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"Try it." Her voice was quiet and deadly, laced with anger. Orange irises stared out of blackness and hands clenched over sword hilts. Gizmo snorted and pressed a button on his control panel. He raised high above the demoness on his spider legs.

"Give it up crud muncher! You're not so tough!" Zaven rose an eyebrow, wishing Jinx was there so she could ask if the midget was usually such an idiot.

"You're trying my patience," she responded coldly. Mammoth inwardly shuddered at the underlying tone. It reminded him of the man who had taken him to the HIVE. That same man had killed five police officers without batting an eye. It was the tone of a killer, one with no guilt.

"Idiot! As if you have any skill!" Mammoth frowned. He had seen this girl punch Cinderblock off his feet. That was something even he couldn't do. And it had taken Jinx super charging her hex in order to actually knock the red head out before, something that she had never done before.

"Silence! You foolish mortal!" From the other room Raven cringed at the newer, darker voice sounding through the wall. She heard metal clank together and Gizmo curse. Jinx frowned at the door, wondering what the hell was going on out there. Schatten smirked.

"It would seem," he said softly, in the rasping hiss that was his voice. "That metal does not like Zaven's demon voice."

"I am through with you insolent fools! This will end now!"

"She won't kill them…will she?" Schatten shook his head at Jinx's question. From the other side came a short girly scream and the sound of a portal closing. Footsteps sounded, only heard because of the thick silence in the room.

"Zaven where did you send Gizmo and Mammoth?" Raven asked as her sister walked through the door. The demoness grinned suddenly, a half-crazed expression entering her eyes.

"Remember that haunted house I created that one year for Halloween?" she asked, sounding excited. Raven nodded warily. "Well every demon gets to create their own personal Hell. That's just part of the entrance. I haven't actually got much farther than that so once they get through that they'll arrive back here, in this dimension."

"You sent them to Hell?" Jinx asked, narrowing her eyes. Zaven nodded rapidly.

"Relax. They aren't in real danger. Although the fire throwing zombie monkeys might pose a problem." Jinx sent Raven a look as a thoughtful expression settled on the demoness's face. Schatten smiled slightly, unseen by anybody. Being around Raven had defiantly opened the girl up some.

"We should probably leave before someone comes looking because of the sounds," Raven pointed out. Zaven jolted out of her thoughts and nodded, rubbing her hands together. She was positively eager, dancing on the balls of her feet.

Jinx intertwined her fingers through Raven's as the empath opened a small portal and wrapped the four in her dark energy. She was still much better at controlling where she went than Zaven. The red head smiled slightly as the familiar energy washed over her, blocking any effects going through a portal might have had this time around.

"Hey I have a question Jinx," the demoness said as the two appeared in an alley. The hex caster pulled her hood up and glanced toward the red head. "Is Gizmo always an idiot?"

"He just doesn't like to admit defeat."

"Like someone else," Raven mumbled, giving her girlfriend's hand a squeeze. Jinx huffed slightly but grinned back.

"Friend Zaven!" The three girls froze as Starfire flew into view. Schatten melted into the shadows, taking Raven and Jinx with him. Zaven straightened, mentally cursing herself for not wearing something with a hood. "It is glorious to see you!"

"Um yah sure." Fuck! Ninja monkeys attack! Wait what the hell?! The demoness clenched her fist hard, driving her nails into her palm. "What exactly are you doing Starfire?" It felt odd saying the alien girl's name.

"Robin asked us to perform the search for you."

"And you aren't trying to take me in why?" Typical over obsessive idiot. He just couldn't take no. Starfire deflated slightly.

"I am afraid he is not himself. Something…seems wrong with him." Zaven frowned. Was it possible? Someone had once tried to kidnap Schatten and replace him with their minion to get to her. But who…Slade.

"Maybe it's me," Zaven joked slightly. "I have a way of making people different." Starfire shook her head.

"No. He has been like this for a long time now." Zaven stayed silent. If they didn't suspect Slade who could they be thinking of? Did they even think that the traffic light scheme wearing man had been kidnapped and replaced? Am I really the only one who would do such a thing willingly? She had done it often enough, by wrapping the shadows around herself to take on a different form. Granted it was never for longer than a day but in that day she had completely destroyed any trust a full company had in their commander once.

"Alright Starfire. And don't worry about having to lie to him. You won't remember this." The taller red head's eyes widened slightly as Zaven passed a hand over the girl's forehead. Instantly the alien girl slumped, knocked out cold. A bruise formed on her temple as the demoness set her in the alleyway. A sort of murky liquid formed in Zaven's hand and she clenched her fist. The liquid disappeared.

"What exactly did you do to her?" Raven asked as she and Jinx came out of the shadows. Zaven grimaced slightly, hearing the underlying anger.

"I'll explain later. We need to get out of here before Bird Brain arrives."