Post # 3 out of 5 for this weekend!

It was supposed to be a simple party. Just some friends hanging out. Actually, calling it a party would be an overstatement. It was more like a gathering, rather than a full-out soiree. There were only six people on the guest list, and Zig hadn't even thought about what could happen if it got much higher than that.

But that's exactly what it did.

He should have known that inviting an upperclassman might result in some chaos. But he had no idea how things had spiraled out of control. By 11 p.m., nearly 300 people had to have set foot into his house in search of a good time.

When he woke up, some of those people were still there, passed out on the front lawn or on the couch or the floor. It wasn't anything he'd wanted to see when he first woke up, but what was more terrifying was the condition of the house. Trash littered every surface and it didn't seem like someone could ever clean it all up.

After walking into the kitchen, Zig realized that Damon hadn't left and had started to clean up a little. Though it would take many more people to finish the job before his parents came back.

Shit. He thought. He was watching his little brothers while his parents were out of town. Who knows what they could have gotten into with all of these strangers in the house?

He first went to his youngest brother's room, finding that Dima was sound asleep. After a quick visit to his own room, he saw that Ivan was also asleep.

But that still did not mean that he was not in trouble. The house was still a mess and some of last night's events were still a mystery to him. On his little venture downstairs, he was pretty sure he saw beer cans, and that could not mean anything good. What if he had done something? Something he regretted. Because, to be honest, he felt pretty terrible right now. If this headache was actually a hangover, then he had an interesting day ahead of him…

The part I had written out was originally better. This is sort of just an intro chapter. I kinda of just imagined it as a one shot, but I've added in something to extend it.