Red stood there on the top of Mt. Silver waiting patiently a challenger worthy to gain the title of Pokemon Master. He sneezed as the icy cold wind blows at Red's face. His Pikachu played in the snow by making snow Pikachus and angels. Red smiled at his favorite Pokemon. Despite the harsh climate, it wasn't so bad once you have your Pokemon with you. Another sneeze came out.

Footsteps came from behind him. Red sighed and knew that there was another challenger wanting to beat him. He turn around and to his surprise it was Leaf. She was wearing a blue coat with large buttons and a green mitten on each hands. Her brown hair was longer and her white hat was a bit torn. She wore black boots along with large blue snow pants. She too was in shock. Has it been that long? His Pikachu went out further into the snow, Red's not worried about him, he probably went off to find more snow to play.

"R-Red..." was all Leaf could say. Too shock to say anything else and too happy to see him still in one peace.

Red took a step forward and was still surprise how much Leaf have grown. He then took another step and stopped.

"Leaf..." muttered Red as he couldn't contain his excitement any longer.

Leaf was the first to respond as she rushes towards Red tackling him down on the snow catching him by surprise.

"You idiot..." she cries into his chest. Red doesn't know what to do. So instead he embraces her. She then in returns the favor. Oh god had they miss each other. They could feel each others warmth and comfort.

"Red...there's some things I need to tell you." Leaf stopped crying as she looks at Red.

Red nodded as they both sat back up straight.

"Red. Pallet Town has gone dark. The town has become lifeless..." Leaf said. This shock Red as a strange guilty sensation ran through his veins. He knew he was the one responsible for this.

"Blue left Pallet town and went out to Johto to gather the remaining badges to go against you. He clearly misses you too Red." Leaf smiled weakly at Red.

"What about mom? Is she okay?" Red asked. Leaf shook her head and this made Red's blood grow colder than the harsh weather of Mt. Silver.

"She's sick Red. She has cancer on her liver. The doctors says it'll be a year before she'll pass away." Leaf sadly responded. "Professor Oaks takes care of your mother. He comes by after work."

"Mom's sick?" trembled Red as he couldn't believe what he had just heard. Red's hands shook in fury as he tries to contain his anger. Here he was on Mt. Silver trying to fulfill his destiny and his mom is now lying in bed with cancer. He wanted to leave, but Leaf stopped him before he could stand up.

"Red. Please...I know your upset, but if you leave now. The Pokemon League will..." Leaf paused there and she fumbled between words.

"What is it Leaf? My mom is dying and I need to be there for her!" shouted Red.

"Red...if you leave now. You'll die!" Leaf cried.

"What do you mean?" questioned Red and he looks even more puzzle than ever.

"Not only you, but your mom too! The Pokemon League was jealous of your victory at the Elite Four. They set this all up! The letter that your mom received said 'If you value your son's life, you must do what we ask you to do. Allow your son to Mt. Silver and stay there for ten years, if you do not comply, we'll come by and kill him without you realizing it. Do not think that the Pokemon Forces will arrest us. We are the government officials. We hold the power.'

"Who's the champion at the Elite Four now? asked Red as his nostrils flares up.

"I-I I'm sorry Red...I just..." bursts of tears cascaded down on her face. She sobbed between her words. Red embraced her as she returns the affection.

She finally calms down as she tries to control herself.

"Do you know how I obtain this information Red? questioned Leaf as she sniffle.

"I don't" asked Red fearing something worse is yet to come.

"After I traveled through Johto and Kanto I finally arrived at the Elite Four. After defeating all of them I've...finally reached...the champion." Leaf muttered when she said champion. Something was up with Leaf, but Red continues to listen to her.

"The champion had to go somewhere official while my Pokemon's data was registering on the charts. I sneaked in the back room that only the main Elite Fours can enter. I dig through files of papers under your name and apparently they've been watching you this whole time Red."

"What!? They've been spying on me this whole time!?" Red shouted.

Leaf nodded. "Not only that, but they've kept records of time you've defeated the gym leaders. They were worried about your success and achievements. I then stumbled upon the letter that your mom received. After reading through it. I was caught by the...champion." Leaf paused and it seems like she doesn't want to go any further.

"I..I..." Leaf couldn't finish it. Instead fresh new tears fell down on her face.

"Leaf? What's wrong?" Red questioned her with a soft tone.

"I can't say it hurts just talking about it!" Leaf cried even harder. This made Red even more guilty and he too was about to cry.

"I'm sorry Leaf. If you don't want to tell me...Thats-" Red tries to comfort her. But she cut him off.

" have to hear this." Leaf cried. Although it pains her to say it.

"I was thrown into a cellar. A medieval like cellar filled with torture devices and other horrible things. I was...I was...beaten, tortured, starved, and almost dehydrated. They say this was punishment for even looking at your file. They said that it was just the beginning of my torture." Leaf muffled a cry. She couldn't say it anymore. She couldn't even look at Red as if she's ashamed to face him.

"Leaf...I can't've went through all of that." Red is now in tears as he tightly embraces her even more. He didn't want to hear her suffer anymore. He didn't want to hear anyone close to him suffer just for the sake of him.

"Red...I was...I...was..." Leaf stuttered between sobs and chokes. Red didn't want to hear it.

"I was...raped. I was raped by the champion of the Elite Four Lance." Leaf finally said it. This made her cry against Red's chest. Red too cried. He embraced her not wanting to let go. He wanted to protect her from everything, but couldn't do it himself. Red opened his eyes and saw Leaf's neck was cut by a sharp object. There were scratch marks and burned bruises on her neck. It was just the neck too He didn't want to see the rest of the pain she had to endure.

"Leaf...I'm so sorry...I'm so fucking sorry..." Red sobbed.