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The Rookie 12+6

Chapter 7

The Chunin Exam: Part 6 Explanations, and Dates

Hinata was just walking around the village when Naruto suddenly showed up beside her. She let out a slight Eep before relaxing again.

"Nice job you surprised her..."

"Oh sorry Hinata did I surprise you?"

"A-a little…"

"Sorry…Anyways I was thinking maybe tomorrow we could go have that ramen I asked you about…"

"O-okay…" She said barely able to keep herself from fainting.

"Alright I'll meet you in the park tomorrow at five. Bye!"

Lee was walking around town when he bumped into Sakura. "Oh Sakura, I did not see you there. I apologize for bumping you like that." Lee said.

"Oh no, it's alright. I wasn't really watching where I was going." Sakura said.

"Oh and about that date…Would you like to maybe do it-"

"Tomorrow, I was thinking maybe going to Ichiraku's and having ramen there. Meet me at my house at five in the afternoon." Sakura said.

"Well alright…"

Ino was walking around the mall. She was completely right to assume that Asuma would take her shopping to get answers.

So far she had eaten half of the money he had in his wallet. And she had absolutely no problems, or remorse about it. She had bought some very nice clothes that she could wear for nice or special occasions.

"Ino…Are you done shopping…I would really like to know what's going on…" Asuma said.

"I have one more thing I want…" she said an evil gleam entering her eye when she noticed Asuma eying Kurenai.

"MWA HA HA HA!" Zoe evil laughed when she heard Ino's thought.

Asuma looked at Kurenai, and Ino seeing that pushed him into her then hid...

"Uhhh…Sorry about that Kurenai…Ino pushed me into you and-Huh? Where did she go?"

"I didn't see Ino. So how exactly did you bump into me?" Kurenai asked.

"I swear Ino pushed me into you. I took her shopping hoping to get answers as to what is going on with my team and their strange new abilities and she said she wanted one more thing then pushed me into you." Asuma said. Kurenai looked at him clearly not believing him to be innocent. "Would you like to go out to dinner?"

Kurenai looked slightly shocked for a moment before smiling. "Alright. When and where?"

"Uhhh…Well how about we have barbeque."

"I'll agree to that." Kurenai said. "Meet me in front of the Hokage tower tomorrow evening at five."

"Bu-but, my father will be able to see-" Asuma started, but it was too late Kurenai was gone before the first three words left his mouth, Ino came out of her hiding place.

"Alright now I just have to get permission from the others and I'll tell you all about what's going on!" Ino said.

Asuma had just finished talking to Kurenai and saw Kiba...He had noticed that Kiba and Ino had both started to notice each other more, and now was the perfect time to get payback for Ino having put him in such an awkward position. He grabbed Ino and hefted her over his shoulder. Who cares if Ino's father happened to know how to torture someone? He was defiantly getting payback...

Ino stood there. After she had set her sensei up he had put her over his shoulder and then dropped her right next to Kiba poofing out of the area.

"Oh Ino…Hello…" Kiba said awkwardly. "I was actually hoping to find you today…"

'He's awkward…Is he going to ask me on a date or something?'

"Gosh if he asks you out you will be so lucky. Because as you know I've been waiting for a certain person to ask me, too bad he can't exactly take me out to dinner now…"

'Who is it? Because if it's one of your friends then it might be possible…'

"Well…I was wondering if you wanted to go out to dinner tomorrow night…" Kiba said.

"Al-alright… I would love to…" She agreed blushing slightly.

"Great…I'll come and get you at five-thirty..."

"Great…Oh! Before I forget, Asuma sensei was nice enough to take me shopping with the fact that he might learn our secret do you mind him knowing?" Ino asked.

"Well… So long as he keeps his mouth shut, and I don't end up in an insane asylum..."

"Alright I get it."

"Uh Ino, apparently Shikamaru has asked everyone to get to training ground three now, and you're supposed to bring Asuma. Oh and it's Takuya I've been waiting to ask me out..."

'Ok, I'll have to see what we can do...' "Well it would seem that Asuma Sensei tried to get it out of Shika to."

"Yea I would assume so now where is the guy?"

"Right here." Asuma said dropping down from the ceiling.

"Perfect. You've got to come with us now."

When Asuma arrived he found Kakashi siting with the rest of the rookies, while Kurenai and Gai were standing watching them Kiba and Ino sat down and the meeting began... "Alright… so were here to discuss the reasons we should or shouldn't let the rest of the sensei in on our secret."

"I think not because if they happen to let it slip even on accident then we're going to end up in an insane asylum…or they will…" Tenten said.

"Ah, ah, ah, three reason rule." Shikamaru said.

"Ugh! Would he just forget the three reason rule?!" Zoe yelled.

"It's much more possible that we'll be discovered."

"Right!" Zoe agreed.

"No, having Kakashi sensei in our group of people that know is risky enough. And I swear if I get out voted again…" Sasuke said a threat hidden in his words.

"Three reason rule!"

"Koji! Would you get him to shut up about that rule I swear if Naruto and Neji keep being annoyed my head is going to split!" Takuya yelled.

'Oh quite with the rule, or I'll eat your ponytail again!' Akamaru said. Shikamaru glared at the puppy.

"Make me quit it you mutt."

'What did you just call me?!'

"Mutt. Want to hear it again?" Akamaru growled launching at him and somehow managing to bite his ponytail. Shikamaru grabbed him and got him off, then tossed him roughly to Kiba. "Evil white little fluff ball…And he thinks too much to." Shikamaru muttered.

"Oh get over it. He's only a very smart puppy." Koji said as Shikamaru got into a glaring contest with the puppy, and his owner. Kiba was the first out while Shikamaru and Akamaru went at it for the next two minutes before Sakura stopped them out of pain from seeing their eyes dry up so much. Gai, Kurenai, and especially Asuma stared. Was this the same Shikamaru they had slowly come to know?

"Anyways…Sasuke we get it but you can't change everyone's opinions. Do I get a say though?" Kakashi asked.

"No, because you aren't the one suffering from a mutt that hears your every thought, and likes to try to eat your hair when you piss him off." Shikamaru said crossly.

"Well it seems someone missed his nap." Ino said rolling her eyes.

"Actually I should be sleeping right now, but because of the ever pressing matter of our sensei and our secret and the question of our sanity… Well let's just finish this ok?"

"Do we get a say?" Koji asked him.

"Koji wants to know if they get a say in this." Everyone agreed they should. "Alright so Koji says no."

"Yea...well can we hurry? I'm afraid that if I'm not sitting back in the hospital soon someone's going to find out I'm gone and I'll be in trouble..."

"Alright you know what; we're just going to go clockwise starting with me." Shikamaru said. "Now I think we should let them know because then we have cover if anything happens, Ino."

"I think we should. Zoe says no."


"I agree with Ino."


"I have concluded that due to the probability of our secret getting loose right now we have a ten percent chance, add in three more people and that chance rises about thirty percent, also should they tell anyone they could be the ones deemed insane, or whoever happens to be told would believe them and begin to question us, so I have decided we should not. Yet Kouichi disagrees and says we should allow them to know."

"Alright I'm dropping the three reason rule now. It's taking too long. Now, Hinata!"

"I-I think we shouldn't...If I happens to get around and my father found out I w-would be questioned...And then I wouldn't be able to l-lie...Also I think that we should consider t-the consequences of say-telling them...I apologize Sensei...Also...T-Tommy says we should tell them..."


"I think they should know what's going! Takuya says to let them know too!"

"Skip Sasuke he's already a no, and Kakashi...Sakura!"

"I think we should tell them."


"I say they should know. I mean they are our sensei."


"No, I apologize, but if certain things were to...get around Hinata might not be the only one in trouble."




"I think we should tell them. J.P. says no."

"Alright so that's 10 yeses...and 8 noes, alright let's tell them. And make a bit of room in our little circle..." The left side of the circle moved over a bit, well except for Choji he stayed where he was a few feet to the right of Shikamaru. "So who's going to explain?" Everyone pointed at him.

"All on the Shikamaru." The six kids said.

"Alright fine. Well...Let's see since there really is no way to explain it and you still keep your ideas that we're somewhat sane I'll just say it. Pretty much what happened was that two weeks ago we all went unconscious, I'm sure you all remember that. Well after a while we all figured out that there is this kid inside our heads but the problem is that the kid's soul split or something so half is inside one of us and the other half in another, and if one of them has an extra link already then all of them become a sort of group with one big mind link that allows everyone else to know what you're thinking, and saying. For instance Kiba and I are linked through Koji, but since Akamaru was already linked with Kiba now all four of us tend to try and kill each other in our mindscapes...luckily I have a steep hill to sit on..."

"So who exactly is connected to who?" Kurenai asked.

"Well let's see...Ino, Zoe, and Tenten, Naruto, Takuya, a certain someone that I'm not allowed to talk about, and Neji, Lee, J.P., and Choji, Hinata, Tommy, and Sakura, Sasuke, Kouichi, and Shino, and of course Kiba, Koji, Akamaru, and myself."

"Ok so say that you aren't crazy...And this is real...Then how can you prove it?" Asuma said.

"Well it seems that the kids had their own element. And most of us have figured out how to use it to our advantage. Apparently Sakura had an ice lineage, and Tommy was apparently the warrior of ice so her bloodline limit was activated, Naruto and Neji tend to singe or sometimes light on fire those that piss them off...Including each other...J.P. And Lee are human lighting rods that can take multiple lightning strikes and not notice...I use light to blind my enemies or extend my shadow, Ino and Tenten use Zoe's powers over wind. And if you didn't notice the arena get darker when Naruto and Sasuke were fighting you're blind. Now can I take my nap."

"Sasuke you have two minutes to get back to the hospital before a nurse looks in." Shino warned him.

"What did you do leave your bugs in the hospital?"

"No I left a couple on you." Sasuke shivered. "Oh and 70 seconds left."

"I'm going to like kill you tonight in our mindscapes..." Sasuke said before leaving.

"I had better go to I need to get up early to do…something…" Naruto said.

"I must say that if you fail in your plan then I would not be surprised." Neji said.

"Eh he'll succeed..." Takuya said.

"Good luck. Akamaru says to have a backup plan if nothing else." Kiba said.

"Yea…Takuya already gave me an idea for that…If I can't convince him by just talking then I do have pink, blonde, and orange hair dye…I don't think duck butt can say no if I put those over his head…Especially since he can't get it out. It has to be cut off…"

The next morning…

Naruto woke up very early in the morning. He knew if he worked fast he could still get Sasuke to help them prank, if he couldn't then he was going to bring out the hair dye…

"Hey Sasuke!"

"Naruto sure is chipper today..." Kouichi said.

"What do you want Naruto?" Sasuke asked moodily.

"I just curious if you wanted to help me and a few others with a few pranks…" Naruto said in barely a whisper.

"Hmmm…When? I'm supposed to be staying in the hospital for the next two days."


"Well I can move well enough. You did a lot of damage they healed it for the most part but…Well…They don't want the 'Last Loyal Uchiha' out of their sight until Every scrape is gone…Oh and the nurses are pissed off at you for hurting me."

"Yea I kind of found that out when they refused to tell me where you were…"

"Hmmm well I'll be there. I think I have a few prank ideas you might like…"

"Alright we're meeting at my apartment tonight. Then we'll discuss… battle tactics, and get supplies…I'm going to be warning the old man today as well, and then I've got a date…"

"You're warning the Hokage?"

"Yea, he knows that even with an entire fleet of ninja chasing me he can't stop it so instead I take a special request from him and he only punishes me for half of the pranks! It works quite well."

"Eheh…..You and the Hokage have the weirdest relationship ever…"

"You call that weird, try making sense of the conversations Takuya, Neji, Me, and a certain someone you have yet to know about somehow get into…"

"Hey old man...You probably should stay in bed tomorrow, and if you don't then make sure you have a BIG bottle of aspirin." Naruto said.

"Do I want to know?" The third asked.

"No-not really..."

"Just make sure to hit the village elders, except they can't know it's a special request from me, otherwise I'll get an earful. And I won't punish you for half of the pranks if you get them." 'I'll still spend all day banging my head on my desk...'

"Deal." Naruto agreed.

Hinata was sitting on a bench in the park her outfit hadn't changed much it she had dropped her coat and put on a light yellow skirt instead of pants making her look much nicer. Naruto walked up, he was slightly red and looked as though he had run all the way to the park, and she instantly stood.

"Hello Naruto."

Naruto blushed a very deep red. "Hey Hinata. Eh, you look nice...Well come on." Naruto said grabbing her hand getting them started on their date. They walked in silence to Ichiraku and finally started talking when they sat down.

"So what have you been doing?" Naruto asked.

"Oh I trained with Kiba and Shino for a while...What about you?"

"I've been training with Sakura and sensei. I also made a visit to Sasuke and the Old Man. Speaking of which, you should stay home tomorrow…"


"I'm not saying but I advise that you stay home tomorrow."


"Oh and don't be surprised if a bunch of people are pissed off and Neji has disappeared…" Naruto told her.

Lee showed up at Sakura's house in much nicer clothes than he usually had, he was in a nice short sleeved T-Shirt, and some green trimmed black shorts.

Sakura came out seconds later in a pink skirt and a red shirt similar to the top of her usual dress.

"Hello Sakura, shall we get started?"


"So what have you been doing?" Sakura asked.

"Oh I was training with my team. Gai sensei left earlier, then I left, I would guess that Neji and Tenten are still sparring." Lee said.

"Goodness Lee you're very agile out of that suit." Sakura said noticing how he was not only stepping lighter than a cat but he was moving more gracefully than one too. (If it's even possible to be more graceful than a cat.)

"Oh well I usually have some weights on, but I took them off just for tonight." Lee said.

"Oh, how heavy are your weights?"

"I am not sure…I increased the weight of them last week…Although I would have to say anywhere from 400 to over a 1000 pounds."

"That's a little bit excessive don't you think…"

"Not at all, as I get used to the weights I can increase the weight and make myself stronger, it is especially important because I cannot use Ninjutsu, or Genjutsu." Lee said as they stopped in front of Ichiraku's. He took a moment to stare at Naruto and Hinata eating ramen. And not just that, but Hinata was actually chattering more than Naruto, she wasn't stuttering, and her voice was also at normal volume instead of a little squeaky whisper. Regaining his composer he sat down Sakura on his right. They ordered their ramen Naruto and Hinata finally noticing them.

"Oh hello…" Hinata said crawling back into her shell.

"Hi." Naruto said.

"Hello Naruto, Hinata!" Lee said.

"Hello you two. So Hinata is this why you've been hiding your thoughts from me and Tommy all day?"

"W-well I just wanted to have ramen with N-Naruto...Without a-any interruption is all…"


"B-but...I guess I don't mind you two h-here...Y-you're good to talk too as well..."

"Oh hello Hinata, Naruto, Sakura, and Lee." Kurenai said.

"Oh Kurenai-sensei...Hello."

"So double dating?" She asked.

"W-well...Lee and Sakura j-just got here...Do you h-have a date? You're dressed a l-lot nicer than usual."

"Yea...Well I had better go."

Meanwhile Neji and Tenten have just finish sparring...

"Eh...So Tenten...You want to go uh get something to eat?" Neji asked. Tenten looked at him she had never seen him look so...flustered...wait...was he asking her on a date? Yes he was...Tenten smiled.


In the Hokage's office...

Hiruzen Sarutobi was looking over his village when he noticed movement below his tower (Yes his tower), he looked down and saw Kurenai and his son meeting...He smirked pulling out his crystal ball and watching them for a few minutes. Then he decided to look in on Naruto and was surprised to see him on a date, it seemed to be a double date. He looked up on other people that had been speculated to go on dates soon. Neji Hyuga and Tenten were walking around town about to discover the double date. And Kiba Inuzuka seemed to have gotten the nerve to ask Ino Yamanaka out. He looked in to see if any of the other rookies or their instructors had gotten dates, no luck but he did notice the Suna kunoichi eying Sasuke. But it was doubtful that Sasuke would ever become interested in women.

Tenten and Neji are walking around the village looking for a place to eat...

"So you don't think of this as a...a date do you?" Tenten asked.

"Well do you?"

"Maybe..." They continued on in awkward silence until stumbling upon Sakura, Lee, Naruto, and Hinata. "Hello." Neji said. "So Naruto is this the reason you've been hiding your thoughts today?"

"Yea. I just wanted it to be me and Hinata." Naruto answered. "And what about you. Are you and Tenten on a date?"

"Well...We finished training and are hungry we're kind of looking for a place to eat...Mind if we are here too?" Tenten asked before Neji even opened his mouth.



Lee and I are fine with it." Sakura said.

With Takuya, Koji, Kouichi, J.P., Tommy, and Zoe...

"Gosh now we've got a triple date." Zoe, Takuya, J.P., and Tommy all said at once.

"Yea Kiba and Ino are having a lot of fun. And Kiba's actually being a gentleman..." Koji said.

"Yea...I kinda feel bad for Shikamaru, Shino, Sasuke, Kakashi, Gai and Choji. They're the only ones without dates..." Zoe said.

"Actually they're all keeping each other company." Kouichi said.

"Shika's gonna lose it." Koji said.


"Kiba was so busy talking to Ino he walked into a pole, his swearing gave Shika a headache, and it's starting to kill me to... And now they're about to discover the triple date..." Koji told them.

Ten minutes ago with the dateless guys...

"So what are we going to do?" Kakashi asked.

"Well...Why don't we spy on the people that are on dates..." Sasuke suggested. "I would love to see how Naruto is doing..."

"I must say Naruto on a date does sound entertaining." Kakashi agreed.

"It sounds like Sakura, Lee, Neji, and Tenten have joined the two for dinner." Choji said.


"Well J.P. said triple date." Shikamaru groaned.

"...Shikamaru...Are you ok?" Choji asked.

"Kiba..." Shikamaru said once he stopped groaning. "He was talking with Ino and walked into a pole..." He said. "And his internal cursing gave me a headache..."

"Ok…well I'm going to go be entertained." Sasuke said walking away.

"I'll come too. I need something to make life interesting." Kakashi said.

"So what exactly are we going to do now?" They heard Kurenai ask.

"Starting in the trees watching Asuma and Kurenai…" Kakashi added hearing the woman.

"Alright. This I have to see." Shikamaru said. Choji followed him munching on chips, Shino, and Gai just following them into the trees.

After watching Asuma and Kurenai they all left to spy on the triple date and found that it was about to be interrupted by Ino and Kiba.

Back with Hinata, Naruto, Sakura, Lee, Tenten, and Neji…

They sat there Lee, Tenten, Naruto and Sakura talking. While Hinata and Neji stayed silent.

"Hinata…Are you alright you've been awfully quiet…" Naruto said.

"Y-yes…I just don't feel l-like talking right now…" She said.

"Hmmm well you look to be done with your ramen want to take a walk?"

"S-sure…" She said. The two of them stood Naruto giving Ayame some money for the ramen then the two of them left.

Back with the dateless guys…

They all hid on the opposite side of a rooftop watching. They saw Kiba and Ino walking in the direction of Naruto and Hinata, and were surprised to see that they were chattering, Hinata more so than Naruto, and she wasn't even stuttering. Lee and Sakura also left heading in the direction of Sakura's house. While Neji and Tenten started chattering once everyone was gone.

With Ino and Kiba…

"Kiba… Do you have the feeling we're being watched?"

"Yea…Sort of…" Kiba said.

"There's Naruto and Hinata…I have an idea…" She said walking them over to the two. "Hey Naruto, and Hinata."

"Hello Ino, K-Kiba…"


"Do you guys have a feeling we're being watched?" Kiba asked.

"Actually…yea…" Naruto said.


"Walk with us and just talk about random things." Ino said looking like she wanted them to tell her something. They walked just talking until turning a corner and then they stopped. "Alright Naruto I want you to make four shadow clones and three of them henge into me, Kiba, and Hinata."

Back with the dateless guys again…

"Should we follow them around the corner, or should we follow Sakura and Lee, or we could watch Neji and Tenten." Kakashi said.

"I think we should go spy on Naruto, Hinata, Kiba, and Ino, twice the couples, twice the entertainment." Sasuke said. Suddenly the four aforementioned people came back from around the corner they had taken.

"Oh look there they are." Choji said.

"Yes. Here we are…" Ino said appearing behind them, frying pan in hand.

"Where did you get the frying pan?" Naruto asked her, moving away.

"Oh Ayame was more than willing to lend me her extra-large iron frying pan…"


"What a drag."

"Shikamaru! RUN YOU FOOL!"


"I guess tonight just isn't going well..."
"Oh hello…What are you doing here?"

"Munch Munch…" And Gai went on a rant about youth and the flames of youth…And then the rant stopped when Ino knocked them all out with the frying pan…Well except Shikamaru. He was already sleeping, heck he didn't even remember what they were supposed to be doing when he closed his eyes! Suddenly Naruto's chakra cut off and he slipped off the roof, barely grabbing on before falling thirty feet.

Naruto stepped into his apartment and went down the hall flopping on the bed. After dropping Hinata off at home he had gone strait home he still had to procure caffeine so Neji, Kiba, and Sasuke, could keep up with him. He had learned when he was very young that he could run off of ten minutes of sleep if he needed too. Although, coaxing Hinata out of her shell took a lot of work...Maybe just a nap...

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