A/N: This was a fill for a prompt on the kinkmeme. The prompt was that femShep's LI turns her down for some reason. After getting rejected she decides to move on, or might get drunk and starts flirting with somebody else. LI does not like it and claims her.

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"Shepard. I appreciate these chats we have. You're the only friend I've made in ten years," Thane said as she got up to leave. He always felt a little better after their talks. It felt good to be able to share at least some of his thoughts and feelings about his life with someone - somebody he trusted and respected. Every conversation seemed to chip off a little bit of the weight that he'd been carrying around for such a long time.

"Friend, huh? That's a start," she answered, looking into his eyes and waiting for his reaction.

"A start? Hmmm."

"That's... intriguing," he thought, but decided to ignore the possible implications.

"I will always be here to talk," he said instead - his usual way of telling her that though he enjoyed their chats, it was time for her to go.

She stared at him for a few seconds, hoping that maybe he would show some indication that he'd understood what she'd meant and maybe, just maybe, he would say something encouraging; instead he just turned his gaze down to his hands. She swallowed hard and exited the room, trying to walk with her back straight, even though she felt like hanging her head and dragging her feet as she left.

She needed some time alone; to think about what just happened, compartmentalize her feelings, and make some decisions about what to do next. She hurried to the elevator and pushed the button to go to her cabin.

The ride was agonizingly slow as usual.

'Such an advanced ship and they really couldn't put in a faster elevator? Dammit!'

"EDI, lock the door and hold all communication unless it's an emergency," she said when she finally entered her room.

"Understood, Commander."

She checked on her fish out of habit and was relieved to find that they were still alive. It was hard to keep them in that state; sometimes she was away on a mission for days, and other times she just plain forgot to feed them. Garrus always laughed whenever she had to buy replacements, calling her 'Fish Killer', and wondering why on earth she even bothered keeping them. But they added a little haven of tranquility to her hectic life, a little oasis of soothing blue water and graceful movements that had a calming effect on her. And right now she really, really needed that calming effect.

She pushed her forehead against the cool glass and squeezed her eyes shut, trying to quiet her heart and start thinking rationally about the conversation.

'Okay, that was embarrassing. Why did I have to say that? Apparently he doesn't have any interest in me and I just made a fool of myself. But... I couldn't help it. I thought this was my chance to drop some small hint about how I feel... God, those huge black eyes... That sexy voice... That body...' She moaned softly and bit her lip... 'But... What if he just didn't understand what I meant? Maybe I was too subtle? Yeah... I'm not giving up yet. Next time... Next time I'll try something else.'

She took him along on the next mission, as usual, and tried everything she could think of to make him notice her intentions. She smiled at him at every opportunity, brushed against his hand, arm or leg at every chance she had, asked his opinion about whatever came to her mind - without any effect. He remained cool and collected, showing no sign of recognition in any of her attempts. Unlike Kasumi.

"Shepard, what are you doing?" she whispered to her during a lull in the firefight as they crouched behind a rock wall, waiting for more mercs to come through the canyon. Thane was ahead of them, ducking behind a huge tree.

"Staying in cover. What the hell do you want me to do, go charge ahead and get killed?"

"No, I mean with Thane."

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"The hell you don't."

The next moment a shot rang out and a trooper collapsed with a sniper rifle's bullet hole between his eyes. Kasumi disappeared from beside her, only to re-materialize behind another mercenary and shoot him in the head as well. Shepard sprayed the rest with her inferno ammo, setting the whole group of mercs on fire.

In a moment everything was quiet again and she signaled her team to push ahead. When they reached their target they settled down, taking up positions behind different objects. She carefully chose a boulder away from Kasumi.

Of course Kasumi just had to come over to crouch behind the same rock.


"What?!" she groaned, exasperated.

"He's a drell. Maybe they don't have the same body language as we do, and he might not get what you're trying to tell him."

"Kasumi, we're not having this conversation right now."

"Let me just say one more thing."

"Oh dear god," Shepard covered her eyes with an armored hand for a moment in frustration.

"Just talk to him. Tell him how you feel."

"Fine. Can we stop talking about this now and concentrate on the mission?"

"Sure," Kasumi grinned.

It was a relief when a new group of mercs burst through the door and bullets started to fly again.