Pokémon Rescue Team Gryffindor

Prologue: The Horrors of Dudley's Room

I snickered to myself as I snuck into Dudley's enormous pig sty. The Dursley's are gone, and I have the house to myself! As I actually entered the room and saw what was inside, a disgusted look crossed my face. Clothing was strewn everywhere, dirty underwear was hanging off the bed, the computer was still on and displaying a very…interesting screensaver, various game consoles were thrown across in various states of disrepair, and the room stank. I wrinkled my nose as I made my way across the room-or at least, I had planned to before spotting the trash can overflowing with wet, dirty tissues. I threw myself back with a shout, trying to rid my mind of the images the used tissues produced. I shuddered. I really did not need to imagine Dudley doing-that! Though, Merlin knows there's no other way he can get off…

I tripped over some of the random junk lying on the floor and landed with a THUNK on the floor in my haste to get away. Wincing, I lifted my now-aching head and spotted something that could take my mind off of the idea of Dudley-sex: a Nintendo 3DSi, nothing but the best for Aunty Petunia's Diddykin's. I reached over and grabbed it, checking what was in the game cartridge. I frowned when I realized it was one of the violent shoot-'em-up games Dudders was so fond of. I wanted an escape from war, not a reminder of it.

Taking the game with me, I rose from the floor and headed over to the huge shelf where Dudley kept all of his games; most of the games were unused, never even opened by the spoiled child. However, one of the opened games caught my eye and brought back up one of my few decent childhood memories. Pokémon.

I gave a small smile as he remembered the strange creatures that had played across the TV, barely visible from where I lay in the cupboard. I had tried in vain to see more of the screen, but at least I could very clearly hear the sound; the Dursley's had put the speakers to full blast as usual. I had heard the friendship speeches and the promises the characters had made to each other. I couldn't remember who the people where, but I could remember how they fought alongside their Pokémon to defeat evildoers. I had felt jealous of almost every character, even the trio that kept blasting off again and again; at least they had someone there for them, and they always stuck together.

With the bittersweet memories playing in his mind, I slid the game of the shelf and replaced the killer game with Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team. I felt a tingle of magic run through my hand as I turned it on. I cautiously pressed the 'A' button as the handheld system turned on. I watched the opening scene patiently, wanting to see what Dudley would have impatiently skipped past. When it was over, I saw that Dudley had actually started this game; instead of the new game I expected, continue had shown up. I smirked as I deleted save data. Dudley may have only played this for half an hour several years ago, but I had still destroyed something of Dudley's; a small piece of payback for all of my stuff Dudley destroyed...not that he would ever know.

I chose the new game option and winced as magic rushed through my body again. Big D –Dumbledore, not Dudley- had cast some weird magic on me in an attempt to keep me safe. The spell/ritual/magical procedure was supposed to keep me as safe as possible and was permanently set to on, unless I was perfectly safe. However helpful it was, it was messing up my fun already. The screen was flickering oh so slightly, and the 3D-ness actually appeared 3D.

The screen had changed to a new scene. (1) It was pure black, with just the word "Welcome!" written on it in plain white letters. I tapped the screen, and the message changed. "This is the portal that leads to the world of Pokémon!" I snorted slightly as he pressed the screen again. This was obviously designed for younger kids, but I wanted to forget about war and all the other mature things haunting my life, so it would suffice. "But before I can let you through, I have several questions for you. I want you to answer sincerely." Not truthfully? Odd word choice, but, whatever. Same thing, really. "Are you ready?" I nodded and rolled my eyes. "Ok… Let the interview begin!"

The black background had finally changed into something a little more…vibrant. "Do you like to fight?" I winced at the first question. I wanted to get away from fighting and killing! "No."

"You're going bungee jumping for the first time. Since it's scary, you decide to test the jump with a doll..And the bungee cord snaps! Will you still try to make a jump anyway?" I gave the game an odd look. I probably would have gone ahead and jumped without testing, but now that I know that the rope can't handle even a little doll… "No."

"Are there many things that you would like to do?" "Yes," and I will probanly never get to do them on account of dying killing Voldemort…

"You win a lottery! What do you do with the money?" I paused for a moment. Well…I had given away my earnings from the Triwizard Tournament… "Give it away."

"Somebody calls you weird but funny. How does that make you feel?" It makes me feel like I'm Luna… but that isn't an option. Well, it doesn't make me uhappy, so.. "Happy!"

"It's the Summer holidays! Where would you like to go?" "Anywhere," really, just as long as it's not the Dursleys.

"Do others often call you childish?" "No," not really. Just Snape when he is being spiteful.

The road forks right and left. You are told there is a treasure on the right side. What do you do?" I winced, instantly seeing a parallel to the DoM fiasco. Except it wasn't a treasure I was promised, but one of my worst nightmares. "Instantly go right." Sirius…

"Are you a boy or a girl?" I guess I'm reaching the end. "Boy." At least, I hope I still am. I glanced down. Yep.

"You appear to be… the calm type." What? "You're capable of giving advice to friends with worries. You don't like to fight. You're a warm, kind-hearted person who cares. You must have many friends who look up to you." I smiled at the reminder of my friends. "However, you may also be somewhat gullible...As well as a little careless...And even a little sloppy." I winced. Perhaps this was more accurate than I thought. "You might want to keep those points in mind. "

"A calm person like you should be...The Pokemon Mudkip!" A picture of a grinning, blue thing popped up. It had an odd fin-like hair sticking up out of its head, and some weird, thick yellow whiskers sticking out the side of its face. The picture disappeared as I pressed the screen again, only to be replaced with: "This is the final step." I winced as I felt my magic pulse again. It felt more like an insistent tug than anything else now. "Who would you like to have as a partner? Choose the Pokémon you want as a partner from this group."

A list of Pokémon names popped up. Charmander, Bulbasaur, Pikachu, Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Torchic, Treecko… none of which I really knew. I vaguely remembered the Pikachu and Charmander. The Pikachu was always shocking the enemies, and the Charmander had been rescued from an abusive trainer… I was torn on which to pick. Eventually, I just picked the one at the top of the list, Charmander.

"What is your partner's nickname?" I drew in a breath. I wanted to say Ron or Hermione, but then the other would be annoyed I had not picked them. I had better pick a different name unless I wanted to give them to yet another excuse to fight . Wracking my brain for names, I finally just picked the name of one of the semi-decent classmates I had once had. Rather than joining Dudley in tearing me down, she had stayed out of the way and occasionally tried to stand up for me. Once she realized all she was doing was making it worse, she stopped and buried herself in books. However, she always had a kind smile to spare for me if we ever ran into each other. "Ann," I carefully punched in.

"Ok! We're all set! Let's get you into the world of Pokémon! Go for it!" The screen turned black as I felt a sickening lurch coming from my magic. First the room, then my head started spinning. I felt wind rushing past me as I collapsed and then-

Black nothingness.

*Prologue – The Horror of Dudley's Room – End

AN) I actually reset my game and thus, these are the actual words. I tried to answer for Harry to the best of my abilities. Did it work? Ann's words in a moment are similar, but not exactly, the games words. I will admit, that Ann is me. Call it a bit of self-indulgance…but I am a Cahrmander, and I would have paired him up with fire or electricity to balance out his weaknesses anyways. So, you get me. Besides, Harry isn't going to stick to the game script, and I don't really know how to make the original partner react correctly without being ooc…not that it really matters.

I apologize in advance, but something about Pokémon just makes me feel younger…and my writing reflects that. I am far more mature than this seems to portray and that should shine through once we reach farther into the game.