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Chapter 13: Signs of regret

Juice watched as Natalie tried to stand up without stumbling. There's no way I can get her home on my bike.

Pulling out his prepaid he called the clubhouse.

'Hey Chibs, have the prospect come and pick up my bike.'

'What's going on Juicy?'

'Picking up Nat, from Dave's bar; but she's in no shape to hold on to me for the ride home, so just have the Dog and the prospect come so Sack can follow me back to her place.'

'No problem. '

Juice walks back over to Natalie to take her to her car; 'where's your keys Nat?'

Swaying slightly, she reaches into her purse and dangles them in front of Juice.

After getting her settled in the car, Juice waits on the prospects to arrive. As soon as TM's tow truck pulls up, he walks over.

'Half-Sack take my bike and follow behind me and don't fuck up my ride. Dog just follow behind to give Sack a ride back to TM.' They both nod in agreement.

Juice settles in adjust the seat and pull off. He glances over at Natalie and notices her staring at him.

'You're not gonna say anything Nat? I haven't really spoken to you in days. '

'Can we not do this right now? Really….look I know your probably pissed off at me ….can we just wait til we get back to my place? '

'Why, so you can wake up tomorrow and forget we talked at all?'

Looking out the window, Natalie sadly replies, 'number hazard of being me…..no matter how much I drink I never forget.'