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The first thing she notices as she wakes up with a gasp is that there is no frantic heartbeat to accompany her panicked return to life.

The second thing is that she's hungry, so very hungry and she wonders when the last thing she ate was and what is in this room that smells so deliciously wonderful.

The third thing is that she isn't alone. Stefan is by her side and has a hand on her shoulder and tears in his eyes and an apology that hasn't been spoken aloud on his lips.

And Damon's there too, his eyes blazing, his lips turned up into something she can't quite describe as a smile.

She doesn't understand. She was in the truck, she was dying…right?

She was ready to die, ready for her life to end as she watched Stefan ascent with Matt towards the surface, able to accept if it if the people she loved were okay.

But now…

"What happened?" Her voice sounds rough, her tongue coated in salt water as she coughs once to clear her throat.

The Salvatore brothers share a meaningful glance, seemingly carrying on an entire conversation with just their eyes.

"Elena," Stefan speaks first. "I'm sorry."

Her gaze darts back and forth between them, fighting off the nausea that is accompanying the overwhelming hunger. "Sorry? I don't…"

His hand covers her. "I'm so sorry."

She doesn't have to ask him for what as she feels the pinprick of her teeth dig softly into her lip, feels the hunger gnawing at her insides still for just a moment as one solitary drop of blood slides across her tongue.

"Oh God," she gasps, covering her mouth in disgust and surprise. "I'm…I'm a vampire?" She squeaks.

Damon looks anything but happy as he smirks at her and declares. "Welcome to the club."