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Chapter 3

Chuunin Exam: Part 2 Let the exam begin!

Two days after everyone had woken up to find that someone really was in their heads Shikamaru decided that the twelve of them needed to talk, they all had the same thing happening, so the word got to them all. Weather it was through their mind links or just meeting randomly and spreading the word then, they all showed up at three in the morning, at training ground three in front of the memorial, only to be found by...Kakashi of course!

"Hello, what are you doing here? Especially so late."

"I was wondering the same thing." Shino said. The other eleven nodded in agreement.

"It's really none of your business." Kakashi said his eye starting to drift towards the memorial a bit.

"I know exactly why you're here." Shikamaru said then sighed. The moon became slightly obscured by dark clouds.

"Huh? You know why I'm here? Well then say what you think."

"Your here to stand in front of the memorial all night long...and then be late tomorrow." Shikamaru answered.

"Hm. Well you've figured out my secret, now what are you doing here?" Kakashi asked.

"What does it look like?" Sasuke asked irritably.

"Aren't you able to figure it out?" Neji asked.

"We all came out here *Munch* to be alone and talk." Choji said reaching his hand into his bag of chips again.

"Yea that's right Kakashi sensei! Just to talk!" Naruto said. Several flashes of lightning flashed across the sky behind them as thought saying 'Liar liar pants on fire!'

Kakashi noticed that the four girls in the group all had un-focused eyes as thought they were speaking but not really speaking. Suddenly Tenten and Ino broke off from their trances.

Tenten's eyes turned from her hazelnut brown to bright green. (I believe that's Zoe's eye color.) "Kakashi Hatake don't mess with the eighteen of us! Turn around and leave now. Let us talk, without you." Her eyes turned back to normal. Tenten felt dizzy as everyone stared in shock abut how she had addressed Kakashi.

"And why should I leave? Your only genin I have no reason to take orders from you. And especially to obey them."

"There are several reasons. Let's name them all off shall we?" Asked Ino.

Hinata took a deep breath and gathered her courage then said as loudly as her voice would allow. "One: We could easily tell the Hokage where exactly to find you so you couldn't be late." Everyone stared at her. They never knew her voice could be so loud.

"Two! We are twelve, you are one. Perhaps your a higher rank than us but combined I bet we could kick your BUTT." Sakura yelled, Inner Sakura giving the pep talk internally.

"Three. If you have any dignity, you'll leave before Naruto get's pissed, and you find out how you look bald." Neji deadpanned.

Kakashi weighed his chances of staying without them attacking. His chance of spying. AND also just leaving and telling the Hokage...He decided he'd try and stay. Then if that didn't work he would spy and then tell the Hokage about what's going on.

"Look I can tell this isn't just a talk among competitors. Please let me stay, and I'll see if I can help you out." Kakashi said trying to at least act respectful(Even if it was hard do to the fact they were all 1) Younger than him and 2) Lower rank than him.)

"Well what do you think, it might be good to have someone of higher rank...but I'm still going to Ibiki just make him prove that this isn't reversible...Takuya is already dancing on my last nerve. And not only that but he's deliberately making me clumsy when I'm at home. It started by making my hand open just a fraction when I was holding something. Or moving one of my feet wrong just to make me fall." Neji said clearly annoyed. And not even close to as amused as the one in question was. "And not only that he's gotten so good at controlling little movements he speaks through my mouth instead of the mind link, since only me and Naruto can talk to him really." Neji ranted. Kakashi looked at him as though he was insane.

"Neji don't rant in front of Kakashi. For all we know he'll go to the Hokage and we'll all be deemed unable to handle the stress of being ninja." Sasuke said. Neji looked a tad bit guilty.

"Well anyways..." Shikamaru started. "I think we should vote or something...If you don't want Kakashi to be here I want three reasons why from everyone against it..."

"He's to nosy. He could tell the Hokage we aren't fit for any type of mission. And we could get thrown into the insane asylum because of him." Sasuke said. Shino, Kiba, and Ino all put three reasons each as to why Kakashi shouldn't be allowed to stay.

But the OK's overruled the no's so therefore Kakashi stayed.

"Alright everyone," Shikamaru began, taking charge. "first I want to know, who came because of a voice in your head, and an annoying shinobi you may or may not know talking?" Everyone raised their hands. "Good were all on the same page." He yawned. "Shut up Kiba. You to Akamaru, so what if I'm tired. It's three in the freaking morning! Even Koji's asleep." Kakashi looked at all of them as though they were insane.(It's not like I'm implying they aren't...)

"Alright so go on and say how it's affected you." Shikamaru said. Then his eyes closed and he tried to take a nap. Akamaru growled and slowly walked over...Shikamaru instantly woke up when he started to gnaw his ponytail. "What the heck was that for?!" He yelled.

'To teach you to listen, and not be a pain in the butt to drag home!' Akamaru yelled in his mind, this woke Koji. Kiba and even Koji laughed until it hurt.

Shikamaru and Akamaru got into a glaring contest, with some of the others cheering one or the other on... the pooch won...And Kakashi watched them, quickly getting afraid they were all insane.

Shikamaru sighed. "Well anyways start by telling everyone who you have in your mind."

"Zoe and Ino." Tenten said.

"Lee and J.P." Choji said.

"Takuya and Naruto." Neji said.

"Sakura and Tommy." Hinata whispered barely loud enough to hear.

"Shino and Kouichi." Sasuke said gloomily.

"Kiba Akamaru and Koji. Now tell us all about what you've been going through." They all went so silent they heard crickets chirping. And thunder booming in the distance as the storm slowly moved to the west. "Fine. No one wants to talk, then I'll complain." Everyone groaned but Kakashi, Neji, Lee, and Tenten. Shikamaru complaining was worse than Naruto's obsession with ramen. "One, I hear Kiba, Akamaru, and this kid named Koji in my head. Two, they all snore. Three, together the three of them could turn the entire village into a prank infested, semi hazardous area."

Meanwhile Neji's Byakugan scanned the area looking for anyone that could get him in trouble about one of his new developments. He found no one. "I also have something to say..." Neji said turning all attention to him. He untied his headband and pulled it away.

"Huh? But...How?" Hinata asked quietly. Though she was relived, she wanted to know how the Caged Bird seal was replaced by a much more noble looking and suiting mark.

"Huh? I don't get it." Sasuke said.

Neji decided to explain it. "You see, in the Hyuga clan there are two parts. The main family...and the branch family. The main house has for centuries used a secret ninjutsu. It's known as the Caged Bird Seal. It changed, I looked in the mirror this morning and it was gone, warped into a different form. And from what Takuya's told me it's now the mark of some kind of warrior from his world, oh and flames keep appearing around me whenever I get extremely angry..." Neji said coolly and calmly. Kakashi stared at Neji and decided there, and then, he would not get on Neji's bad side. EVER!

"I haven't been able to drink anything for the last thirty hours! Every time I grab the cup the water inside freezes!" Sakura said irritably.

"Have you tried going to the hospital?"

"Yes they tried an IV...But the water they attempted to pump in froze before even getting all the way through the tube..."

"Sakura I've been thinking about it...And I think it might be my powers over Ice. I was the child chosen to bare the warriors of ice. And I was able to keep their power in check before, but I think that you might have some kind of Ice affinity or something...either way the power of my spirits is going haywire." Tommy reported after hours of trying to figure it out.

"Ice affinity...It couldn't possibly be..." Sakura started.

"It couldn't possibly be what...?" Kakashi asked.

"Oh, n-nothing, Really it's nothing just forget I said anything!" she said effectively getting everyone but Hinata to ignore the subject for now.

"Neji's a boring know it all that never stops complaining about how me and Takuya snore, and how we shouldn't be plotting...stuff." Naruto complained.

"What kind of 'stuff' are you planning?" Kakashi asked getting back into the conversation.

"Ummm I have no obligation to answer you!" Naruto said.

Neji sighed. "He's been planing on dying-" Naruto shot over to him and slapped his hand over his mouth.

They carried on for about two more hours until the sky lit up right above them and rain began to pour. But for some strange reason all of the rain within ten feet of Sakura turned to hail. Shikamaru and Kiba both glowed a small amount as they went through the pitch black forest. Lee and Choji were sparking and getting hit by multiple lighting strikes yet they weren't affected...Oh and was it mentioned that Neji and Naruto were human heaters...and of course everyone awake and looking out their windows, (Most people, do to the fact they got back to the village around seven in the morning.) saw this and thought their eyes were going.

But even so, the night, even if long, strange, and tiring. Was very informative, and productive.

Sakura walked up to her other two team mates in front of the academy. "Hey Sakura! Ready?" Naruto asked.

"Yea! Lets do this!"

"You do realize you were late." Sasuke said.

"I'm sorry I guess I just got side tracked talking to Tommy, and Hinata about something..." Sakura said. She then noticed that Naruto and Sasuke weren't glaring at each other for once. "Well Tommy, isn't this a new development." Sakura thought as she began walking with the rest of her group. But stopped when she felt a strange mask like thing on the academy. "Guys I feel something strange." They looked at her.

"What do you feel?" Sasuke asked.

"I- I think someones put a genjutsu on the building...I'll tell you when I feel it better." Sakura answered.

"What's a genjutsu?" Tommy asked.

"It's like a mask, it hides something and makes it seem like something else." Sakura explained. Then heard Sasuke and Naruto explaining the same thing, of course she didn't know why. Sasuke was doing a more thorough job, and Naruto was doing much worse.

"Ha ha ha Naruto will never be able to teach Takuya sure he can be smart about some things but he's almost impossible to teach." Tommy said.

"Oh so that's why he's getting so frustrated with explaining it..." She said. The three were soon going up the stairs. Once they had gone up three flights Sakura stopped. "The genjutsu is on that." She said pointing to room '301'.

"I see, so it seems someone has tried to keep everyone from entering. I bet that if we go up the stairs again we will get to the right floor. Much better than trying to go through that." Sasuke said while pointing to the group of genin in front of the room that looked like room 301.

"Hey there's Neji!" Naruto said. Pointing at a still sour Neji. (He was still upset about having his hair sheared off like it was) "Neji!" Naruto yelled. Neji barely turned his head. A vein already throbbing on his forehead, and cinders could be felt on everybody's faces.

"Would you shut up? I've listened to your voice more than enough over the last three days." Neji said.

"Oh come on Neji he's only trying to help." Takuya said.

'And HOW in the world can Naruto help me?!' Neji asked him.

'Because,' Naruto's voice chirped. 'this is the second floor there's a genjutsu on the door to make it seem like the third floor.'

'Really?' Neji asked.

'Yes. So get your team and come with me and Sakura and Sasuke.' Naruto ordered him.

And so Neji stood quietly informed his teammates of the plan and the six left up the stairs.

"Should we maybe warn the other squads?" Lee asked.

"I think we should only warn leaf genin." Neji said.

"I think it would be more fair to help everyone down there..." Sakura said Tommy feeling the same.

"I wouldn't care for something with hardly any competition." Naruto said. As they got to the third floor.

"I'm Rock Lee. And I believe you are Sakura right?" Lee asked Sakura suddenly.

"Well yea but-"

"Please be my girlfriend. I will protect you with my life!" Lee said.

Sakura had a face of 'I'm not impressed' On. "Definitely...not." She said.

Lee's face was one of pure dejection. "...Why?"

"Because you're a weirdo."

'But Sakura, he asked you so nicely, you should at least go on a date with him.' Hinata's soft voice chimed in.

"Oh come on Sakura try it. You might even find out he's really nice." Tommy said. Hinata agreed.

"Fine...I'll go on a date with you." Sakura said.

"She actually has a heart. And It's not completely frozen over!" Naruto said amazed.

"What did you say?!" Sakura yelled, the room literally dropping twenty degrees in temperature.

"That you have a heart and it's great...?" Naruto said/asked.

"Run Naruto, run!" Takuya said. But it was too late Sakura had already frozen all types of liquid (Except blood) around them, and left Naruto with a giant lump on his head. She was also purple, and shivering.

"Ouch! You just got beat by a girl!" Takuya said, howling with laughter.

Neji also began to very quietly laugh. "Shut up Takuya!" Naruto said turning pink.

'Oh and by the way Takuya I think I'm going to let you in on my little plan.' Neji thought. He was hoping he could get Takuya to behave.

"And WHAT would that be?" Takuya asked.

'After this exam if you haven't already driven me to total insanity I'm going to Ibiki and he can help me figure you out...and show that I'm not completely insane.' Neji mused in his mind.

"Y-you mean that guy you told me about, the leader of T and I...?" Takuya asked.

"Exactly." Neji said. Everyone but Naruto (Who could hear the whole conversation), looked at him strangely. 'Your gong to pay for this you little brat.' Neji thought.

"I know!" Takuya said innocently, almost enthusiastic.

"Well anyways there are two more leaf genin teams..." said Sasuke "So if your going to warn everyone tell them before they get there."

'Hey, Hinata. There's a genjutsu so if you think your on the third floor you're really on the second please warn everyone already gathered there if you aren't already past that.' Sakura said.

'Oh, alright.' Hinata's soft voice rung out in the distance.

"Hinata and her team is going to warn everyone downstairs."

"Choji, Shikamaru, and Ino are already waiting for the test to begin." Lee informed them.

"Alright then that means more competition!" Naruto yelled happily.

"Yea whatever. Let's just get to the test." Sasuke said. And they all began to walk towards room 301.

Right outside the door to room 301 they found Kakashi. "Hello, I'm glad you decided to come Sakura. For your sake, and the others."

"Huh? What do you mean?" She asked.

"You see, the chunin Exam can only be taken by groups of three... That's how it's always been-" Kakashi started.

"Wait, so you mean, if I had chosen not to show up then-"

"I wouldn't be able to let the other two pass." Kakashi finished the statement.

"But you said that we could chose whether or not we wanted to enter...Were you lying then?"

"Sort of, but not really. You see you could have chosen not to come and it would have been the end of the line for the other two, even if they showed up. But on the other hand I didn't want them to pressure you, or for you to feel any sort of obligation to enter. I wanted you to do it of your own free will. And here you all are, sanding in front of me, I'm proud of you." Kakashi said. And if he hadn't had his mask then you would have been able to see a smile. He stepped aside. "And Neji, Tenten, Lee you may all pass as well."

"Sakura, Sasuke, Naruto, Lee, Neji, and Tenten. You may now enter the room and take the exams."

"Alright Kakashi sensei we won't let you down you'll be proud of us!" Naruto said the other two nodding in agreement. And so they opened the doors, what awaited them next, they didn't know.

Next time: Ibiki breathed then began. "You have one hour to answer nine questions. Then after that I will give you a tenth question. But be warned if you fail you can never take the exam again!"

Alright so...yea I tried to keep them in character...hope I did ok. Oh and just in case your wondering about Sakura and her you know freezing liquids when she attempts to drink some of it, or when she's angry, and liquid just plain freezing around her. It's because of a specific reason. Don't know how I'm gonna reveal it but it'll probably pop up somewhere during the Chuunin exams...I know at this point that she knows why it is. And that's about it. So if you really want to know I think it'll probably be during the prelims after the forest of death when she's fighting someone...Don't know the match ups anymore because I lost my list. Oh well I at least know I'm passing someone who didn't make into the third round... Yea anyways please review :)

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