Chapter 9: Reasons Why

While Scott was still messing with some of the things in Dawn's bags, she couldn't help but stare at him; each time she did she would force herself to look away. Unable to stop the flush forming on her cheeks, n-not because she liked him! In fact it was quite the opposite, right now though she suddenly became shy…

"Wanna see what's in the rest of my bag?" She asked suddenly, still not looking at him and earning a look of befuddlement from the redhead.

"No." He said setting the bag aside, not wanting to bother with it anymore. Dawn huffed at his response and grabbed her bag and dumped all of its contents next to where she was sitting; there was a LOT of stuff.

"Holy Shit…" Was all Scott had to say. It was mainly a couple of tampons, her wallet, her knickknacks, her apps, a pair of panties he didn't see before, some CD's that were probably bad music, some mini dream-catchers, her peace-necklace, some bracelets, socks, bras, and a humble little scarf.

" it's one thing to not get rid of that much shit in your bag, but do you always have THIS much shit in your bag?" He asked, raising an eyebrow at just how MUCH weird things she had, though he would have to take those panties when Dawn wasn't looking…

She sighed and considered to tell the truth, "Yes… I always carry this much shit in my bag…" she ended and smiled, feeling satisfied and slightly bold contrary to her demure demeanor.


"Well… I guess…"

"I guess you never really know when…you might want to… you know… get away…" She finished, it took a while for her to get it all out but she managed to make it sound like she wasn't going to run away or anything…

"What no guitar? No cigarettes for you to take when you're playing in the streets going 'Hey dudes we gotta stop these big-ass corporations'. Or 'Come on lets rally up and say no to deforestation!.'?" He mocked her, even holding his hands up like he was carrying a peace sign, almost imitating a hippie and earning a death-like glare from Dawn.

"I'll do what I have to do…" She seethed, breathing in and out now. The last thing she wanted was this to get a little too personal and Scott was seriously pushing it. She couldn't stand how insensitive he was but she knew he didn't care.

"Why do you have to do anything, Fairy Princess?"

"M-my home life…with my mother… and her side of the family… is…unsatisfying." She said, not looking at him and trying her best to keep her composure. Ever since they divorced Dawn has been the black sheep of her mother's side, why her mother took custody of her she had no idea especially since she paid little to no attention to her and when she did acknowledge her she would usually criticize her for her friendlessness and 'weird' hobbies. Her cousins and aunts/uncles often threw disparaging remarks at her and treated her like dirt. All these years Dawn practically had to care for herself and she very solely gets to see her beloved father. Unsatisfying was an understatement.

Scott, clueless to the emotional distress she was feeling said, "So you're willing to wander, the cold weather and then go somewhere beyond the godforsaken world and face whatever dangers that are out there, only God knows what all because your home life is unsatisfying? You're lucky we live in peaceful Canada ya know, and besides you think your life is unsatisfying?" He asked, he knew what it was like to live in an environment where you don't get acknowledged but just how bad did Fairy Princess have it?

" I could go anywhere. I could go wherever I want! T-to the oceans, the mountains, out in the country. America, to Europe, or India, China, Japan… and wherever I go Mother Nature will watch over me and protect me…"

Scott looked at her with disbelief and then turned to where Brick, Jo and Cameron were at. "Hey Brick-house you wanna get in on this?"


"Dawn here says she wants to run away into the unknown, because her homelife is unsatisfying."

Brick looked at Dawn, who looked up at him with big, sad doe-like eyes. Almost as if she was hoping for him to not say anything as cold as Scott. He couldn't. But it's better to be honest than to lie. "W-Well everyone's home life is unsatisfying…" He started awkwardly.

"If they weren't then people would live with their parents forever…"He finished, Brick didn't want to admit it but when he's of age he'll be moving out as well. Mainly because his mother would probably want him to but nonetheless it'll give him the opportunity that every young adult has to live his own independent life. Especially since his mom was… a little demanding in her own way…

Dawn's expression seemed somewhat heartbroken but she knew that Brick was trying to be as kind and sensitive as he could so she gave a small smile but it was easy to see that through that smile she was still unhappy. "I understand, but it's okay. Forget about it…" She said picking up all her things and putting them back in her bag and decided to get away from the others, Scott got up from the spot he was sitting at.

"Hold it there Hipster. You're the one carrying all that shit in your bag and giving us the impression that you want to run away. Now do you really want to run away or do you want us to think you want to run away?" Dawn seethed and noiced that everyone was looking at her. Cameron and Brick looked concerned, Jo looked impassive and Scott was waiting for her answer.

"Well? Which is it?"

Her eyes felt glossy and she glared at him, "Eat…Shit!" She said, earning a surprised gasp from everyone and Scott widened his eyes. Dawn turned and walked away into the opposite direction of where everyone was at and sat near behind a bookshelf.

Brick looked at Scott with disapproval and slapped the back of his head. Hard.

"Ow! Geez! What was that for?!" He asked angrily as he rubbed the back of his head.

"You started this."

"She started it!" Scott pointed to the direction Dawn had left, almost like a little kid trying to pin the blame on their younger sibling.

"Nice job Romeo." Jo said shaking her head.

"You should apologize to her." Cameron said, he had been speaking more since detention started. Which was a little surprising.


"Apologize to her." Brick said, his voice almost sounded like a command rather than a request.

"Make me." He said and then Jo pushed Brick out of the way and carried Scott almost a foot off the ground and threw him back to the floor.

"He said apologize to her." She said with a sneer on her face, no doubt she was more intimidating than Brick but he did pretty good at looking fairly intimidating.

Scott crawled backwards and got back up and raised his hands in defense. "Okay…" He said with an aggravated sigh and walked to where Dawn was.

Brick looked at Jo who was actually… smiling…at him? And then she nodded in approval and he couldn't help but smile back.

Scott walked over to where Dawn was sitting at, she looked pitiful he'll give her that. It was fairly awkward between them and the silence wasn't helping either. "Hey" He said simply, not sure what he could say after that. She looked up at him but she didn't really want to see him right now. "Go away…"


"Go..Away!" She said a little louder and slower for emphasis that she really didn't want to see him now.

He raised an eyebrow and shook his head. "You've got problems."

"Oh, I have problems?"

"Yeah, I mean you're the one who dumped all your problems out of your bag and brought us all into it!" "Well so did you, your little play was interesting by the way! Don't pretend like you didn't do the same." She almost shouted and her voice breaking at the last sentence. Scott's expression softened and he was speechless, he couldn't really deny that he did bring these guys into his problems too…

More silence but he wasn't going to say anything mean this time, he felt something for this girl. He wasn't sure what it was but as much as he wanted to brush it off he couldn't… She did the same for him but he couldn't be as hands on as her… It was a rare thing for him to do, in fact it was rare because he never did an act such as comforting another. Ever.

"So… what's wrong?"

His eyes met her glossy grey ones.

"Is it bad at home?"

"Real bad?"

"Parents? Relatives?"

He asked, hoping to get her to answer but he was actually being more gentle this time to assure her he wasn't going to be an asshole to her. F-For now!

"Yeah…" She answered softly and looked at her feet.

"What do they do to you..?" He asked and then swallowed. Why was he feeling sorry for her now? Sentimental was one thing he wasn't. Perhaps it was because he could relate to whatever kind of emotional pain she was going through as well…

"Mom… she ignores me… And when she doesn't… she just yells…" Dawn softly spoke as a few tears ran down her cheeks as she looked up at Scott. He stared at her with sympathy, so that's what she goes through. That's…rough… They weren't that different after all…

"Yeah…" He nodded, understanding what she was telling him and for a while they were lost in each other's gazes.

"What did you want to be when you were a kid Chris?" Chef asked as he sat in a chair next to Chris, who drank from his coffee mug. "When I was a kid I wanted to be me?" He asked, chuckling rather arrogantly.

"Chris I'm being serious, I mean come on. Look at us, you've been in the acting business for nearly 15 years. I'm not far behind but I've been here a little longer than you have, that's for sure…" Chef explained wanting an actual answer from Chris and no some narcissistic comment.

"Chef are we really getting there? But you're right I've been acting that long and these kids haven't even figured out I'm not even their principal." He chortled again and then Chef himself began to snigger, "And these dumbass kids haven't figured out that I'm not really a janitor or a lunch-manager."

The two men chuckled until it became silent. "Well you know what, I got into the acting job because I wanted to be as famous as I am now." Chris finally said.

"You sure about famous?"

"Well Chef do you really think I give a shit about what these kids think about me?" He smirked raising an eyebrow, he really didn't. Well…maybe a little… he could care less if they thought he was an egoistic asshole who couldn't stop looking at him, but he did still care about knowing that people acknowledged him as a celebrity of some sorts.

"No not really but the thing is every celebrity does, but I don't." Chef stated bluntly, he's been living too long to really give a shit about anything else anymore.


"Well you know Chef that's the thing is that when you're famous you either got to love us or hate us right?" Chris asked with another smirk and earned a smirk from Chef as well.

"Hell yeah to that!" They laughed again.

"But seriously Chris I doubt these kids are going to think any greater of you as they get older."

"What?!" Chris asked with disbelief as he and Chef continued laughing.

In the Library:

"So Brick-house what would you do for a million bucks?" Jo asked Brick as the five of them were sitting in a circle around each other. They had about 2 hours left till detention was over but the least they could do was make it as entertaining as possible.

"Well…I don't know… I guess really anything… I guess…" He said, scratching the back of his head. He would do anything if it meant getting a million bucks, even if it was something degrading but he had his limits.

"Well here's one for you. If you had to drive to school. NAKED." Jo said widening her eyes and smirking at him. Brick flushed at the thought, "Oh there you go again, you're such a prude." Jo laughed, she found it amusing at how it was so easy to fluster Brick like that with one little dirty thought… and kinda cute…

Great there were those stupid thoughts again…

"I'm not a prude! And secondly… if it meant getting a million bucks…then yeah… I guess…But wait… would I have to get out of the car?"

"Yeah." Jo said in a 'duh' voice.

"Ok when? Spring or winter? He asked while the others looked fairly bored while the two athletes chatted, this kind of thing was exactly their forte but it was only slightly interesting at best.

"It doesn't matter, Spring."

"In the front of the school or back?"


"Um…how naked?"

Jo smirked at him, "Fourth base."

Brick blushed again but smiled, "Yeah, okay. I would do it."

Jo laughed and clapped her hands, as if she was impressed. Everyone else smiled or smirked at least that's one thing they learned. Scott then raised his hand, "I'd do it too. Especially for a million bucks, though I'll actually do anything if it means getting nailed, or hell if it's anything sexual."

The tomboy turned her head to Scott, a little annoyed with his sudden admit since she hadn't even asked him yet. "Yeah?"

"Thing is I've already nailed like 3 different girls before. All here at this school." Everyone looked at him almost in shock and bewildered, except for Dawn. Something was up…

"I think I even gave them a few STD's…". He smirked while Jo wore an almost disgusted look on her face as he continued.

"Do your parent's know about that?" Cameron asked.

"Well Mrs. O'Halloran knows."

"The Theater Arts Teacher?!" Brick asked, shocked and just a little impressed.


"You do know that she's got a boyfriend right?" Jo asked.

"Yeah, what of it? Oh and another thing I can't really call it pedophilia since she and I both assumed we were just 'acting'."

"Are you insane? Like that Izzy girl?"

"Obviously he's insane if he's screwing the Theater Arts Teacher." Cameron said in a matter of fact voice. Scott smirked a satisfied smirk and then looked at Jo.

"Wow, you're a pig. That's disgusting." Jo scoffed it was one thing to talk sexual things but it gets gross when the person getting nailed starts getting into description and then there's the aftermath… She knew it was a fact of life but it's not exactly easy to picture ALL of it in your head.

"And you say Brick's a prude. Hey Jock-girl have you ever done it?"

She almost raised her eyes and noticed that everyone was staring at her now, "Didn't we already establish this?" She asked keeping her composure.

"You never answered the question." He reminded her.

"Yeah I did."

"Oh yeah, you've never even gone that far. But that doesn't give us plenty of info. Have you never really gone that far? That's pretty ridiculous for a chick your age." Scott asked, trying to get her goat and it was working since she was glaring at him.

"Well I'm not like any of those dumb, slutty girls that everyone apparently fucking loves so much." She said more defensive this time.

"I don't care about those sluts. But I see this is like a fork in the road for you isn't it. Catch is if you say haven't gone anywhere in the sex department then you're a prude but if you have gone somewhere then that makes you a slut, more than the chicks like Heather or Anne Maria Russo, it's a trap cuz you want to say it but once you do you regret it."

"Shut your mouth!"

"No, now why don't you just answer my question?"

Jo stood silent until the other guy started piling in, "Jo it's okay." Brick said.

"Yeah it's fine we don't care." Cameron said.

"Be honest." Scott said.

The boys kept rambling things, and egging her to just tell them the truth but Dawn understood and felt sympathy for her. Jo couldn't tell the truth but these guys wouldn't shut up, it's true she's never even kissed a guy before that would make her some sort of loser right? Why would she care though? Unless she did…

"NO! I'VE NEVER DONE ANYTHING BEFORE! OKAY?! I'VE NEVER EVEN KISSED A GUY!" She yelled for them all to hear and then looked down feeling slightly shamed by her virgin life, the guys eyes all widened and Dawn still looked at her with concern in her eyes.

"Same here." Scott said and Jo's eyes widened and her mouth agape as she looked over to him.

"I've never nailed a chick, and I never nailed Mrs. Blainely, I've only made out chicks." He smiled evilly and the others looked at him with disapproval.

"Oh my god! You are such a fucking asshole! You made up all that bullshit just to fuck me over!" She yelled, her cheeks reddening a bit from admitting to these guys about that personal fact.

"You're a jerk Scott, it's one thing to hurt people physically but it's another thing to step all over their feelings." Dawn said defending Jo, because she'd never done anything of the sort either.

"So? I do that all the time."

"You fucking prick." Brick said, glaring at him. Now he felt bad for Jo, the tough girl who was always messing with him and always acted so strong and confident. He had no idea she had a vulnerable side to her but then he mentally slapped himself for thinking Jo was some sort of ice-woman. She may be tough but she's still a girl, period.

Jo perked up to see that Brick had defended her, she was both a little shocked and somewhat flattered.

"Oh you're defending her now?" Scott asked displeased with the way the cadet was defending the tomboy. She always punched him around anyway why should he feel some need to stand up for her if she probably wouldn't do the same?


"Well there's a shock, Goody Two Boots."

"Shut your mouth."

"Oh! You're give me commands now!"


"Well I'm just saying you think you're like the leader or something, that you're Mr. Large and In Charge here! When clearly you're not! Since you always do what you're told!"

"At least I do what I'm told!"

"Yeah, like you're the fucking man of the year!"

"HEY!" Jo suddenly yelled, gaining her composure after the way Scott made her spill her secrets. "You'd better shut the dirty little fucking mouth of yours Foxe, Brick may not be in charge but at least he's taking charge!" She said glaring up at him and standing up for both Brick and herself which left Scott speechless and in shock over the way Jo was defending the cadet.


Dawn and Cameron looked at each other, both a little frightened by the heated argument between their taller acquaintances. Dawn nodded to Cameron to show that she would try something to comfort the blow and hopefully stop the fight.

"Y-You know…I've never gone that far either…I've never kissed a boy either…" Dawn said shyly blushing a little bit as she began to twirl a lock of her golden hair. The other 3 stared at her and then Cameron spoke up, "S-same here, except I've never kissed a girl…"

"Have any of you guys besides me kissed anyone?" Scott asked, not rudely but just curious. Dawn blushed and looked down. Cameron looked down as well, shame burning on his cheeks. Brick scratched the back of his head as he blushed and Jo looked in the opposite direction blushing too.

"Okay then…" Scott said. "I'll take that as no's."

Brick sighed, "Well now that we've established that… it's fine… I mean our own love-lives and sexual-lives wouldn't really be important to anyone but ourselves right?"

Everyone thought about it and nodded, "Unless you know you're friends with guys who think that."

"It's funny because if we're talking about impressing people, it kind of reminds me of my mom." Jo looked at him for a minute, wanting to hear where he was going.

"See you all know I'm here because of what I did to Duncan. But it's more than how it seems. My mom's always telling me that a good man, a gentleman should always defend a woman , you know? I personally take that to heart, and when I punched that… no-good, hell-raising delinquent I not only did it for Courtney…but I also did it for my mom. To make her proud and that I did the right thing. But instead I get myself in detention and the only thing she cares about is that I resorted to violence and got in trouble." He said, the whole group seemed to be moving at his words now.

" I don't understand why, but even though I love her with all my heart, I just can't…"

He sighed, "I just can't tell her off when I think she's wrong. And that I wish I could make my own decisions…and not have to rely on my mom as much…"

Jo scoffed, "So you're a momma's boy."

He frowned at her for a little bit, and almost couldn't believe her. "Hey cool off cadet, that's fine because…well…I'm a daddy's girl…" She said glaring and flushing madly and then she noticed that Brick had started laughing out loud.

"Shut up!"

"Well it's just… so unexpected..!" He laughed whilst she glared at him but then it formed into something of a smile.

"You know Brick you and your mom should go bowling with my Pappy." Scott said raising his eyebrows and earning a chuckle from Brick.

It was quiet for a minute until Cameron spoke up, "Y-You know, that kind of reminds me of my mom… and it's moments like these…where I step out…you know of myself a-and get a good look at myself. I don't mean like you know out of my bubble, but instead my own personal bubble. And when I see myself… I just… well… I don't like what I see…" He said, brushing the roof of his glasses as he looked down, a sad expression on his face.

"Why?" Jo asked.

"Why don't you like yourself?" Brick asked, finishing what Jo wanted to ask.

"I'm…not happy… not just with myself but with my grades too… they're all A's…except… I know it sounds ridiculous but…I'm actually failing..."

"In Woodshop…" Once again everyone's eyes were all on their new speaker, Cameron. They all looked shocked at the fact that probably the smartest kid in school was actually failing something. "You see we had a project where we had to make this like-ceramic beaver. We had at least a month to do it. The tail on the beaver is like a switch where you press it and the little light at the front turns on… But mine didn't go on…

"So I got an F on it…"

A expression of disappointment on his face, making the others Jo and Brick feel sorry for the little guy. Dawn put her hand on his shoulder, she knew that by his aura that he had rather high expectations to live up to for a boy who lives a sheltered life.

"I've never gotten an F in my life…and I'm being honest and my mom was always fair with me when she was still homeschooling me and she always made sure that I studied…"

"Before I took woodshop, I thought I was playing it smart and that a class like woodshop would be a breeze and I could maintain my grade point average."

Scott scoffed, "Then you're a fucking idiot."

"I'm a fucking idiot because I can't make a flashlight?" Cameron asked growing bolder and more defensive.

"No you're a genius because you can't make a flashlight. I mean what made you think that you could take woodshop if you didn't even know how to do any of it?"

"Have you seen some of those dunderheads take woodshop? Like that Duncan, or Owen Fisher or Geoff Davis?"

"I take shop." Scott mentioned.

Cameron nodded, "Exactly."

"Hey at least I'm passing woodshop I have A's in that class." Scott smirked at a pouting Cameron.

"Well at least I'm passing my other classes." He spoke up, defending himself for a change. Scott looked at him, surprised at the spine he's grown.

"Look… neither of you is any better than the other one so no more fighting please?" Dawn said, the last thing they needed was for Scott to have an unfair advantage at picking a fight with the small Cameron.

"I can touch my ear with my toe." Jo said out of the blue.

Brick decided to join in, "I-I could fix the rip on a shirt, with just a needle and thread."

"I can talk to animals." Dawn said, earning an incredulous look from everyone

"I can make spaghetti." Cameron said.

Scott looked at everyone and thought What the hell? "I can touch my nose with my toungue." Everyone looked at him and started laughing, including him. It was funny how some people can start amusing conversations out of little things.

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