Pokémon Rescue Team Gryffindor

Chapter 1 – Waking up a Pokémon

Where am I?

Am I dreaming this?

I feel a pleasant breeze.

…I hear a voice from somewhere… I wonder who it is?

"… … … …Excuse me. ….Please, wake up. Come on, wake up."

Slowly, my head cleared. Carefully opening my eyes, I realized I was laying on the ground, with green grass cushioning my fallen body. Grass?

The voice interrupted my thoughts as I slowly pushed my body up onto its feet. My head felt abnormally heavy as I tried to turn around… "You're finally awake! Great!"

Ignoring the voice, I tried to take in my surroundings. Where is this? Looking around, I finally caught sight of the speaker. I managed to hold back my flinch of surprise at the sight of a Charmander the same size as me.

"You were passed out here. I'm relieved that you are finally awake; I was growing worried. My name is Ann. It's nice to meet you, even if it was quite the odd meeting!" The Pokémon paused, obviously waiting for something. "…And, you are? I've never seen you around here before." Oh. It -Ann-wanted my name. And-wait a moment,

"I'm not a Pokémon! I'm a human, obviously. Do I look like-" I began to gesture down at my body, but I actually looked and noticed that part of the view of the blue paw I was holding up as I stood on my other three –legs?

"Huh. Well, you look like a normal Mudkip to me." The fire Pokémon (it could not be water with that open flame on its tail-how was that still going anyways?) cocked its head, confused.

Trying to see more of my new body, I twisted from side to side. I managed to catch sight of a blue tail for a second before almost falling over. Standing back up straight, thoughts crossed my head like a bullet train. It's true! I have turned into this Mudkip Pokémon…thing. But why? Frowning, I tried to recall why I was in a Mudkip's body instead of my own and talking to a flaming lizard. I had been in…Dudley's room, playing one of his video games. Pokémon. Which I was now apparently in, thanks to Dumbledore's crazy magic.

Apparently I had been staring into space, trying to think for quite a while because Ann interrupted my thoughts. "Um…don't take this the wrong way…but you're kind of weird. So…what is your name? I can't call you 'The Weird One' or something like that…to many other Pokémon would respond."

Hesitantly, I gave the red Pokémon my name. "I'm Harry."

The other Pokémon bit back a snort. "Hairy? That is not much better than The Weird One, if you ask me."

I scowled and resisted the urge to stick my tongue out like a kindergartner. "It's not hairy, like hair all over," which this body had none of, "I think its short for Harold, or something like-" I was interrupted by a shout.

"Somebody! Please! Help me!" Both Ann and I turned in shock to the owner of the voice. A giant butterfly quickly flew over to us.

"What's wrong?" Ann queried. I would have asked something similar, but I was still getting over the whole giant purple butterfly part.

"It's horrible! My Caterpie fell into a cavern! My poor baby!" The giant butterfly Pokémon was fluttering around in obvious distress.

Ann jerked back in shock. I was still in shock, so I didn't move. "What?!"

"A huge fissure opened in the ground, and my Caterpie fell in!" The odd butterfly shouted, fluttering up and down worriedly. "He's too young to crawl out by himself! When I went to get my baby, Pokémon suddenly attacked me!"

I frowned. That…was not good. Luckily, Ann seemed to be echoing my thoughts…or something like them. "Huh? You were attacked? By other Pokémon?"

The butterfly fluttered more wildly, dipping its head up and down. "They must be enraged by the fissure and out of control! I'm not strong enough to fend off those wild Pokémon…What will become of my baby?" The odd Pokémon wailed, "Oh! What am I to do?! Oh dear, oh dear…" it trailed off, muttering to itself.

Ann was beginning to panic. "This sounds bad! We have to go help!"

I was already rushing back the way the butterfly had come from. Before long, we could see the fissure. However, when we got closer…something jumped out at us! A small bird, similar to a pigeon, jumped out of the brush and winged straight towards us. Ann leapt forward and scratched her claws along the side of the bird, causing it to falter. It managed to ram its body into Ann's, but she slammed a paw into it in return. The pigeon Pokémon fainted.

Ann sighed. "Whew! Already Pokémon are jumping out! Will you be able to handle this, Harry?"

I nodded. Sure. These Pokémon had absolutely nothing on wands and Voldemort.

"What attacks can you do?" Ann asked, pausing our walking to ask. It was odd walking on four legs, but I only tripped up several times. Ann giggled quietly each time though, so I was struggling to focus on walking straight.

"What?" What attacks…not how could I attack?

Ann closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and then refocused on me. "Right; you were apparently never a Mudkip before. Well, we Pokémon can use different attacks. Due to some odd glitch in genetics, it's hard to remember more than four, though there are some rare Pokémon that know almost every move and can reteach you moves you once knew, but forgot. The most basic attack anybody can do and you will never forget is just hitting them. That was the second thing I did.

Then you come to each Pokémon's individual attacks. Generally, you can either growl or leer at a Pokémon, to make them less eager to attack or more wary of you. As a Charmander, I growl." She paused and let out a harsh growling sound. I bit back my instinctive flinch at the rough noise. "See? Growl, right there, made you a little less weaker in attacking." She sheepishly rubbed the back of her head. "The effects won't wear off for a while, I'm afraid."

I shook my head, already feeling my energy returning. "I'm fine. So, would I growl or leer? Seriously though…leer doesn't sound intimidating; it sounds lecherous."

Ann rolled her eyes. "You should see the Pokémon that do leer. It is definitely not nice looking they leer at someone; it seems to always be the scary-ish ones that leer. You, however, aren't so naturally intimidating. You probably growl like me, so go ahead try it out."

I growled angrily under my breath at Ann, who shivered. "Yeah, close enough," she muttered. Shaking her head, she continued on with her lecturing. It was boring, but it did explain the lack of variety in moves they used… "Then we come to the basic physical attacks. Scratch, tackle, etc. See the claws?" She held up her hands and I could see the sharp claws glinting in the light. "They are great for making surface wounds in the enemy. That was the first thing I did when I fought the Pidgey." Ah. So that was what the pigeon Pokémon was called. "You don't have any pointy parts, so you just tackle into an enemy." I looked at the hand that had first cued me into not being human anymore. Yes, it was rather lacking in intimidating appearances and was lacking anything sharp. Shame.

"When you use these special attacks, you learn faster. Eventually, you become stronger as you defeat more and more Pokémon. You gain experience, and once you have enough, you grow. You have more health, you are stronger, you can withstand attacks easier, you grow faster, so on and so forth…" she trailed off momentarily, then shook her head and resumed the rather lengthy explanation. "When you grow we call it 'leveling up', because you're moving to a higher level of stats. Got it memorized?" I nodded. I somewhat got it…maybe…a little. She cleared her throat.

"Well, what are you waiting for?" She turned and made her way to the fissure. "Let's go rescue Caterpie!"

I uncertainly followed her into the dark hollow of the land. This…was turning interesting very quickly.

The fissure was actually much deeper than it looked. Considering it only looked a foot deep, it meant there was enough room for us to walk through it and not reach above the ground. We carefully made our way along the 'path,' as it led down, twisting and turning and sometimes hitting dead ends, all the way looking for Caterpie.

Suddenly, right as we were turning out of another dead end, a Pidgey jumped out in front of me. "It's your turn Harry!" Ann cried. "Knock it out!"

I nodded determinedly. As the Pidgey approached, I stepped forward and smashed my body into it, keeping Ann's words in mind. It actually didn't hurt me like I thought it would, but it definitely hurt the bird thing. It let out a pained screech and returned the favor with a swipe of its own claws. I winced as they raked my sides, unable to dodge. Growing annoyed, I pulled back and tackled it again. It fainted quietly, disappearing. I returned to Ann with a quiet sigh of relief. I had not made a complete fool of myself in front of the only person/Pokémon I knew. I also now understood what she meant about experience. I could not quite put it to words, but it felt like my body was already growing used to this odd fighting style.

I smirked at Ann. She rolled her eyes, saying good-naturedly, "Yes, yes, very good. Your first time wasn't a complete mess." I shot her a fake hurt look, puppy-dog eyes watering. "Alright, you did great for a first time. Now, let's keep looking for Caterpie."

We both proceeded to leave the dead end and slowly but surely made our way down the fissure. When we ran into a seed like Pokémon Ann called a Sunkern, we both hit it until it fainted. I felt the experience gain, but not as much as last time. "Remember," Ann called. "Use a special move if you want more experience."

After defeating 3 more enemies, I suddenly stopped. "I just realized…I have no idea what a Caterpie looks like. Does it look like a caterpillar?"

"Well…I guess so. A big green caterpillar."

I pointed to a caterpillar-ish Pokémon ahead. "Is that it? It's not green…but it is tan."

"No," Ann called. "That is a Wurmple." Said Wurmple attacked with a tackle. Growling, (not the move) I clawed at the Pokémon. It fainted clean away.

I felt a slight rush of strength and my still-foreign body began responding quicker. "Hey, Ann? I think I just leveled up." Thinking on the odd feeling, a new idea for an attack drifted into my mind. I was apparently a water Pokémon, so I could simply turn the dirt around me into mud and slap it at the other Pokémon. If I managed to get it into their eyes, it would obviously mess up their accuracy. I'm not entirely sure how I knew the move and that it would hurt the other Pokémon, but it was obviously one of those new moves Ann mentioned. I decided not to focus on it too much and just use it to my advantage.

"Good," she called back to me. She suddenly stopped moving and cocked her head to one side. "I think I can hear crying. It's probably Caterpie. Let's go!"

We made our way, a little faster than before, to the source of the sound. "Waaaaah….Mommy… Where are you?" *sniffle*

The green bug finally came into sight. Ann stepped forward. "We came to rescue you."

The caterpillar- Caterpie- had been crying facing the wall. It turned around with a tearful, 'Huh?"

Ann smiled at the little thing. I had to admit, it looked a lot less (and at the same time, more) weird than I thought it would. "Your mom's waiting. Let's go back and make sure she's okay."

The Caterpie's tears dried up slightly. "Okay," it said quietly.

I gave it a little smile as well. "Come on, she's worried sick about you!" The Caterpie nodded its green head quickly, and started for the way we came in.

Ann and I arranged ourselves around the young Pokémon. Ann was in the front, leading us back through the twisting fissure. I was behind Caterpie, ensuring that no Pokémon snuck up on him and was able to attack.

We finally made it out of the ravine, and as soon as Butterfree entered our sights, Caterpie was dashing ahead to her side.

With a tearful smile, she turned to us. "My baby's safe… I'm sorry, I don't know how I could ever thank you properly…"

Ann returned her smile with a slight grin. "Oh, that's alright! I was just glad that I could help. It has been dangerous lately with sudden quakes and fissures like that one. It was great to find your little boy unharmed." Ann's smile faded slightly, as if contemplating what could have happened to the Caterpie if we had not found it.

Butterfree seemed not to notice, and carried on in her thanks. "Please, may I have your names at least?"

Ann gave a little shrug, red shoulders bobbing up and down. "I'm Ann, and this is Harry." I bobbed my head down slightly at my name, looking back up at the butterfly Pokémon after I did. It was add to be so low to the ground. I knew I was short before, but this? This was infuriating.

However, when I looked back up, I noticed Caterpie staring at us with tears of…admiration?... shining brightly in his eyes. "Cool…" he whispered softly.

I tilted my head slightly, sweat-dropping. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Ann turn to the Caterpie and do the same thing. He was…staring at us admiringly? His eyes looked like they were actually sparkling… I felt my cheeks tinge slightly. It was little embarrassing…but it also felt kind of nice. I had been able to help the little bug-kid, and he hadn't gotten hurt on my account. Maybe I could actually help some people here, instead of accidently hurting them instead.

Caterpie interrupted my thoughts, bouncing up and down childishly. "Thank you! Ann and Harry!"

Butterfree turned away from her son and back towards us. "I know it isn't enough," she said softly, "but this is a token of our thanks. Please accept it." She fluttered closer to Ann and handed her a large blue berry (or was it large because I was small?) and another large pink berry. A dustier blue berry followed the pink one before Butterfree pulled back. "Thank you so much! Good-bye."

Butterfree and Caterpie fluttered and crawled back into the thicker forest, but not before Caterpie threw one last admiring gaze back at us. I turned back to the fire lizard Pokémon, only to find it smiling at me. "Thanks for helping me! You're actually very tough, even though you apparently don't remember what it's like to be a Pokémon. I was impressed." She paused for a moment, and the slight smile slid off her face. Instead, she tilted her head inquisitively.

"So…" she said, letting her words hang in the air for a moment. "What are you going to do now? Do you have any plans, or any idea on what to do next?"

I froze, having not really thought about what was going to happen after I rescued the little bug-boy. Ann watched me panic for a moment, before speaking back up. "Listen…Harry…" she trailed off nervously. I paused in my panicking, instead turning to see what she was saying. "If you don't have a place to stay, you could come with me." The already red cheeks darkened slightly as she offered her home out to me.

I paused, considering the offer for a moment, before shrugging and accepting. Ann obviously wasn't a cruel person- err, Pokémon, so it wasn't like she was going to knife- or claw- me in the middle of the night. Even if she did, Big D's magic would probably help protect me from her.

"Alright," I offered. "Are you sure, though? I swear I was a human just ten minutes ago, so I have no idea how Pokémon interact."

The Charmander frowned. "I was wondering; what did you mean by that? There are no humans within this realm, and you look pretty much like a normal Mudkip."

I was about to say something about the human thing, but the last bit of her sentence interrupted my thoughts. "Pretty much? Is there something weird about me? I have no idea what a Mudkip really looks like…all I can see is that they have great yellow whisker things, blue skin, and four legs. Let me tell you, it is not easy going from a bipedal form to walking around on all fours…I keep thinking I tripped and am about to hit the ground…" I trailed off, annoyed.

Ann smiled, but bit her lip nervously. I winced. That had to be painful, with her sharp teeth. However, she paid no notice and simply stepped closer to me, reaching out with a clawed hand. I grit my teeth and tried not to flinch back as she traced a claw along my scar. "You have a lightning bolt scar…right here. Normally, we Pokémon regenerate quickly or heal ourselves, so there almost isn't ever a sign of lasting damage…" She trailed off slightly, pulling back again and looking away, blushing. "There's also your eyes…normally, a Mudkips eyes are brown or black, or maybe a very muddy green. Yet your eyes are as green as mine are blue…maybe even brighter.

She trailed off, looking back into my eyes. I fidgeted slightly, uncomfortable with her unblinking stare and tried to focus back on her. Her eyes were indeed a bright shade of blue, mirroring the skies above. She finally shook her head and tore her gaze away, and I breathed out a sigh of relief. "Your eyes…they seem to be the color of life personified." She seemed to realize what she had just done, and jerked back spastically, cheeks completely flooding with color at her embarrassment. "Ah! Sorry, sorry… I didn't mean to be rude…" she trailed off, before turning away. "A-Anyways, lets head on to my place. I think you'll like it."

Slightly uncomfortable now, I followed her. We walked in silence as I tried to wrap my head around what was happening. I had apparently been turned into a Pokémon, and I was following another strange Pokémon to her home. I had felt my magic flare up as I started the video game, so this was probably the result of mine and Dumbledore's magic mixing and interacting with the game. Had I been absorbed into the game or something like that?

I rolled my eyes, even though no one was looking to appreciate the gesture. Obviously I was in the game. The game had declared me a 'Mudkip,' and I had decided on a Charmander named Ann as my partner before my weird magic blackout. The actions surrounding the last hour felt like something out of a video game, and Ann had obviously mentioned leveling up. So, all signs pointed to this being the video game…whatever this was.

As we reached the end of the wood, I admitted that I was slightly cheered by this fact. It was a little kids game, right? There weren't any sad endings in a children's game like Pokémon, right? Even on the TV show (seen through the cracks in the cupboard and narrated by a loud Dudley) nobody –and nothing- died. So, I was safe right? Ann had even mentioned before that Pokémon regenerated quickly, and didn't have scars.

Of course, my stupid scar was just going to make me stand out here as well…and I suddenly realized something. The scratches and the bruises left behind by other violent Pokémon were indeed gone! I felt a little unobservant for not noticing earlier, but I shrugged it off as a result of being overwhelmed. Next time, I would pay more attention.

A voice suddenly drifted back to my ears. "Well, this is the place…" I jerked my head back up, to see that Ann had stopped in front of a very odd house. It looked like a large hut surrounded by a moat, with tall torches sticking out of the grass at odd angles while a smoke rose from a hole in the ceiling. A large blue mailbox, just inside the shallow moat that looked remarkably clear and blue, was the finishing touch on a rather odd picture. Looking up slightly, I saw I was wrong. A tall flagpole with a small blue flag completed the odd picture.

Yet…for all the oddities of the house, I felt a welcome feeling welling up inside. It was a bit like I had just caught sight of the Burrow and Hogwarts, rolled into one. It felt inexplicable yet natural to be happy around the house. Maybe it was an instinct thing for Pokémon, or something? I did feel oddly inclined to the water… I almost felt like I wanted to wag my tail, like an excited dog or something.

That feeling caught me off guard, and I quickly swung my head around to make sure nothing weird was happening to my body. I quickly discovered two things: I had a fish tail, and it was wagging slightly from side to side. Shocked, I quickly stopped the tail and turned back around to see Ann looking at me nervously. Was she expecting a bad reaction to the house? I watched her relax as she caught sight of something behind me…probably my new tail.

The tense aura around her faded, and she instead began to smile. "So, you like it? It's a bit impressive isn't it?" Her smile dimmed for a moment, but it quickly reappeared. "You looked so shocked to see your tail…I guess you really aren't used to being a Mudkip." She shrugged. "I thought you would like the place. Apparently, you do!" She paused, hesitated, and then spoke again. "You…do like the place, right?"

I found her hesitance odd, but I figured she was just worried about her house being ugly to others or something. "No, I do like it. Something about it just seems…safe." I almost bit back the last word, not expecting to say that aloud."

Ann smiled sadly, but turned and pointed to the nearby mailbox. "Well, I hope you know what this is." I blinked at the non sequitur. "It's a mailbox, and Pokémon deliver letters to it." She paused, and then appeared to run off on another tangent of thought. "You know, just like the fissure that Caterpie fell into…" She trailed off, looking grim. "For some reason, there have been many natural disasters lately. Because of these disasters, Pokémon everywhere are suffering. I…I want to help these Pokémon, help everybody live peacefully again. So, umm…."

She trailed off nervously, scuffing a clawed foot into the ground. "Well, you were fairly impressive when you helped rescue Caterpie." Her foot began to draw circles, claws scratching the pattern into the dirt. "You were confused and obviously out of place, yet you didn't hesitate to go help rescue the child. You didn't even know how to walk properly at first, yet you were quickly taking down the Pokémon that tried to hurt us. Would you help me form a rescue team?"

Her nervous fidgeting stopped, and she gained the air of Hermione about to rant about S.P.E.W. "We could work together to help save injured or lost Pokémon like Caterpie! Instead of being one of the Pokémon to be injured and angered, we can save those Pokémon, help bring them back home safely. Together, I think we could become an amazing rescue team, maybe even the world's greatest someday! Please, will you form a rescue team with me?"

Her blue eyes were staring me down. I was almost afraid of saying no; turning down Hermione never ended well for the person turning her down. I was getting the exact same vibes from this Pokémon…and it was for a far more realistic cause than protecting elfish welfare. Of course, it was also playing on my hero need…and something was compelling me to say yes. Hesitantly, I offered my acceptance. "Alright," I said, then nodded decisively.

Ann actually jumped into the air, pumping a red fist. "YES!" She shouted as I jumped back in surprise. "Perfect! We're partners from now on then, the best partners of any rescue team!" She beamed at me brilliantly, a much wider smile than any she had offered before. "You can even come up with a name for our team!"

A… name? She wanted me to name this newly formed team, a decision which still had me in a state of confusion? My mind completely blanked, until a memory of my chosen family drifted into my mind. "Gryffindor," I murmured softly. "Gryffindor, of Gryffindor house." I felt my face tighten as I thought about the other house members, how they had treated me, and how I couldn't go back to them now…

Ann blinked at my darkening expression. "Griffin-door…" she sounded out slowly. "Gryffindor house…" she trailed off, turning the new name over under her breath. Suddenly, she looked back at me with a wide grin. "Gryffindor! I like it! It sounds perfect for us, and this house! Something about it sounds brave, noble, helpful…amazing!" She smiled, and I couldn't help but to smile back. "Rescue Team Gryffindor, of Gryffindor house…Let's do this!"

And that is how Harry and Ann began their careers together as a rescue team.

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team

*End Chapter 1 – Waking up a Pokémon

Alright, here is the end of the first chapter. Most of the script is taken from the game and edited. Well, Ann and Harry's script, anyways. I tried to integrate as much of the game as I could. The whole tail thing? Yeah, the Mudkip onscreen told me it felt like wagging its tail. So…Harry wagged his new fishy tail!

Normally the house is based on whatever element you have (water for Mudkip, fire for Charmander, grass for Chikorita…etc.) but I thought Charmander would be uncomfortable living in a house surrounded only by water with no flame. I decided that yes, Ann is going to live at the house as well. I always thought it was stupid that your partner offers his/her house, and then goes elsewhere…so Ann is staying around. I also have come up with a back story for Ann…it is only rudimentary right now, but it is growing.

…Oh come on! Let me save so I can post this! I'm not ready to start a new chapter! …Fine. Silly game. Readers (Now? 0 people), know that I am now being forced to work on the second chapter...

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