A/N Hello again. So it took me a little bit to start the next story in this series because I had a lot of different ideas for it running around in my head. However I had chased this one down and decided to go with it. Hopefully you'll like it. So here it is, the first chapter of 'Rebuilding Trust'. I don't own Teen Titans. If I did this story would be happening.

It could have been any other day of the year. Really it could have. Had it been any other day of the year Raven wouldn't be so worried. But no it just had to be this day. Needless to say the irony sucked.

"What's wrong Rae?" Surprisingly it was Beast Boy who noticed the empathy's uneasy first. The green superhero now went by the name Changeling, as a sign that he had actually 'grown up'. Raven jolted out of her daze, noticing that her fingers had been tracing the edge of the mug in her hands. Suddenly all attention was directed at her.

"Something feels off," she muttered, looking down at the liquid in the mug. Steam wasn't even rising from it and she hadn't taken a sip.

"Well this is the anniversary of…well y'know," Cyborg offered. Raven cringed slightly at the reminder and shook her head.

"That happened a while ago. I've never had this feeling before. Something's…going to happen today."

"Perhaps we should go check the old library just in case?" Everyone glanced at Starfire as she made the suggestion. While Raven wasn't too keen on the idea it was a start. She nodded slightly.

"It's a place to start." No one missed the reluctant tone in Raven's normal monotone voice.

POV Switch

Zaven squeezed her eyes shut. She knew without a doubt she wouldn't like teleporting between dimensions. Maybe after a few times doing this she wouldn't want to throw up. Where would it go if I threw up now? Firmly the demoness shook her head, trying hard to ignore the way a feather light touch lingered over her skin.

The girl could feel her wounds healing. She could also feel her body shrinking, becoming younger. Idly she wondered just what age she would become. It wouldn't do her any good if she was a liget little kid again.

Zaven dared a chance to open her eyes. Blue light assaulted them, instantly snapping the eyelids shut. A sharp pain started building in her head, right behind her eyes. Zaven groaned. As if the nausea wasn't enough.

How long is this supposed to last?! Suddenly wind was rushing through the tunnel. With a shocked yelp Zaven fell out of the portal and crashed into the ground.

POV Switch

Raven almost teleported out of the country when the portal started opening up. All the Titans froze When the ground started to open up again. Unlike the last time though it wasn't red and fire didn't expand out from it. There was a fire, but blue, hotter and more dangerous, casting dancing shadows on the walls.

"Raven?!" Robin yelled, casting a glance at his teammate. The empathy snapped out of her fear induced daze and clenched her fist.

"It's not Trigon but defiantly a demon," she answered. Everyone turned to the portal, taking a fighting stance. With a surprised yelp the demon shot out of the portal and crashed into the ground. The Titans barely had time to take in the flaming red hair and clothes that seemed too big on the young girl before they attacked.

Zaven still had her years of being attacked, attacking, and just plain old surviving. She hadn't even perceived she was on the ground before she was getting the feeling she was being attacked. With a yell she jumped up, sending a wave of shadows to the direction the footsteps where coming from.

Raven threw up a shield the moment the demoness jumped up. It just barely blocked the shadow that was sent racing toward the Titans. And it still didn't stop the actually demon as she launched herself toward the Titans. Blazing orange irises stared out of what should have been the whites of a human's eyes. Instead midnight black took up the area, making it almost seem like Slade's eye when he had been a skeleton.

"Um Rae are all demons able to go through your soul shield like that?" Cybrog asked, shooting at the demoness. Raven paused for a moment, trying to think of an answer but couldn't come up with one.

Zaven wasn't even aware of what she was doing really. A fist took out some green bull charging at her, the other red head girl was taken down by a well-aimed fireball, and the half-robot man was thrown clear out of the room but her own soul self. That left the other soul user and this man whose color scheme matched a traffic light.

Wait, what's a traffic light? The demoness shook her head and pulled out her swords. A quick slash from the shadow one and another soul throw and the other soul user was out of the fight. Geez Master basically made me invincible. Oh shit these are the Titans! I just nearly killed my own sister!

Robin didn't quite understand the look of shock and horror that passed over the demon girl's face. He wasn't fully convinced that this red head before him was totally a demon, at least not yet. She still had a few years to go before he would think that. With a furious roar he launched himself at the girl, intent on doing some damage. She had just hurt Raven, in a major way. Robin wasn't even sure where his friend would end up.

Zaven blocked automatically. Her body wasn't listening to her brain, which was telling her to stop. The fury tainted roar from her current attacker probably didn't help much either. His bo staff hammered into the girl's two swords with enough force that would have broken the stone ones.

Suddenly the first three she had knocked out of the fight were attacking. Zaven gasped as Cyborg's sonic beam caught her in the stomach. The swords dropped out of her hands as she skidded backwards, clutching her stomach. Changeling attacked next, taking the form of a triceratops and knocking the girl into Starfire's waiting arms with his tail. Starfire let loose her war cry as she threw the demon into the wall, collapsing some stones on top of the girl. Then Robin was there, delivering a quick kick to Zaven's temple. The girl crumpled instantly, orange and black eyes rolling back into her head.

"Cyborg, Changeling go start searching for Raven!" Robin said, kneeling down and cuffing the girl. He doubted the cuffs would do much but better to be safe than sorry. "Starfire take her down to the room we prepared for Raven. It might hold this girl." The alien girl nodded and flew off, Zaven in tow. Robin was left alone in the old room. Silently he walked over and picked up the two swords. Then he too headed for the Tower. Cyborg and Changeling were the best trackers apart from Raven. And he didn't want to leave Starfire alone in case the demoness woke up.

POV Switch

Jinx was hiding in the alley. She knew it was a bad idea, because Kid Flash knew her habits, but she really didn't want to talk to the idiot right now. His idea of a relationship was one-night-stands, or three-day-weekends. And so needless to say Jinx was dumped and she couldn't go back to the HIVE. Well she could just there would be a lot of mistrust.

"Hey Jinx come on out! I just want to talk!" The hex caster cringed as she heard Flash's voice. He knew her habits and he knew her personality. So the boy obviously knew she would hide a while longer just to be stubborn.

Suddenly Flash whistled. The pink eyes widened as she heard a snobby giggle. He had fucking spotted one of those ditsy popular girls with the awesome ass! Wait where had the 'awesome' ass come from? Jinx shook her head, refusing to chase that thought as she heard her ex go off after the ass. She waited until his voice had faded before standing up, very slowly.

Sighing Jinx wondered what she could do now. It was kind of obvious she couldn't go to the Titans, because Raven was still mad at her for going into her room all those long years ago. Of course also being a villainess between now and then didn't help. But at least Raven knew sort of what it was like to be dumped. Granted the man who had been her boyfriend turned out to be a dragon and used the empathy to get out of the book he was trapped in. But the end result was still the same.

Jinx was about to leave the alley when something crashed into the wall above her. Looking up the hex caster had barely enough time to perceive that something was falling toward her before her body was moving. Her pink eyes widened again as the thing crashed into the ground, the thing being an unconscious Raven.

"Shit what the hell happened?!" While not on good terms with Raven yet Jinx did know letting the girl die would be a bad idea. And the slash mark running on her front that was bleeding like no tomorrow probably didn't help. Jinx raced over to the empathy's side, a million different causes running through her brain. "Ah I need to get her to a hospital or something like it! The Titans'll take too long to get here. Oh hell she's going to kill me. If she lives." Pressing a cloth to the wound Jinx picked up Raven in her arms. It was awkward and certain the fact blood was now beneath her fingers didn't help. Jinx shook her head and managed to somehow get to the roof. Only a block away was the HIVE Academy. And while she wasn't a villain anymore she knew they would never let someone die, superhero or not.