkled softly as it fell to the floor. Tony looked back over the small crystal, the only reminded of his mother he had left.

He slowly rose to his feet and kneeled down to grab the crystal. He sighed and stood, walking over to the small safe that he had kept hidden from his father.

He placed the crystal inside, stopping to look at it for a moment. His mind and thoughts were now his own, as it should be.

"I will never put it back on, it has only brought me heartache and confusion. It shall stay in the dark," Tony whispered.

The door of the safe closed leaving the crystal to glow in the darkness.

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