Rain pounded on the roof overhead, drowning out nearly all thought or sound. Occasionally the wind would whip the rain against the windows, making them shake with the force.

Mako stood at her window in the dark, entranced by Mother Nature's seemingly relentless fury as the heavens poured out what felt like the contents of the entire ocean on her house. The glass was awash in streams of water that foamed white in its haste, a stark contrast against the pitch black night beyond.

It had been raining all week, increasing in power and ferocity as the storm awoke to its full strength. Yards were flooded, streets looked like rivers, and even the local park had become its own miniature lake.

A crack of lightening flashed across the sky, revealing everything for an instant with a white, bright light before vanishing and plunging it into an even darker night than before. Thunder rumbled closely behind it, still at some distance but enough to know that when the noise finally fell directly overhead, the tremors would shake the very house.

Mako traced the running rivulets of water on her windowpane with delicate fingers, her other hand clutching the curtains as she lost herself in the wonder of the natural world.

So lost in thought and a true testimony to the storm's noise, that Mako didn't hear her husband come into the room until his warm arms were sliding around her waist. She smiled and leaned into his warm embrace as he rested his chin on her shoulder.

"The thunderstorm is finally here?"

Mako nodded. "I wonder if this one will be enough to knock the power out this time."

Takeru kissed her shoulder before pulling her even closer. "Then I'll have an excuse to sleep in tomorrow, my alarm clock won't go off if the power is out."

Mako smiled and turned her head to kiss his temple. "You'd wake up anyways; you're too used to early morning starts." She felt her husband sigh and she laughed softly before turning in his arms with a mischievous smile.

Takeru looked at his wife in the dim light, noting the all-too-familiar smile on her face and his heart gave a lurch. "Mako…"

Mako stood up on tiptoe and began trailing a line of kisses along his jawline. "Hmm?"

Takeru's muscles tensed, feeling his control slipping with each soft press of her lips across his skin. "What about –?"

Mako cut off her husband's concern with an all-enveloping kiss. "Taken care of," she promised before engaging him once more.

Takeru lost himself in his wife's administrations, his mind heady with her advances before another thought occurred. "Suzu –"

Mako was already working at the buttons of his shirt, drawing the open halves aside and letting her fingers trace smoothly around to his back. "In bed."

"But –"

"The storm will cover us," she assured him in between kisses. "Stop worrying Takeru." She smiled as she felt his hands slide under her shirt, skimming lightly up her sides and she shivered in delight.

"How long has it been –?"

"Too long," Mako cut off his question with a searing kiss and Takeru struggled to get them to their bed before his brain finally switched itself off and he lost himself to nothing but sensation.

Mako grinned impishly, thrilling in the fact that only she could make Takeru lose his control like this.

As passion grew to its fullest, the long-promised storm broke out fully above their roof, lightening flashing so frequently that there were more periods of light than dark. Thunder exploded overhead, masking all sounds of their lovemaking, as Mako and Takeru's intimacy crested.

The storm raged on, content in its full strength, even as the loving couple lay completely spent in each other's arms.

Takeru held his wife close, his chin resting on the top of her head as Mako listened to his heartbeat pressed against her ear. The noise of the storm was almost deafening, but Mako felt herself beginning to drift despite its sound. Just as she felt Takeru's body begin to fall into its pattern of deep breathing, Mako stiffened in his arms.

Takeru's sleep-addled brain felt his wife's sudden tenseness and reacted on instinct, awake in an instant. "What? What is it?"

"Did you hear something?"

Takeru roused himself with a slight frown of concentration on his face as he strained to hear anything beyond the pounding rain and crashing thunder.

Mako sat up, the covers gathered close to her chest, every nerve alert as she tried to decipher the sound. "There it is again."

Takeru sat up next to his wife, still at a loss for what it was she was hearing. "Are you sure it's not the storm?"

Mako shook her head, already looking for her discarded sleepwear and pulling them on. "It's not that."

Takeru began to search for his own, copying his wife's movements, trusting her instincts without a thought. He had just finished pulling on his bottoms and was searching in the half-light for his top when Mako slid out of bed, already fully dressed.

"Wait," Takeru called. "What if it's someone –?"

Mako was already making her way to the door, shaking her head. "It's not that. I think it's –"

The couple started with a jump, their hearts jolting in their chests, when their door swung open with a tremendous force.

Takeru was beside his wife in a flash, his shirt forgotten in an instant, as protective instinct took over. He pulled up short at the sight before his eyes.

Their daughter stood in the doorway, a blanket clutched in one arm, her dark hair loose about her tiny shoulders, and her little feet only covered in one sock. There was a quick passing thought in which Takeru wondered where the other missing sock had gotten to before he noticed the startled doe-eyes staring back at him and wife.

"Suzu," Mako started before their little one burst into tears.

"Mommy!" Suzu ran at her mother whose arms opened without thought and scooped her trembling body up into her arms.

Mako held her daughter close, making soothing sounds as small arms wrapped securely around her neck, face burying itself in her mother's shoulder.

"Did the storm scare you sweetheart?"

Rapid nodding against her shoulder brought a sympathetic smile to Mako's face as her daughter kept her own still buried in her mother's warm embrace. Mako rubbed her daughter's back and rocked her.

Takeru reached out and smoothed back his daughter's hair. "How did you know?" He directed to Mako quietly. "I didn't hear anything."

Mako shrugged. "I'm not sure," she admitted. "It wasn't anything specific, I just somehow felt like something was wrong."

Takeru took a moment to marvel over a mother's instinct for her children, before looking back at his shaking daughter. Suzu looked like she wasn't going to budge for anything, starting every time a crack of thunder broke out overhead.

Mako looked at her husband, communicating without words, as he nodded back and they made their way back to bed, Suzu still in her arms.

Takeru pulled open the covers for his wife and daughter as Mako settled Suzu down onto the bed between them. Together, Takeru and Mako watched over their daughter until she fell into a troubled sleep nestled between her parents, tear treks still seen against her cheeks with the now occasional lightning strike.

As the storm began to pass and the rain lightened but did not cease, Suzu finally relaxed into a deep sleep with her little body burrowed against her mother. Takeru finally stopped brushing his fingers through his daughter's hair and looked at his wife.

Mako shared an exhausted smile with him before he leaned over carefully and gave her a tender kiss. Her smile deepened, feeling her desire stir and seeing the same feeling reflected in Takeru's eyes, but was immediately pulled from her thoughts when her daughter scooted even closer to her in her sleep.

Mako and Takeru looked down at their daughter before Mako gave him a look that clearly read, What can we do?

Together they settled further into bed and pulled the covers high and relaxing into the soft pillows, their hands reaching out for each other automatically under the blankets.

They fell asleep to the sounds of Suzu's soft breathing and the pitter-patter of steady rain falling on the roof, their fingers interlaced and resting over their daughter's sleeping form.