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Couples: Sonic X Amy, Tails X Cream, Knuckles X Rouge, OC X Shadow, and other OC couples :D.

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I remember the day I met him, his crimson red eyes, his smirk, making my heart flutter.

My name is Tricia, I'm a black and blue hedgehog, with blue eyes (I can change my eyes and quill color if I want). I like wearing odd skirts, with gloves and high tops, and acting crazy.

My best friend was coming over! Her name was Breanna, she was awesome. We met three years ago, at a park, it was a weird time. A girl named Keelee, who was also awesome, was singing with me, too a Phineas and Ferb song.

"Let's dance!" I say, as I grab her hands, and spin around, making myself dizzy.

"I feel like…" She says, as I feel a warm disgusting thing on my foot.

"Look, I barfed on your shoes!" Breanna says, smiling.

"Thank you!" I say sarcastically, rolling my eyes.

"Sorry…" She says, looking down.

We were getting ready for school, and I was so excited.

I put my quills in a side pony, and put on some perfume. Maybe there are some cute guys at the school.

We were freshman, grade nines, the youngest teens there.

"Wow!" Breanna shouts, as I giggle.

"It's huge!" I say, as I turn around too see a green hedgehog coming over.

"Hey babe." He said, winking at me, as I glare.

"Pervert!" I shout, running away, as I see Breanna talking too him.

"Come on!" I say, grabbing her ear and pulling her away.

Too our first class…