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"Where the hell is Grissom?"

The outburst came from Ecklie standing at the entrance of the break room. It was after shift and seeing as it was Grissom's off night he had to come in for a meeting. The rest of the team was sitting all over the room either eating or writing reports or in Greg's case playing on his PSP.

"WE don't know, Conrad." Brass had just come in and was looking slightly amused. "Why don't you start and then we can just catch him up when he comes in?" Ecklie huffed drawing hidden smiles from the entire team including Brass who openly grinned at the man. Grissom knew just which buttons to press.

"Yes, well. The reason I have called this meeting was actually to warn you guys." A few grunts and groans escape the team and Ecklie sighs, he could actually feel the animosity in the air-not that he cared. "A couple of days ago a criminal escaped a maximum security prison. We have reason to believe that he will be coming after you."

Looks of disbelief and shock was shared amongst the team as Ecklie stopped talking, Brass had gone pale as something came to mind. He had read the article just before he came here. Sean Burgess. Why didn't he see it before? He went cold as he remembered that Grissom had been responsible for his incarceration, he also remembered that threat that came with it.

"I will get out of here Grissom and I will come after you. And when I do, no one dear to you will be safe, you will suffer with the knowledge that your people died because of you and when they are all dead you will be next."

Brass shivered as he thought about the phone calls Grissom got after the trial. Late night calls with no one on the other end or just someone breathing, packages with dead birds or rats. It went on for weeks before it finally stopped and as the years went by everything seemed to be forgotten. But now Sean Burgess was out of prison and if he goes after Grissom things are not going to end well.

"So what does that have to do with us?" Warrick's voice brought Brass back to reality, and he took a deep breath. Ecklie caught his eye and gave a small nod.

"Because, " Brass spoke up and the team looked at him in surprise, "Grissom put the son of a bitch away almost 25 years ago and he swore revenge against everyone Grissom cares about."

"And seeing as he sees you as his kids, it's a safe bet he will come after you."

"Does Grissom know?" Catherine asked, fear coming through in her voice.

"I have been trying to get through to him the whole day but his phone was off."

Brass took his phone out and dialled Grissom's number but only heard the ringing in his ears, Grissom wasn't answering.

"I'll go by his house." Nick's subtle Texas slang piped up and everybody nodded as he got up and grabbed the truck's keys. "I'll go with," Greg said as he jumped up and ran after Nick.

The break room was silent, each busy with his own thoughts. The struggle to stay positive being lost as the feeling that Grissom wasn't going to be found at home settled in their minds and five prayers went up to the Heavens above.


In a deserted warehouse a man was looking at the prone figure lying on the gurney. He had a sheet pulled up to his shoulders, his face bandaged and the ventilator coming out of his mouth pumping his chest up and down. What couldn't be seen were the restraints keeping the man on the bed. A smile crossed the lined face and he leaned closer to the figure on the bed until his lips was next to the ears of the unconscious man on the bed,

"I told you that I will come after you. You will die as my prisoner, Grissom, slowly."


Nick got out of the Tahoe in front of Grissom's house. It looked like nothing was disturbed until they reached the front door. The locked had been broken but it was pulled closed. They put on gloves and pushed the door open and Greg took his gun out of the holster.

"Grissom?" Nick called out but got no reply. The living room showed signs of a struggle but they couldn't see obvious signs of blood anywhere. Nick spotted a syringe lying on the carpet and noticed that the furniture was moved almost as if to make room for something bigger, 'a body maybe' Nick's scientific mind told him.

"Nothing in the bedroom although it's been trashed." Greg had come back into the room to find Nick staring at the floor.

"He was taken and we weren't here to help him."

"You sure?" Greg walked over and stood next to Nick. He put his hand on the taller man's shoulder as he saw the indentation in the carpet fibres and the drag marks leading to the door.

"We need to call Brass." Just then there was a knock on the door and they both turned around to see an oldish lady standing there with big eyes.

"Are you gentlemen friends of Dr Grissom?" she asked in a high pitched voice. They both nodded and she continued, "Is he going to be ok?"

They looked at each other with puzzled expressions. "What do you mean ma'am?" Nick asked with as much charm as he could muster.

"Well earlier today an ambulance stopped in front of his house and after about 15 minutes the medics wheeled him out and put him in the ambulance and drove off. I was just wondering if he would like me to water his plants and take care of Patches."

"Patches?" Greg couldn't help but look around. No one really knew Grissom beside Cath and Brass but they've been working with him forever and he is still a private man.

"Yes, his cat. She must have run away with all the drama here today."

"Uhm we will let you know, Mrs…" Nick tried to get the lady good and gone so he could phone this in and get the lab busy finding Grissom.

"Mrs Jines. And please let me know."

"We will do that Mrs Jines. And thank you." With that the old lady left and Nick pulled out his phone.


An ambulance drove into the warehouse and stopped close to the entrance of the offices. Two men came out dressed as medics, pushing a gurney between them. A man in a doctor's coat came out next and jumped into the back of the ambulance with the gurney. He reattached the ventilator and connected the heart monitor to show a steady heartbeat. He couldn't help but smile in anticipation; this was going to be fun. His brother was already gone and in the next couple of minutes they will be on their way as well to start their version of justice. He made sure all the wires and things were working properly and that the catheter that he inserted earlier was in the right place. Next he went over the papers to make sure they were in order and then he hit his hand twice on the divider between the driver and the back. The backdoors closed with a bang and the journey to their destination started. He settled back it won't be long now.


"OK, we have road blocks set up and we are stopping every ambulance that goes in or out of Vegas. But we are short on man power. So I got Nick to help me with the one while day shift process Grissom's place."

Ecklie nodded as he listened to Brass giving him the run down over the phone. The rest of night shift was not happy with the idea that they were under orders not to interfere with the processing of the evidence at Grissom's house but they had to build a bridge and get over themselves. If they can't understand that he did it because it was best for this investigation then it was their problem. They were divided into pairs and helping with the roadblocks – it was the only way he could keep them busy. He just hoped that he didn't waste too much time before he warned the team or Grissom but he had a lot of things on his mind and he didn't have too much time to think about petty vendettas.


Brass and Nick was stopping every car as they came out of Vegas but after about two hours nothing feasible had turned up yet and the ambulances that came through had no passengers or were on their way to a call out. Just as Nick wanted to give up an ambulance matching Mrs Jines' description stopped at the road block.

"Do you have any passengers?" the officer asked and Nick and Brass moved closer to see for themselves.

"Yes, officer I do."

Suddenly the doors opened and a middle aged man stepped out but didn't move towards them. He stood at the back doors.

"Is there a problem officer?" even his voice sounded like a doctor's, calm and professional. "Sorry I don't meet you up front but I need to keep an eye on my patient."

"That's ok, doctor…?" Brass walked up to the doctor and extended his hand. Nick followed, but he felt something in his gut. 'Why don't I trust this guy?'

"Doctor Witcher."

"Dr Witcher, mind if we take a look at your patient? We are actually looking for a friend of ours that was kidnapped." Brass sounded calm but also professional. Nick still hasn't said a word because he didn't trust this guy.

"Sure you can but I can't remove the bandages as this poor man suffered severe facial injuries and he is quite heavily sedated."

"Do you have papers?" Brass had climbed in but could see nothing that could identify the man on the bed as Grissom. He climbed back out to find Nick going over the papers.

"Joshua Posting, 53, burn wounds to the face due to a piece of exploding machinery. His condition is listed as serious but he is stable for transport to a private facility on family request."

"Wow, must be rich. What's the name of the place?"

"Happy recovery." Brass got out his phone and dialled the number. The receptionist that answered was extremely friendly and confirmed everything on the papers. They had to let the ambulance through, Nick cringed inwardly knowing what both Brass and Grissom would say if he only had his gut as evidence and where to shove his gut. He handed the papers back to the doctor and left hearing how brass told the medics and the doctor they are cleared to leave.

Brass looked at Nick walking towards the tent that was set up next to the road. He would deal with him later, something about the doctor he just met was nagging at him and he always trusted his instincts but with no physical evidence he didn't have proof that the patient was indeed Grissom, for all he knew that story was legit.

And so with that the ambulance moved away, and no one realised the guilt that would be eating them in a couple of days.


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