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Lantean Historical Summary – Atlantis on its way back to Pegasus finds itself in the TNG universe but the same time period (2012) after setting down on a planet to enact the repairs to the star drive, they came upon a horrible discovery, they were in an alternate universe, so alternate that the Stargate system didn't exist, after fifty years, and resound to the fate they faced.

The new Lantean's took stock of the quickly evolving galaxy around them, noting that they would need more time than they were given if their new society was to survive, they enacted a plan, using the recently installed Asgard computer core, they built hundreds of Time Dilation field generators, and spread them around the outer edge of the solar system, and activated it.

One hundred years outside the field was equal to a thousand years inside the field, and there the quickly moving Lantean colony expanded, utilising the ancient genetic acceleration device, they evolved themselves to the same evolutionary standing point of the ancients, when they left the milky way for Pegasus.

Following the footsteps of the ancients, they continued their search of science and understanding, after five hundred years inside the field, the first Replicator/Lantean hybrid was created, what the replicators in the past had lacked was a soul and a true conscience, this allowed the new reborn Asurans to finally see the "Human Point of View" that the others had lacked, there were originally three; Poseidon, Thor and Morgan.

Eventually more Asurans were created, and they became part of the civilisation, considered a separated ethnicity than a race the Asurans were part of the new Lantean civilisation

The new Lantean civilisation took to the other habitable world in the star system in the year 700 and began mining the moons in the system in the year 1100 to help with the materials needed for the continuing construction of Eos

When the time dilation field was erected it was decided that two thousand years inside the field was sufficient, in the year 1850 the construction of Aurora class battleships began, the design was slightly refined, allowing the ship to function as a battleship as well as a science and exploratory vessel as well

When the field was lowered the Lantean's found a galaxy in chaos, quickly forming colonies on habitable worlds they consolidated their place in the galaxy, their interactions with Klingon's did not end well for the Klingon's, it was so bad that when the Klingon-Federation war ended, the Klingon's never mentioned the dark secret that lay on their border.

Captain's personal log - The enterprise sits in star base 001, undergoing repair from her trip to twenty second century earth, meanwhile I have been informed of a new member of my crew, a Lieutenant Asher.

"Lieutenant Asher has one of the highest passing scores of any to go through the academy, she majored in stellar cartography and warp field theory, her graduating thesis was on the existence of multi-universal interaction, she received high honours and is considered one of the leading experts in stellar evolution," Data explained to Picard and Riker, as they walked down one of the multiple interior corridors of the Enterprise

"The enterprise is scheduled to leave on its new mission in five hours, you will be working with Lieutenant Asher Mr. Data," Picard said turning into the transporter room

On arrival in the transporter room of the Enterprise-e lieutenant Hermes Asher took notice of four occupants, one was the transport operator, the other three was the commanding officers of the enterprise; Captain Picard, Commander Riker and Lieutenant cmdr Data, Picard stepped forward and greeted her, "Dr. Hermes Asher reporting for duty," she said

"Welcome aboard lieutenant," Picard said referring to her Starfleet rank rather than her doctoral status, walking of the platform, she acknowledged both Riker and Data

"I have been informed you and I will be working together on this mission," Data said

"Yes Commander Data, your information of the rogue star cluster in sector 852, was quite helpful, the admiral suggested that I work with you," Data nodded at her reply, it was Riker who asked the next question as they walked out of the transporter room,

"What is your purpose on the enterprise for the upcoming mission?" Hermes stopped and turned to the commander,

"during my work with stellar cartography, I noticed several discrepancies in the Starfleet charts, and that of the charts acquired by other races within the federation, after investigating further, I noticed several sections of space on the Klingon-Federation border, where there are gaps, the largest gap of uncharted space being about forty light-years, by eighty light-years," she continued walking down the corridor, already knowing exactly where her quarters were,

Picard caught up with her, "is that the reason behind the Enterprise's new mission," she nodded her head in confirmation,

"If these sections of space are not part of the Klingon Empire, the admiral wants us to investigate," she waited at the turbo lift door, "If you'll excuse me captain, I have some work to do, before we disembark," She said

"Of course, perhaps you'll be able to answer some more questions later," he said, before walking off

Hermes entered the turbo lift with the Data entering wither her, and she asked for deck 14, spending the next few moments in silence they exited the turbo lift and headed for stellar cartography, upon entering stellar cartography she entered the select coordinates for the discrepant sectors of space, entering in her modified stellar map, Data saw immediately that the layering effect of several star charts including Klingon ones showed the sectors of space that was claimed by no specific race,

"If what you are showing is true, how come no one investigated this before?" he asked, turning to Data,

"As far as any person in Starfleet was concerned this part of space was part of the Klingon Empire, and this is where we are headed." She said

"If the Klingon's have no claim to them, why would they hide it from the federation, and what has stopped them from taking it?" Data asked

"Who knows," Hermes replied softly

Meanwhile on the bridge, captain Picard was going over the new mission specs, after formally informing the commanding officers of the Enterprise of the mission he was glad that one of the Enterprise's first missions after her run in with the Borg and subsequent trip back to twenty-second century earth was one of scientific inquest and discovery, and not one that required them to investigate something less than that, "captain star base has given us the clear, we are signalled to embark," the helm officer said,

"Very well, one quarter impulse, take us out," he replied.

The enterprise slowly accelerated towards the exit of the star base, slowly her bulk emerged from the large mushroom cap shape of the star base, "helm take us to mission coordinates, warp 7, engage," the enterprises powerful warp engine came online and with a flash she accelerated to warp speeds.

After several hours of work, Hermes retired to her quarters, they were spacious and had a beautiful view of the streaking space before her, "It still lacks the beauty of hyperspace though," she muttered to herself

there was a beeping sound coming from the door, signalling someone wished to enter, "come in," she said, the door opened with a hiss, and Counsellor Troi entered,

"Hello, I came to check how you are doing," she said walking into the room,

"thanks, I'm doing fine, although I can't do much until we get to our coordinates," she replied, Deanna was taken off guard by strange feeling emitting from the woman, making a mental note to take it up with captain Picard later,

"That's an interesting name you have there, Hermes, isn't that the name of a Greek god?" she asked sitting on a chair,

thinking of a proper response Hermes sat down across from the counsellor, "my parents had a warped sense of humour," she replied with a smile, again Deanna was still half paying attention she could feel something from her, but more than a single feeling, it was like an ocean of emotion; joy, sorrow, pain, sadness and regret. It was so confusing

"Is something wrong counsellor?" Hermes asked, smiling at her "no nothing I'm just probably tired, I'll see how you're doing tomorrow" and with that she left.

Exhaling with relief, Hermes had felt her emphatic abilities cross her conscious like a finger touching skin, she had been concerned what an empath would feel in close proximity to her, she knew exactly why the counsellor was confused, to share with one Asuran was to share with all Asura, the thoughts and emotions of her people were all linked, so that if one was lost, they were never truly alone.

Heading towards the turbo lift, Deanna asked for the bridge, her head was still reeling back from the cacophony of motion that she had felt, she exited the lift onto the bridged to find the three people she needed to talk to who had turned to see who had come onto the bridge, "Captain, Will, Data, can I speak to you a moment?"She asked

"My Ready room," Picard said

As they walked into Picard's ready room, Picard to his seat behind his desk "now Deanna what did you want to talk to us about?" Riker asked,

"It's about Lieutenant Asher; there is something odd about her,"

Picard leant forward on the desk, and "what do you mean?"

Deanna thought for a moment before she responded, "I went to talk to her, to see how she was settling in, and when I got close to her, I felt something that I'd never felt before"

"And what would that be counsellor?" Data asked

"It was like I was sitting in a crowded room, and I could feel every emotion of the people in that room, wave after wave of emotion, it was quite innerving," She replied

Riker sat next to her, "is it possible for a single person to give off so much emotion?" he asked,

"No, usually a person is capable of giving of only three or four emotions at the best of times, I felt thousands," she said cradling her head in her hands

"Have you ever encountered something similar?" Data asked

"Multiple times, always from the same source," Deanna replied

"The Borg," Picard said seriously

"Yes," Deana replied without lifting her head

"Do you believe she is some kind of high tech Borg?" Riker asked concerned

"Not possible," Data replied

"Why is that?" Picard asked

"Although the implants Borg use differ slightly from drone to drone, and even after our analysis of the remnants of the Borg Queen, we are able to ascertain that the Borg need certain key implants to function correctly, and we are able to screen and even detect them, Lieutenant Asher has none of them, there were a few oddities in her transporter log, but nothing out of the ordinary," Data explained

"What kind of oddities?" Riker asked

"Lieutenant Asher has Neutronium braces in her skeleton, due to an explosion that happened in her home when she was five," Picard replied looking at the medical file he had just brought up on his screen,"

"Oh," Riker said calming down, "Could she be a spy," Riker added

"I'm not sure number One, Data keep an eye on her, just in case" Picard said after a moment

"Yes captain" he replied, with that they exited and returned to their normal duties

Laying on her bed Hermes felt the familiar presence of a subspace link being opened within her neural cortex, the room around her vanished to be replaced by a round room with wooden floors and stain glass windows, before her was a figure she instantly recognised his tall broad frame, dressed in casual clothing of black and Grey, his storm grey eyes and short black hair, the first of their kind to be made since the destruction of the original Asurans , "Poseidon," she said acknowledging the leader of the Asurans, a member of the Lantean High Council,

"Hermes," he said warmly, "Are you ready?" He asked

"Yes, the Enterprise will arrive at the Lantean Border in four days," she replied,

"I'm sending Thor on the Leonidas, if Push comes to shove; a Lantean battleship might stop them from doing anything Rash," he said, taking this information in,

"I'm almost home," She said allowing that thought and the emotion to spread throughout her body, and then outwards through subspace to the others, she felt the returning waves of joy and was rocked gently to sleep by the soothing waves of emotion, as she slept a single tear formed in her eye, as she dreamed of home

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