-22 years ago-

The figure hovered over the jungle. The ocean scent engulfing the air.
The lush forest surrounding him. The jungle animals moving this way
and that. The peace. The natural sounds. The unlikeliness of any
change coming.


The figure raised his hand above his head. It was time to test his
full potential of power. As his hand raised, and he focused, the
ground below him seemed to change. He rotated his hand, forming a loop
perfecly carved in the dirt. With precise movement, he formed a
mountain, then drove a pure ray of oxygen through it, creating a small
tunnel. He spiraled his hand, causing the ground to rise into a mound.
A thinner strip of earth came out of the mound, spiraling around. The
figure bent both arms, causing more ground to rise into a steep turn.
Then, using all his concentration, he separated the different kinds of
earth, making the ground appear to be made of squares colored brown
and tan. He focused harder, allowing the grass to grow. He stopped
focusing, as well as hovering.

He fell. With a hard landing in the jungle, which was now but a small
patch, he surveyed what he had just created. The landscape had changed
drasticly, looking completely different. His powers worked. His years
of training made him succesfull.

-21 years ago-

"So, your this Robotnick fellow I've heard about"

"And your the little nuisance who destroyed all my work here! Well, my
hovercraft comes well equiped."

"Whatever, 'Eggman'"

"What did you just call me?!"

The figure watched the Mobian and Human argue, with intense interest.
He informed Robotnick of this land earlier, and allowed him to use it
for his purposes. He never expected a blue hedgehog to come! He turned
and hovered up to angel island. He must speak to Chaos.

"Chaos" he began, upon reaching the master emerald. "This creature, he
stopped all of it."

"I am well aware of this. This is his first victory, followed by many. Come, Let me show things to come for him in the future."

Chaos created a hologram within the master emerald. Many things
appeared as the god of Destruction resumed speaking.

"My watcher, Knuckles, will battle this creature, after I tell him to.
But he will then join forces with him. Robotnick will enslave me to
help him. I will become Perfect Chaos, but be defeated by him. I will
forgive him. The ARK will threaten to destroy earth, Metal Sonic will
become a monster, Mephiles shall rise. The Black Arms will attack,
This mobian will become a werehog, Robotnick will create and
Interstellar Amusement Park. A creature will erase all time and
space." The hologram stopped. The figure inhaled deeply.

"When all this is over, will it be time to put Mobius to rest?"


"Everything must end. You are the god of destruction, I am the master
of telekinesis. I began all of this. If it wasnt for me, Robotnick
wouldnt BE in this jungle I have changed so drasticly. I will continue
designing Mobius like this, it is my pattern, my order, my Echo. I've
had my fun. Mobians call it Mobius. Humans call it Earth. I call it
One, and it will end after all these events are accomplished."

"In the hands of whom?"


"Very well, do as you wish. This landscape you created, it is to be
the first of many?"


"What is the name of this landscape, then?"

The figure thought, before answering. "Green Hill Zone".

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