Hey everyone,

Alright, so, if you couldn't tell, I've kind of not touched this story in a while, it's not because I've lost inspiration! No I'm still very active in the Naruto and Digimon fandoms! I've just got a story I've been trying to finish lately, and I've been working on re-writes, so after a bunch of pleading from my sister, I've decided to start planning the re-write, and work on it! But the problem is… Well, I've got a giant poll up on my profile, and I want you to vote on it, so far it's gotten nothing… But I do have a plan, I'm probably going to keep a couple of the original chapters that were ok, or irreplaceable, BUT I'll probably re-write most of it.

Back to the poll, it's a poll on the sets, like you know mind link and buddy sets, so like I have them set as original sets, by personality, and by element,. I would really appreciate it if you'd vote! You see, as I said in there though, thry not to make the votes contradicting, I don't want to have to work out who I should choose! (That's why I have the poll!)

Also there's another option that'll probably take a little less time, I could go ahead, and edit and maybe re-write a few chapters, then go ahead and leave off where I am... If you want this option drop me a review saying so, or send me a PM! ^.^

Thank you for reading this!




Hello! This is Rini Tsukino. After pointing out the days and days of planning we went through and thought we put in to each trio, Bubblekins agreed with me that we REALLY shouldn't be going through and changing them now. After all, she's even made some of them important plot points now! Tsk tsk, she really should think about things like that before making such decisions...

Rini Tsukino

(Oh, whatever mother! - Bubblekins)