Chapter 6: Lunch Break

Ever since Brick and Dawn left the library, Jo and Scott had no one else to tease, sure they could mess with Cameron, but what fun was that if he was going to submissively answer back to them with a remark both could care less about, or worse take whatever crap they gave him? Brick and Dawn either tried to fight back or just fanned the flame for Jo and Scott to mess with their heads even more. "Tsk, the soft drink machine can't be that far." Jo said aloud, obviously annoyed. "Speaking of far, how far have you guys gotten?" Scott asked out of the blue, making Jo and Cameron's eyes widen.

"Well if you want my answer, not even. As you can tell I'm not like one of those stupid cheerleaders like Heather Wong, who have without a doubt pretty much given it to every dude in this school." Jo snarked.

Scott scoffed "Not likely, I heard she and that Alejandro Burromuerto are currently into each other, and even boyfriend-girlfriend."

"Hey you think they've gotten into each other yet?" Jo snickered making Scott laugh along with her, while Cameron picked up a book to read to try and ignore their perverted conversation.

"Well, what about the other cheerleaders? Like that Lindsay Smith?" Scott asked Jo. "I heard she and Tyler Johnson were seen in the girls bathroom tongue-ing each other."

"Aw man, I was going to ask her out, cuz she's hot." Scott said smiling and nodding

"Pfft, if you like the extremely dumb blonde bimbos with a giant rack."

"Yeah, pretty much but it's not like it would even get anywhere."

Jo nodded, "You know I also heard that Dakota Milton is actually going out with Sam Roberts. I gotta say she and Smith deserve a few points for going out with a loser and not being a complete and total bitch."

"Whoa now be careful Taylor, Cameron here is a cherry boy." Scott said pointing to Cameron. Cherry boy, a derogatory slang term for a male who is a virgin. Sure for Cameron that was obviously true but there was a girl in the room, as much as Jo bullied him, the last thing he wanted was her to find him completely pathetic, regardless of if she thought that of him already.

"I'm not a cherry boy" Cameron spoke up, trying to defend himself, Jo raised an eyebrow still unimpressed but surprised that Cameron actually tried to stand up for himself, even if he was doing a piss poor job. "Oh really, when's the last time you got laid?"

"Um…loads of time, I've gotten laid loads of time."

"Really?" Scott asked, not believing a word that came out of Cameron's mouth. "Yeah, you know I got a girlfriend! Except she lives in Niagara Falls and we're in Toronto so it's not that far from here, but you don't know her."

"Yeah, I don't know her because she doesn't exist." Scott narrowed his eyes at Cameron, "Why'd I even ask? Of course you've never gotten laid, I mean look at yourself. Scrawny body at a 4'8 nothing and I'm sure any pants-dance or tongue action with you would be probably the most unsatisfying thing for any girl who actually had the thought of wanting to-"

"Knock it off already Foxe, lay of the brat, even if the part about him being scrawny, tiny and lanky is true."

Scott raised an eyebrow, Jo's been doing nothing but teasing the guy and now she's defending him?

"What's the matter Stringbean? You didn't want me to know you were a virgin?"

Cameron looked at his feet, looking terribly small and sighed "Yeah…"


"Well…because it's personal! Okay, it's my own personal and private business!" He spoke up in a somewhat louder tone than his normal one.

He crossed his arms and looked down at his feet again, "Excuse me for being a virgin."

"Yeah, exactly" Scott said snidely. "Fuck off, Foxe from what I can tell you're a cherry boy too. It's not his fault his momma stuffed him into plastic ever since he came out, so of course he's a virgin. Besides, I don't think theres anything wrong with a guy being a virgin, in fact I'm a little impressed with that. Most of the guys here are pussies if they simply can't help themselves."

"You think so?" Cameron asked looking up at her. For once Jo smiled at him, "Yeah…" making Cameron smile back at her and then shyly turn his gaze to the ground. "If it helps Toothpick, you're a lot less of a prude then Rosewood and Brickhouse."

"Ha! That's for sure" Scott remarked.

"I'll be back, I need to go see what's taking those two so long." Jo said as she got up to go into the hallway in search of Dawn and Brick-house.

During their conversation, in the hallway what Brick and Dawn were doing:

The walk was silent and awkward between Dawn and Brick, there really wasn't anything to say. "So, ma'am what's your poison?"

"I don't drink carbonated beverages." She informed him. "Ah, okay then."

"So why are you in here? You don't seem like the type to get themselves into detention, and neither does Cam."

"Well why are you in here?"

They stopped for a minute. "Well… I punched that guy Duncan in the face and he started bleeding. Which obviously got me here."

"I see, you took pity on his old girlfriend Courtney when you saw him mistreating her." Dawn said looking up at him.

"How did you know?"

"I could tell."

"You said you read auras? That's…very interesting, are you right most of the time."

"Yeah pretty much, though most people tend to avoid me when I bring up anything that I can see happened in their past."

As soon as Dawn said that, Brick started to feel sympathy for the girl. He could tell she didn't have many friends, aside from the animals that she says she can talk to. "That's too bad. You're nice and not most girls are like that."

"You too, but you were raised to be kind to people, and it's made you the person you are today. That's why you defended Courtney."

"That's right… My mom raised me to be prim and proper and always treat others with respect."He said scratching the back of his head and smiling awkwardly. "I think you're a good person, and you'll do wonders for our country when you get into the military. I don't approve of war in the first place, but I'll root for you."

"Thanks Dawn."

"You're welcome" She said smiling at him, making him blush.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah I'm fine I just-" He was cut off as he let out a cry of pain, Jo had walked up behind him and kicked him in the groin, with a sneer. Brick sunk to the ground, with both hands on his 'area'. "What…was…that for?!" He asked in a strained voice.

She scoffed, "You guys are taking way too long."

"I'm sorry Jo, we were just going to get everyone's drinks, it won't take too long I promise." Dawn said to reassure the suddenly angry jock-ette. Jo glared at her, "Yeah that's what you guys were doing." She said before walking away "Hurry it up, we're all thirsty as hell in here!"

"Okay." Dawn called back to her.

Brick still laid on the hard floor, not yet being able to recover from Jo's counterattack, she hit him something fierce. Ironically that's the whole reason Jo got herself in detention in the first place, however she didn't even know why she decided to kick Brick in the crotch, except for the fact that her mind just told her to.

Dawn looked back at Jo and saw a hint of green in her aura…

Later in the Library:

Everyone had settled on their tables with their lunch bags and had been provided with coke cans, except for Dawn who had instead received a nice, cold water bottle.

Scott made turned his chair in Dawn's direction and stared straight at her while she picked her lunch bag from her large purse.

"What's in there?" He asked. "Take a good guess." She said, "Where's your lunch?" Scott responded by grabbing his backpack and pulled out a medium sized bag of potato chips.

"Potato chips and soda pop? That's not very healthy."

"No but you are."

"How gross of you." Dawn said and then went back to pulling out her lunch in her bag, pulling out a container and two plastic bags and opened the container, making Scott try and get a better view what it was that she had. "What... is that?"

"A Vegan dish"

"Vegan dish?" He asked, looking somewhat disgusted. He wasn't as protein-hungry as Lightning Weston was but Scott Foxe knew that he had to eat meat, and was NOT crazy about vegetables unless they somehow added flavor to whatever it was he was eating.

She giggled a bit "Specifically this is vegetable gratin, and I also have some granola and baked tofu."

"Yuck. You'd rather eat all of that than let me put my tongue in your mouth? I'm telling you right now it tastes a lot better than…that." He said referring to her lunch.

"Can I eat?"

"I don't think so, but apparently"

At Jo's table she pulled put her own lunch from her bag. Jo didn't really care whatever it was she ate as long as it was food for her athletes metabolism, which required a lot and unlike most of the weight conscious girls (looking at the cheerleaders) who avoided carbs, Jo needed carbs and in return she never got fat because she was so athletic . She pulled out a banana, apple and large celery stick for her fruits/vegetable group and then grabbed 2 sandwiches one had mostly vegetables while the other contained meat. Then she grabbed a small yogurt with a spoon and a small milk bottle. Everyone stared at her, her lunch was pretty much enough for all of them. Ignoring them she simply took a bite from her apple and everyone went back to preparing their own lunch.

Brick, like Jo had an athlete's metabolism so he needed to eat as much as she did and in order to stay in tip-top shape as a cadet he needed the best nutrition. He took his food out his rather large bag, grabbing out not 2 but 3 sandwiches, along with an apple, grapefruit, banana and then a container that consisted of vegetables and finally a bag of cookies that his mother baked the previous night and a full carton of milk. His large lunch officially beat Jo's in terms of size and that it could definitely feed everyone in here.

Jo looked surprised, he ate almost more than her. She could eat much more and much faster than him, however.

Meanwhile from Cameron's table he pulled out a container that had soup, an orange juice box with a small milk carton, and a sandwich. Scott made his way over to Cameron's table and took notice of his lunch. "Well what do you know, PB and J with the crusts cut off. Talk about your momma's boy's lunch."

"She's very loving" Cameron said.

"Yeah, I bet. You know I bet she works her butt off every day and acknowledges you at every chance but you see, she always makes sure your grades are at the top so that way she wouldn't have to worry about having a child she could be disappointed in and smothers you as reward even for just breathing, and regardless of the fact that you are in no ways athletic. Cameron only looked at him, not exactly offended in fact Scott was only half right about all of that.

"Well here's a scenario for you guys, in my home: My pappy comes home from work, bitching about how his boss is a complete and total fucking asshole and my mom comes in and asks 'Oh how are you honey?' and he responds with a backhand slap and says 'shut up bitch and cook me dinner'. I say 'Hey Pappy, how are you?' He looks at me in the eye and says 'shut your fucking mouth and don't bother me.' I say 'Okay Pappy' and he says 'You'll be outta here soon, once you graduate so you can be on your own like your old man was'. Afterwards he rewards me with a burn from the stick he was smoking. So yeah, what's up with that?" He explained, crossing his arms.

Dawn looked shocked, sympathy in her eyes. Scott was a jerk and that was it, end of story; but he obviously had issues and she couldn't ignore how he was only like that because of his home-life. Domestic abuse all bottled up in that dingy little trailer of his. That was no different from how he normally was around everyone else.

Brick looked at him, not exactly believing him "You're lying."

Scott quickly turned his head to Brick, "I'm lying?"

"Yes, you always do why should any of us believe you?"

Scott then walked over to Brick and took off his jacket, pulling his arm out in front of him revealing a burn that looked like someone had been smoking a cigarette from the previous day. "For once I just told you the truth." Brick's expression changed from disbelief to shock and then it turned into shame. "You see, this is what you get in my trailer when you drop your soda can in the kitchen." Everyone looked at him, now a little afraid of the way his tone seemingly got angrier.

"Now you know what, I don't even want to sit with you fucking idiots anymore anyway." He said before storming off, kicking a seat and knocking down a few books from a shelf in secession and yelling furiously. Scott ran up the stairs and sank to the nearest wall, clutching his knees with his arms, breathing heavily.

After his little meltdown everyone looked at Brick, "I'm going to guess that was a poor choice of words Brick-for-brains." Jo said looking at Brick disapprovingly, "Well how was I supposed to know, since he lies all the time anyway."

"He could always be telling the truth" Cameron spoke up.

Dawn kept her attention on Scott even after he left, she hesitatingly got up and quickly ran to him.

"Great" Brick thought, now he felt like the bad guy, he honestly didn't know and Scott Foxe wasn't one to be trusted. "Ah, don't let it get to ya Brick-house, you're right how were you supposed to know? Like you said he's a liar." Jo told him, actually trying to reassure him but Brick didn't even look at her, making her frown and sigh.

"Now you listen to me, during whatever it is you're doing you can fuck up once, but the next chance you get you can make sure you do it better this time, okay so quit being a pansy." She said, crossing her arms and looking the other direction.

Brick picked his head up and turned to Jo, she had actually tried to make him feel better, even after she's teased him all day so far. "Yes ma'am."

"Good you're back to normal." She said now satisfied that he didn't feel so crappy. "Thanks Jo." He said. Funny, what Jo had told him sounded like something his mother would say.

She blushed slightly and closed her eyes "Tsk, don't think I told you that just to cheer you up, just seeing like that pissed me off to no end."

He smiled and snickered a bit at her not-so-subtle lie, maybe there was some kindness in Jo Taylor after all.

Meanwhile Dawn made her way to Scott, who looked awfully small in his current state, hugging his knees and his eyes shut.

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