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Chapter 10

Brooke's POV

The weekend past, and today Nathan and I have to go back to school. After that night that we talked about everything I think we are doing a lot better. I'm actually looking forward to school because I think getting back into our routine, and being around people could help us. We still haven't gotten to the point where we are ready to have sex again, but we are ok with that. Right now we are in his car heading to school. At first I didn't want to take my spot back on the squad, but as I said before I think getting back into our routine will help.

"You ready for this?" Nathan asked bringing me out of my thoughts.

"Yes," I answered after I took a deep breath.

"We don't have to be around everyone if you're not ready for that yet," he told me.

"I know, but I'm ready. I promise. I think this will be good for us," I replied, "Come on."

We got out of the car, held hands, and walked towards our normal table with our friends. I wasn't very shocked that Haley and Lucas weren't there. After the day of the memorial, when we all got mad at them about the announcing their pregnancy at the wrong time, they haven't talked to any of us. I'm not going to make the first move because I did nothing wrong. Right? I know I may have overreacted, but there were plenty of better times and better ways to announce it then at my baby's memorial.

"B. Davis," Peyton smiled while giving me a hug.

"P. Sawyer. I missed you," I whispered hugging her back.

"I missed you, too. How have you been doing?" she asked.

"Better. I'm not saying I don't miss her anymore because I do, but I have come to terms of what happened. I know now that this was a sign that we weren't ready to have a baby yet. I'll miss her every day of my life, but at least now I can cope with it and continue to live my life. The way I was living before was not healthy at all, and I know that now," I told her.

"That's great Brooke. I'm happy that you are better. I hated seeing you that way knowing there was nothing I could do to make it better. I felt like the worst friend ever," she replied.

"You were the best friend I could ask for. I was the crappy friend for treating you the way I did," I responded.

"You had every excuse in the world to act that way. You were grieving, and I understand. I would never hold that against you," she said.

"Thank you so much for being such a great friend," I thanked.

"Same goes for you," she giggled.

"Enough about me. What has been going on with you? What has been going on in school?" I asked.

"Nothing," she answered.

"That is such a lie," I laughed.

"I don't want to burden you with my problems," she replied.

"You aren't burdening me. I want us to go back to the way we were before. I'm fine I promise," I returned.

"Brace yourself because this is huge," she joked.

"I have been out of school for a week. How much could I have missed?" I giggled.

"I'm cheating on Jake," she whispered.

"WHAT?!" I yelled louder than planned.

When we looked up everyone was looking at us.

"Shh," she shushed me.

"Sorry. What?" I breathed this time, "How did this happen? With who?"

"It started the first Friday that you missed school. I went to the Friday party that was at Tim's. I wasn't planning on going, but Jake has been an ass lately. We got in this huge fight about him thinking I spent too much time with Tim, and I was pissed because Nikki is back," she started explaining.

"No way," I gasped.

"Yes way," she replied.

"Why?" I asked.

"She wants to be in Jenny's life again, and Jake has been spending every chance he get s with her," she continued.

"I can't believe this," I huffed.

"I know. So I was beyond pissed so I went to the party. I got super drunk, and I started playing truth or dare with the usual people. Bevin dared me to kiss Tim so I did. We totally got into it, and I have got to say he is the best kisser ever. When they said time was up I wanted more so I asked him if he wanted to go upstairs, and he did. We went upstairs, and our clothes were off before we shut the door. It was the best sex I have ever had in my entire life," she reiterated.

"That good, huh?" I teased.

"Yes that good," she breathed.

"So what happen after that?" I asked.

"The next morning we decided it was a mistake, and we would forget about it," she continued.

"But you didn't?" I guessed.

"No we didn't. It didn't take long before we were sneaking around having sex all the time," she paused.

"And," I prompted.

"And I think I'm starting to have feelings for him," she confessed.

"What about Jake?" I asked.

"Well, I don't want to hurt him, but he has been such an ass lately. I still love him, but my feelings for him are dulling as my feelings for Tim are growing," she stated.

"I love Jake and all, but I personally always saw you and Tim as a couple. I was shocked when you and Jake got together because I thought you were meant for Tim. Plus Jake has been a total ass lately, but I wouldn't do anything rash until you know how you feel for sure," I told her.

"Thanks Brooke you are the best," Peyton smiled.

The bell rang and we all got up, and headed to class.

"Speaking of Jake, where is he?" I asked grabbing Nathan's hand.

"We weren't speaking of Jake," Skillz said.

"No, but we were," I replied.

"Ever since the big argument at the memorial he hasn't talked to any of us," Peyton answered.

"What? Why? That had nothing to do with him. Why would he stop talking to you guys?" I asked.

"He thought we were all overreacting, and that they had every right to announce they were pregnant. We all told the three of them they were wrong, and we put them in their place. He didn't like that to much so he has been hanging out with them," Tim returned.

"OH, OH, OH!" I squealed stopping everyone. They were all looking at me confused.

"With everything that was going on I completely forgot to tell you guys this. I don't want you to hear it from anyone else sooo," I trailed off.

"What is it?" Peyton asked.

"Nathan and I are getting married," I announced showing them my ring.

"Really?" they all asked.

"Not for a while, but yes," I answered.

"Oh my god. This is so exciting. Congratulations," Peyton squealed.

"Thank you. So this may be a little early to announce, but since you have been practically my sister since we were in diapers. Will you be my maid of honor?" I asked Peyton.

"Really?" she asked.

"Yes. Who else could I possibly ask?" I responded.

"Of course I will. It would be my honor," she answered.

"Ok off to class we go," I said putting my arm through Peyton's before skipping off to class.

We all had 1st period together so they followed us to the classroom. Lucas, Haley, Jake, and Nikki were also in the class with us, but they sat on the opposite side of the room. Throughout the whole class they were throwing us dirty looks, but we just ignored them. Most of the day went by without anything major going on, but that didn't last for long. It was after 4th period when we should all be on our way to lunch. I forgot something in the English room so I told the gang to go on to lunch, and that I would meet them there. When I came up to the door I heard some moaning inside. At first I was going to just go to lunch and get my book later, but then I heard Jake's name. The person who said it was not Peyton because I saw her go to lunch with the rest of the group. So I decided to see who it was.

~~Slight Lemon~~

So I very quietly opened the door, and peaked in. I could not believe my eyes. Never in a million years did I ever expect to find out the Jake was the kind of guy that cheated.

"Oh fuck," I heard the girl moan.

I couldn't see her face because Jake had her bent over the teacher's desk fucking her from behind.

"Yessss…fuck…pound my pussy Jake," she moaned out.

"Mmmm…you like that?" Jake asked.

"Fuck yes…mmm…I'm so closeeee," the girl wailed.

I was decided that I didn't want to see any more so I turned to leave, but before I got all the way out something caught my attention. The purse that was on the floor looked very familiar, but I couldn't remember whose it was. It didn't take long for me to figure it out with a little help from Jake.

"Come on Nikki…Let it go," he groaned.

~~End of Lemon~~

I hurried out before I could hear anymore, and get grossed out anymore. It didn't really surprise me that it was Nikki. Now Peyton has an excuse not to worry about hurting Jake because if my assumption is right he has been sleeping with Nikki ever since she came back. When I got to the cafeteria I walked straight to our table.

"Hey babe. I got you something to eat," Nathan told me when I got to the table.

"Mmm. You're the best," I said before kissing him.

"Where's your book?" Nathan asked.

"I went to go get it, but there were some people going at it so I decided I would wait," I answered.

"Who was it?" Bevin asked.

"I don't know," I lied.

"Damn now I can't gossip about it," she pouted.

"So I decided that I'm going to try, and work things out with Jake. I like Tim. I really do, but I know he doesn't like me at all. There's no way he would ever want to go out with me. If I knew he actually liked me, and this was more than just sex then I would totally give us a shot. I know Jake loves me, and I love him so I'm going to try to make it work," Peyton told me.

"I have to tell you something," I whispered to Peyton.

"What is it?" she asked.

Before I could answer someone said her name. When we turned around we saw that it was Jake. What the fuck does he want? Didn't he get enough from Nikki?

"What?" Peyton asked annoyed.

"Can I talk to you for a minute?" he asked.

"Ok," she said sitting there.

"Alone?" he asked again.

"Fine," she answered standing up, and following him out.

I know she had strong feelings for Tim. If only I could get him to tell her then Peyton would break up with Jake, and nobody gets hurt. I could tell that Jake was going to try to work things out with Peyton, but I don't think he was planning to end things with Nikki either. This was not going to end well.

Peyton's POV

Jake led us to the English classroom to talk. When we got inside I turned to look at him.

"Peyton I am so sorry. I know I have been an ass lately, but I have been under so much stress. I know that is no excuse, and I promise to make it up to you. Please forgive," Jake pleaded.

I looked at him for a second to judge if he was telling the truth until I was satisfied.

"I forgive you. I was going to talk to you after school anyway," I told him.

"Thank you so much. I love you Peyton," he said before pulling me to him in an earth-shattering kiss.

I missed us being like this. Like we use to be before all of this stuff happened.

~~Lemon Scene Starts~~

He slipped his hand up my shirt, and under my bra. I pulled away long enough for him to take my shirt off.

"You are so sexy babe," he told me.

He attacked my mouth before I got the chance to say anything. I pulled back again to take his shirt off before he attacked my mouth with his again. He unclipped my bra, and threw it on the floor somewhere.

"Someone's in a hurry," I teased.

"That's because I miss you, and I miss being with you like this," he whispered unbuckling my pants, and pulling them off along with my thong.

We walked back towards the teacher's desk before he lifted me up onto it. I sat back, and watched him take his pants and boxers off. He put his finger into me long enough to see if I was wet. When he was satisfied with that he lined himself up, and slammed into me. I hated when he got like this. Yes it still felt good, but he rushes it then I have to fake an orgasm because he is done before me.

"Oh god," I gasp.

"You like that baby?" he asks.

"Fuck yes," I moan out.

He keeps plunging into me as hard as he could. He pulled out long enough to pull me off the desk, turn me around, lean me over the desk, and slam into me from behind. Not long after we started he was finished leaving me to fake my orgasm.

"Yes…ohhh…I'm cummminggg…Jakkkkeee," I faked.

I'm a pretty good actress if I do say so myself.

"Babeee," he moaned.

~~Lemon Scene Ends~~

When we were done we got dressed before heading back to the cafeteria.

"I love you Peyton," he told me.

"I love you too Jake," I replied.

Nikki's POV

That night Jake came over to my house.

"Hey babe," he said after giving me a very passionate kiss.

"Better now that you are here," I replied seductively.

"I want you," he responded.

"Then take me," I told him.

After the best sex I could remember we were lying on my bed with my head on his chest.

"So is our plan in motion," I asked.

"Yep," he answered.

"And you are sure he told her where it is," I asked again.

"Yes. She told me that he had a bunch of money hidden, and that she was planning on using that for college, her future, or whatever. We are back together long enough for me to get her to tell me where her dad hid all that money before he died, and then you and I are long gone," he told me.

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