A/N: This is a Haku/Kai angst fic that was inspired by the song Cold Day in July By the Dixie Chicks.

I own none of these characters, only the plot is my own.

Cold Day In July

The empty chill was everywhere, it had slowly been seeping into his heart for the past 8 hours. Kaitou swallowed his throat feeling like one of his juggling balls was lodged in there. There was a barely audible buzzing in his ears as he looked at the suitcases in the front hall.

Why was it ending this way? Hadn't Hakuba said that he loved Kaitou? Hadn't he said he would always love him? Had those promises meant nothing!? He jumped as the blond detective came down the stairs, Kaitou jumped to his feet from his seat on the bench in the hall.

"Hakuba –"

The blond put up his hand to Kaitou and turned away, "There is nothing to say." He said coldly, "We are done and that is final."

His shoulders slumped and the world began to swim behind the tears welling in his eye, making their violet hue over bright, "Hakuba … please…" his voice broke, it felt like his breath was pinned in his chest and unable to escape.

The detective shrugged on his great coat and with out a word picked up the suit cases and walked through the door to the waiting car. Kaitou ran after him, he had lost the battle to tears. He prayed that his detective would forgive, forget and come back to him… he believed that until the car started to pull away.

A blade stabbed into his heart and Kaitou lunged after the car running down the long drive of the country house, Their house, where they were going to start Their family… the mud slipped against his bare feet, squelched between his toes. He tripped and fell to his knees, shoulders shaking with sobs as the car turned and pulled out of sight. He sobbed into his hands.

His detective was gone, maybe forever, suddenly Kaitou felt chilled. Even as the summer sun beat down on him.

A/N: That is the end. Meant to be a one shot though if inspiration strikes I might add another chapter or two it will not be long no matter what that is for sure.

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