Atlantis – Lantea

The Concilium tower of Atlantis was busy, this tower on the north pier contained the offices of the Lantean government, although the council chambers were still in city operations, the high council of Lantea needed its own building, from this building every decision from fleet movements to civic labour were carefully monitored.

But on this day the tower was busy, practitioners of law and government ran about the tower quickly performing their task, the long-range sensors aboard Atlantis had deduced the arrival of the Federation vessel Enterprise.

The gate room had been checked and double checked, the Atlantis security dressed in their battle uniform stood at secure locations, their weapons visible not to intimidate but to inspire awe, the full Lantean council consisting of; High Councillor Helia Emmagan, Asuran Councillor Poseidon Asura, Science and Research Councillor Erina McKay, Health and Education Councillor Karina Zalenka, Natural Resources councillor Carlos Lorne, Civic Councillor Eliza Sheppard and Military affairs Councillor Gaius Dex, plus; Supreme commander of the Lantean fleet Thor Asura, Eos Civic councillor Morgan Asura and Master Todd

There were some curious onlookers who had managed to get a spot in the control centre above the gate room, and the occasion was also being documented by several news reporters and journalists for the Eos chronicle.

Poseidon's eyes grew distant, after regaining focus her turned to Helia, "Charon reports that the enterprise has docked at Tropaeum station and are prepared to beam down the senior staff," he whispered

"Tell Charon, they have permission to beam down," Helia replied

There was a slight chiming sound as scattered blue lights formed as seven people appeared, apart from Picard and Deanna the other fives faces were filled awe and wonder.

"Crew of the Enterprise, on behalf of the Lantean high council," Helia said gesturing at the council members behind her "We welcome you to the Ancient city of Atlantis," Helia said

"Thank-you," Picard replied

Riker was beside himself, here he was standing in the city of Atlantis, the only thing that dampened his awe was the fact 'how did the name of an alien city find its way to earth,' Riker thought

Riker noticed the pale green skinned alien looking at him with a quizzical look, averting his gaze he turned his attention back to the high councillor

She appeared to be in her mid fifties, and wore white and green, the rest of the high council wore colours of; green, white, black, blues and browns of all shades

"Sorry about the need for a detour captain, but if you had continued along your trajectory you would have found yourself in hot water very quickly," Thor said

"Oh?" Picard asked

"It is a standard test of ability; the graduating class of the academy participate in mock battles to determine their true ability under the stress of battle. Our resident expert on warp field technology was sure that the weapons aboard the ships could most definitely cause fatal damage to the Enterprise," Helia replied

The rest of the high council nodded their heads in agreement

"Now why don't we move to a more comfortable location?" Helia asked

The Enterprise crew followed the high council up the staircase, the High council turned left, only leaving Helia with the enterprise crew. The Enterprise crew looked out the wide window and took in the spectacular view of the city on the mainland.

"Wow, now that's a view!" Geordie exclaimed

"The city of Eos was constructed a thousand years ago, when the population on Atlantis grew, it was named the civic Capital of Lantea," Helia explained

"I thought Atlantis was the capital?" Riker asked

"It is; Whilst Eos is the capital of Lantea, Atlantis is the Capital of the entire Lantean Domain," Helia said with a smile

"The View of Eos from space would define it more along the lines as Megalopolis," Data said

"You are quite right Mr. Data, Eos is the largest city in Lantean space, and has over four point eight million citizens living there," Helia said

"How many Lantean's live on Lantea?" Doctor Crusher asked

"Just over eight million people live on Lantea," Helia replied, "Captain Picard and Ms Troi; I believe you are the ones representing the federation and its interests in these discussions?" Helia asked

Picard nodded an affirmative reply

"Commander you and the rest of your group can take a tour of Atlantis, I'm sure you'll find it an eye opener," Helia said and lead Picard and Deanna into the council room.

"Who is our tour guide?" Riker asked

"That would be us," Thor said from the bottom of the staircase

"Commander Riker, This is Morgan Asura, she is the current head of the Eos civic council and this is Master Todd, he generally works at the Promethean ship yards," Thor said gesturing at the two others

There was a mixture of replies and introductions

"Well then on to the tour, this is the central nexus of Atlantis, from here most if not all of Atlantis's functions can be controlled, it is divided into two levels which you can clearly see, the upper section contains; city operations to the left and the council chamber to the right," Thor said gesturing at the locations

"What is the significance of the ring on the lower floor?" Geordi asked

"Ah, that is the Stargate," Morgan replied, she gestured for the group to follow her into city operations, which had temporarily been moved to the auxiliary control room in the south west pier

"The Stargate is one of the most advanced pieces of engineering that we know of," Thor said standing in front of a console with thirty-six triangular buttons, "from this console the gate is operated,"

"What is the purpose of the Stargate?" Data asked

"to put it simply for the non-technologically inclined," Morgan said "by imputing seven symbols, we can create an artificial sub-space wormhole connecting this gate to another identical gate light years away, all one has to do is step through the wormhole to find themselves near instantaneously transported to another world," She finished explaining

There was shock and awe on; Riker's, Geordi's and Doctor Crusher's faces, this culture, and this civilisation had mastered wormhole technology,

"From other consoles we can activate Atlantis's; Shield and cloak and a few additional weapons systems," Poseidon explained

"You possess cloaking technology?" Geordi asked impressed

"Yes, we have cloaking technology, and as far as we know it is completely undetectable," Thor replied

"the cloaking technology of the; Klingon's and the Romulan's pale in comparison," Todd added from behind the group, which caused Doctor Crusher to jump a little out of shock

"You mentioned weapons, what might they include?" Riker asked

"Besides the Drone weapons, there are the Plasma ion cannons, those are installed on the roof of the high buildings of Atlantis, but they were installed during a time when there was always a near constant threat to the city. And although they haven't been used in a while, they are stil in perfect working order," Thor replied

"Shall we move on?" Morgan asked

The tour of Atlantis was an eye opener, the enterprise crew had learned many great things about the Lantean capital, and Doctor Crusher was amazed at the medical technology of the Lantean's. But none were quite prepared for the bombshell that was about to be dropped on them

"And this is the Chair interface room," Thor said leading them into the room

"What is the function of this room commander Thor?" Data asked politely

"Most of the time, when major upgrades are needed to be implemented into the city's major systems, instead of typing lines of complex computer code, a person can simply sit in the chair and do it mentally, and it also serves a vital function as well," Thor replied

"And what is that?" Riker asked curiously

"Although we are capable of firing drones from the consoles in city operations, it is much easier to do it from here, and this chair is the safest known way of flying Atlantis," Thor said casually

"WHAT!" Geordi and Riker exclaimed at the same time

Morgan smiled at their reaction, "Captain Picard made a similar reaction when he was told that tidbit of information too,"

"This city can fly," Riker choked out

"Capable of not only interstellar but intergalactic flight," Thor said with a sly grin

Geordi and Riker were flabbergasted, during their tour they had walked past several large windows that opened up onto the view of Atlantis, its sheer size now took on an entirely new meaning when they had found out that the city could fly.

They continued on with the tour showing labs and other rooms throughout the vast city-ship

"Tell me Commander, how many power modules does the city require to function?" Data asked

"On average a single type one ZPM is all the power that the city requires, some functions on Atlantis require three ZPM's to properly function, such as; Atlantis's Star drive would require three ZPM's to safely execute a Jump into Hyperspace. Although it can be done on the power of only two," Thor replied

"Does the city not utilise the more advanced type II ZPM?" Data further enquired

"The High council have debated on that issue since the Type II module was first created, but there hasn't been a need for it," Morgan replied

"The type II modules, are used in places where having a single module instead of three would be easier, such as the Promethean ship yards," Todd explained his deep voice sending chills down Doctor Crushers spine

"The power grid in Eos is powered by several type II modules, distributed around the city, with type one Module's tied directly into the Planetary Defence grid!" Thor said

"Defence Grid?" Riker asked

"The Lantean Defence grid is a series of shield arrays and ground to space weaponry, strategically placed around the planet. They were implemented during the Borg contact years; when it was a distinct possibility that the Borg might make a run at Lantea itself. Although it never happened, it is a comfort to know that it is there,"

Thor tuned a corner and walked into a room which the others followed

The group looked around the room and saw two large machines that appeared to be the Lantean equivalent of a shuttle

"These are Puddle Jumpers, their name stems from a moment of levity from the first military commander of Atlantis, and since that time, the name has stuck, they are referenced in the Atlantis archives as Navicula Portis, but the name has never been seriously used." Thor said leading the group into one of the Puddle Jumpers.

Thor and Morgan took the pilot seats, with Data and Geordi sitting behind them, Doctor Crusher and Data stood in the door way, and Todd sat down in the rear compartment

The rear hatch of the Jumper closed, whilst the Jumper floated in the air due to its anti-grav drive, sending a command code to open the Bay doors, the crew of the enterprise watched with open mouths as the view from the transparent shield showed a dark blue subaquatic view.

"There are two separate Jumper bays in Atlantis, one is at the top of the central spire, the other is underwater," Thor said as they sped out of the jumper bay

The jumper zoomed underwater before breaching out of the water, to give the onlookers an unparalleled view of the Lantean capital, the jumper weaved through the buildings as Morgan and Thor told them the history of Lantea

"By your standard time, it has two hundred and seventy years ago when Atlantis came to this world, its hyperspace engine damaged, the city was brought down to the surface in order to perform repairs," Thor said

"What was wrong with the engines?" Geordi asked

"There was an overload in the hyperspace engines that lead to an explosion," Thor replied

"At first they tried to contact their home world, but with no avail, and after years they eventually gave up, and thus Lantea was born, when it became obvious that the galaxy around them was changing at a faster pace than our civilisation could match, the first administrator of Atlantis decided to use a time dilation field around the entire Lantean system,"

Geordi whistled with wonder, "That must have required a lot of power," he said

"Indeed, at first it seemed like it wouldn't work, but it did, they field was designed to utilise very little energy, and the generators could be refuelled from inside the field," Thor said

"What building is that," Riker exclaimed

The other Starfleet occupants looked out the window to see a tower of incredible proportions sticking out of the Eos skyline like an emergent tree from a rainforest canopy.

"What is the purpose of the Building before us Commander Thor?" Data asked

"That Building is the Astrum-Ensis, also known as the Star Sabre tower. It is nine hundred metres tall, exceeding the central spire of Atlantis in height by one hundred metres, as for its function; that building is the central part of the Lantea Academy," Thor replied

As the puddle jumper neared the large thin building that like its name denoted looked like a sabre blade. The Starfleet officers could see a huge open complex of spires with the 'sabre' tower in the middle separated by lush lawns and gardens

"Due to the massive influx of students at the academy the buildings that comprise it are large, in fact the bottom third of the Astrum-Ensis is dormitories," Morgan explained

"Is this the only major academic institution on Lantea?" Beverly Crusher asked

"On Lantea itself, Yes," Thor replied bring the shuttle down into a bay on the ground

"So there are others?" Beverly asked

"There are four major academies throughout the Lantean territory, there is; the Lantean academy also known to its students and faculty as sword point academy which teaches a variety of subjects from the arts to the sciences and everything in between. The other three are post graduate campuses which deal with specialties and they are; Agra Academy, Promethea Academy and Idavoll Academy," Morgan explained

"I am assuming; Agra, Promethea and Idavoll are planets," Beverly asked

"Yes, Agra is a lush teraformed moon, in a star system three light years from here, Promethea is an industrial centre in the Lantean domain, that is where as I'm sure you've heard us say several times is where our ship construction facility is, and Idavoll, is on a world that only really has two seasons, humid and wet and cold and wet, although it has the most wonderful diversity of life that I have ever seen," Morgan replied as they walked across the quad from the jumper bay

Walking about they saw other Starfleet officers taking in the site of Sword point academy, "I see that Poseidon and the High Councillor were able to convince Captain Picard to allow the rest of the enterprise crew to take a gander about the city," Morgan said

"If you don't mind me asking, where are we going?" Geordi asked Thor

"You'll see in a minute," Thor replied

As they entered the large tower, the group stopped whilst the Starfleet officers except Data gasped

The interior Atrium was stunning, the first three stories were an open room, there were four large statues of four separate aliens standing in a large indoor fountain, a holographic milky-way galaxy slowly rotating over their granite heads,

"Its wonderful, who are the statues of?" Beverly asked

"Those are the statues of the four great races, now extinct," Thor said

"The four great Races?" Data asked

"Ten thousand years ago, galactic standard time, there was an Alliance of the four greatest races ever to inhabit the galaxy; The Asgard, The Nox, The Furling and the Ancients," Morgan said pointing at each of the statues in turn

"This memorial in their honour is to inspire the students of this academy to aspire for greatness, whilst instilling the notion that a single person cannot bear the burden alone," Thor further added

Several Hours Later

The Crew of the enterprise all lounged in a large spacious apartment that had been set aside for them during their stay on Lantea, Picard had a wide smile on his face as he listened to the 'report' his senior crew members were giving him

"It seems you all had a full day," Deanna said

"Indeed," Picard said taking a sip of a luxurious Lantean tea

"Their culture is quite incredible," Data said, making Picard smile at the Androids antics

"Their medical knowledge is incredible," Beverly Added

"Their Technology captain is amazing," Geordi said

"Well then number one, what do you think of Atlantis," Picard said turning to Riker

"It is more incredible and more amazing than anything I have ever seen," He replied with a smile

"Yes, yes, yes, it is all very amazing," said the voice of someone that everybody knew, and one that filled their souls with dread of what was to come

Picard slowly turned his head to see Q of all 'people' leaning against the wall next the the large window, a wicked gleam in his eye and a puckish grin on his face

"Q!" everybody exclaimed

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