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Some years later

Alabama ran around a bit around her dorm room, she's about 15 in human age now, she got stuck with Minnesota for a month, then she gets another dorm partner for a month and so and so on. So anyway, she ran for a few more minutes then stopped to look at Minnesota, who wasn't paying any attention to het at all. Usually, she would be yelling her head off at Alabama, but right now she was doing her nails, which as you can tell, she's trying not to mess up, but since Alabama keep running around, she's ready to kick her out for the day like always. "Hey Sota, whacha doin' right now?" "I'm doing my nails, why do you ask?" "Just bored, how come you're doing your nails?" "Because I don't just want a regular color…" "Didn't you paint your nails yesterday though?" Minnesota didn't answer, she glared at Alabama who was questioning about EVERYTHING she was doing, which now is about the time she will kick her out for the day. She got up and opened the door and grabbed Alabama's jack that she normally wears.

"What are you doing with my jacket?" Alabama asked, "Nothing…" "What are you doing with it?" Minnesota then threw the jacket out the door, and Alabama dived after, but once again she fell for this trick and Minnesota had locked her out, she was now in front of her dorm room and another door to a dorm room. "Hey! Not again!" She said and tried opening the door. "Let me in!" "Nah, I'm good!" Minnesota said on the inside chuckling after saying so. "I'm not kidding! I left something in there!" "Well, guess you're gonna have to get it later!" Minnesota keeps laughing, and she looked around, and there was Alabama, sitting on the bed again.

Minnesota had just stared for a second then blinked. "H-how did-""The window was open…" Minnesota then closed the widow and locked it and picked Alabama up, then opened the door, and threw her out. "Why do you do this to me?" Alabama asked and Minnesota looked annoyed by her. "Just go see America or something…" She said then slammed the door shut before locking it. Alabama got up and walked off, only to look for somebody to talk to; she walked outside to a nice tree, only to find Italy sitting there. "Hello Italy!" She said cheerfully as he smiled and waved. "Ciao Alabama!" He said in return, as she smiled back. She walked a bit closer but tripped on a tree branch and landed somewhat near Italy.

"Ow. My face..." She said as she still had her face planted into the ground as Italy was just standing watching her. "Need help?" "Na, I'm good," "But you just fell," "I didn't fall, I'm just hugging the ground," She said as she got up and rubbed the dirt off of her pants. "Oh okay, so are you okay Alabama?" He asked, but before she could answer Italy picked up a kitty-cat and had lost focus on Alabama. "I'm fine, thank you," She said, not realizing that there was a cat until…"AH HELP ME! IT'S ATTACKING ME AGAIN!" He started to yell and Alabama started to walk back wards a bit, most likely ready for what's gonna happen. "It's just licking you Italy," She said, but he keeps panicking. Then Germany came, Alabama was expecting him to come from in front of them, but instead she had to jump and cling to the branch (Again? XD) as the German came from BEHIND them. "HOLY CRAP!" She yelped as she clung to the branch, and then noticed that Germany was there. "Oh hello!" She said trying not to cause much attention, that's Alabama's way of saying; I don't always like to be the center of attention. "Hallo…" He said then looked at the panicking Italian. "Calm down, it's just a cat…" He said and took the cat and put it down away from Italy. "Are you just gonna hang there or are you gonna come down?" He asked Alabama who was still hanging from the branch, and she fell off, but this time she landed on her feet. "I came down, you happy now?" She asked, somewhat trying to be funny. "Ja, ja, I'm happy now," He said with a bored tone. Alabama looked at him then smiled her usually smile, then all of a sudden her personality just changed on her because she had tripped once again (She is a klutz). "Are you sure you're happy? I mean if you're not I could just leave if it would make you happy? But...I'M SO SORRY IF I'M A BOTHER TO YOU!" She said as she ran off, leaving both the German and Italian both very confused.

"I can't believe I just did that…" Alabama said as she snuck into her dorm through the open window that Minnesota had opened a little earlier after Alabama left. Minnesota surely was in there and she looked at the now silent Alabama. "Why are you back?" She asked. "I panicked and well, the sorry part of me came in…" "What?" "Uh...It's n-nothing!" Alabama said very quickly, Minnesota was confused but didn't question a thing after that. 'I really hope nobody figures out about me…I really rather not be made fun of because of my personalities…' Alabama thought as she out of the dorm and accidently bumped into Beverly Hills as she was walking. "I'm so sorry!" Alabama said. "Oh, it's okay, are you alright, La-la?" Beverly Hills asked and Alabama asked. "I'm fine Bev, are you?" "Yep!" Both smiled after this, Alabama waved and then walked off to go do something. Then her cell phone made a "Ding~" noise and Alabama took it out of her pocket to see who texted her. The text said:

Yo dude! It's USA! We need to meet in the head dorm room with Minnesota! Need to talk dude!


Alabama sighed and walked back to her dorm, to find Minnesota getting in a nice ball gown with a smile plastered on her face with Alabama walked in as she lifted up a dress and closed the door shut behind Alabama. "What the crap are you- Hey let me go!" "Get into this dress!" "NEVAH!" "Get into it!" "No…I will NEVAH get into it!" Alabama, showing that she will never want to get into that dress, said as Minnesota tried putting on a nice red and white dress on the Alabamian.