Here's the Breakfast Club/Total Drama Revenge Of The Island Parody I promised you guys! :3

Something of a parody. 5 teens with nothing in common each get sent to detention and meet each other not for the first time, but they do get to know each other for the first time. Warning it doesn't follow the whole story/characters but I think it should go pretty well. Pairings: Scott/Dawn, Jo/Brick .

5 kids entered school this morning at 7:00 am. A tomboy, a military brat, a nerd, an oddball and a sociopath. Little did they know that their lives would not be the same after today.

Saturday, March 24, 2012,

McClean Highschool, Toronto, Canada.

Saturday morning, the beginning of the glorious weekend for all teenagers, except for those who got themselves detention.

Enter Jo:

Joanna 'Jo' Taylor and her father step out of the car.

"All the things you'd do for me and you can't even get me out of this?"She asked her father. Jo would never EVER let anybody find out ; that since she was raised by dudes after her mother's passing; that she was a Daddy's Girl, even if half the time she pretends to ignore him like any other teenage girl. Which given her appearance and outward demeanor of spite towards everyone even those who are friendly to her, was very ironic.

Jo has always been into sports and beating up the guys, placing herself as the strongest and toughest girl in her school as well as the meanest. But it eventually got to the point where nobody can remember her real gender, and so she was forced to just go with it. All she did was kick the star athlete Lightning in the balls, HEY! He called her 'manly' so it was about time that jockstrap knew that he was talking to a girl. But apparently Vice Principal Hatchet said if they wanted to respond with violence to take it somewhere else that is NOT at school. Unfortunately her doting father couldn't do anything about this.

"Don't worry Jo-Jo" Her father told her, making her scowl at her nickname which she despised, even though she was cruel she just didn't have the heart to tell her father how much she hates it.

"I'll make it up to you, I'll take you wherever you want after school" He said, handing Jo her bagged lunch for later and kissed the top of her head.

"Have a good day"

"Stupid thing to say" She deadpanned as he smiled and said "I love you"

"L-Love you too..." She whispered loud enough for only him to hear her.

The car left as she walked off preparing herself for a long, unfulfilling day.

Enter Cameron:

"Is this the first or last time you get yourself in detention?"

"Last and only…" Cameron Williams answered meekly. As smothering, overprotective and overly loving his mother was she was downright scary when she was pissed like this. She expected a little too much from Cameron, I mean just how much could you expect from a small boy whose body didn't grow up with him from being behind a plastic bubble his entire life? Sure he was genius-level book-smart but that didn't mean he wanted to be forced to face these expectations. But he didn't want to get into detention, even though he did get caught, in a sense that he only had one way out of these overwhelming expectations.

"Well maybe this is a good thing, use your time to study and…"

"Mom, we're not exactly supposed to study, detention or not we just sit and there and do nothing unless the teacher says…"

"Well you'd better use your time to study in there mister, getting yourself both that F and this detention. I knew you weren't ready for a public school, that is unless you want to go back into that bubble." She cut him off with a threat.

"Yes m'am." He quickly said, sure Cam was no athlete, but he had enjoyed his life out of the bubble and he really didn't want to go back.

"Good boy, now go, don't want you to be late." Cameron obeyed and got out holding his lunch bag.

Enter Brick:

"I can't believe my own son got himself in detention, I could've sworn to God I taught you better than that. I remember telling you that no matter what a person says or does you don't respond with violence am I wrong?"

"N-No ma'am."

"I know guys your age like to screw around but if you're gonna screw around the least you could do is not get caught! Your father screwed around and he didn't get caught."

"Yes ma'am." Brick MacArthur responded somewhat apathetically; he loved his mother more than anything especially after his dad died in battle, but since she found out he got himself in detention she's done nothing but scold him till right now. He didn't screw around per se and even though it was against his cadet code to violently respond, but yesterday was the last straw when that delinquent Duncan Blake for all his wrong-doings, that day he was mistreating his ex-girlfriend Courtney Garcia. He and Courtney weren't friends but it always infuriated Brick whenever a man would have the nerve to act so disrespectful to a woman, in short it was just wrong. And so the cadet just reacted and…gave him a well deserved sock to the face, without thinking.

"Hey! You wanna miss a year of military school? You wanna blow your chance? Less you want to be just your old man, I suggest you get in there and don't forget your manners."

"I won't Mom I promise, Cadet's honor" He said with a salute.

"That's my boy, now get on out of here" Brick did what he was told and took his lunch bag with him.

He walked up the steps and noticed two other people, the first one looked like the scrawny little bubble boy he had heard about. Brick looked at him with sympathy, the boy looked frightened. The second one was the 'jock-ette' he'd heard about and then he took a closer look at her and recognized her as Jo Taylor, she was the girl he had been competing with in gym class every day, only because she was such a competitive spirit. However Brick couldn't help but feel that it was no surprise someone like Jo got detention, Cam on the other hand was a shocker.

Enter Scott And Dawn:

Meanwhile in the parking lot, Scott Foxe walks towards the school wearing sunglasses, aware of an oncoming car but doesn't stop. The car hits the brakes and even honks at him, he turned to driver and simply flipped him off. A girl steps out of the car, Dawn Rosewood, carrying her large eco purse. She turns to the car but is stopped silent as the car simply drove off, not even saying good bye. Luckily she carried her lunch in her large purse.

In the library Jo sits at the front table and Cameron sits at the table just behind her. Brick comes in and takes a seat right next to Jo, the two athletes exchanged glances. "Hey Brick-house, thought I smelled jock." She said sneering at him. "Very funny, I'm not surprised to see you here."

"Oh hardy har har, well if you want a perfectly good excuse, he called me 'manly'. What are you doing here Mr. Goody Goody?"

"Same reason you are, assault…" He said, feeling slightly shamed.

"Wow, you? What's your excuse?"

"Well that guy Duncan, I know he and Courtney broke up but he doesn't have to treat her like garbage."

"Meh, if anything he only got with that pasty Goth girl Gwen White is just to get back at her, he knows how close he and Garcia were." She chuckled a bit, until Scott came in.

He approaches Cameron's table and points to the further back table with a glare, making Cameron feebly and reluctantly obey and move. Satisfied, Scott sits at his 'table', puts his hand behind his head and rests his feet on the table. Since Scott had been in detention since the beginning of Highschool that was his spot. Trouble-making was simply in his nature, he was just as devious as Duncan if not more; he even got into fights with him. But apparently Duncan's more honest, but from Scott's point of view cheating on your girlfriend is not exactly honest. He wasn't sure what Duncan's excuse was, but where Scott comes from, it's yourself and you do anything to get what you want, end of story.

Dawn comes in and simply walks right past the table occupied by Jo and Brick, then Scott and sits at the table right behind Cameron. Dawn could feel the awkwardness and tension in the atmosphere, everyone's aura was a mixture of frustration, boredom and fear. She could read people's auras, talk to animals and predict the future, but because of her 'gifts' she was considered a freak, an outcast, and even a lost cause. Nobody tried to befriend her because that would just be 'social suicide'. As a result she's become somewhat withdrawn throughout her Highschool years.

It was quiet for a minute until Jo and Brick began to snicker while Cameron and Dawn looked confused, and Scott just remained impassive and only scowled.

Since they were just going to sit around and do nothing, it wouldn't have been so bad, until Vice Principal Hatchet came in, looking quite displeased…

Ooh! Chef comes in, this can't be pretty, well so far how is it, I'll do my best not to disappoint you! Oh and I DO NOT own Total Drama series OR the Breakfast Club whatsoever because i never will.