This is it guys, the last chapter of Broken, the CANON (Good Real Ending) of Broken! It's been a long run, but it's finally coming to an end. What will happen to our protagonists? Read to find out. Read the previous chapters to find out more!

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Red ran as fast as he could through the dark forest while being chase down the soldiers that Professor Oak have called a few hours ago. Red turns his head around and saw at least a dozen flashlights moving around like it's a party raid, some of them stood still and Red knew what that means, they're going to fire. The automatic weapon fired at Red as he ducked out of the incoming fire. Red quickly made a right turn, but he slipped by the wet mud. He was covered in mud as his black T-shirt is stained by dark brown dirt; Red quickly got back up and ran again as the soldiers behind him are gaining. Thoughts ran through his head as he remembers what had happen before he ran off into the forest while being chase down by the government soldiers.

"Red this is crazy! You're going to die if you run off like that! Leaf won't be able to forgive herself!" Lyra shouted with tears in her eyes. Red shook his head as he looks down at Leaf, the dying girl that he's carrying in his arms.

"There's got to be another way Red! Don't throw your life away so easily!" Silver shouted at Red as he clenches his fists.

"Like I said before, I won't die. I made a promise to Leaf that I won't die at all. Even if the odds are small I will make it!" Red exclaimed back as he took a step forward towards Silver.

"You're fucking crazy Red! You're going against the government forces; they will not stop until the mission is complete! Red! Let us do this for you!" Silver yelled back with an angry glare. Lyra looked at the two young men as they argue each other. She doesn't know what to do.

"Th-Then…if I don't make it. Tell Leaf that I'm sorry! I can't let you do this to you guys, you're…you're both very important to me. I don't want to lose another friend." Red said as he looked down with his red cap shielding his wet tear eyes. Silver and Lyra were taken aback. Red remembered what Blue had said to Red, to live for her. He would honor that last request from his dead friend, and it's not only that, it's for Leaf too. He loves Leaf too much and if this is a way to save her without causing anymore casualties, then so be it. Let him die.

"Please Silver…I'm begging you. Take her, don't let her die…do this for me." Red begged as he fell onto his knees. Silver slowly walk towards Red as he kneels down and looked at him. Red looked back with tears in his eyes, he really meant it.

"Red…you know that Leaf…will…you know she won't be the same if something happens to you." Silver said as he outstretches his arms out. Red looked at Silver and gave him a weak smile. Red handed over his beloved to Silver. Silver scoops Leaf under his arms as he stood back up. Red stood back up too as he handed Silver his hat.

"Red...are you sure about this?" Silver asked as he looked at Red. Red nods his head slowly, but confidently as he wipes his eyes.

"Anything for Leaf, please give her this hat and let her keep the jacket." Red said with a weak smile. Silver shuts his eyes and looked away while grinding his teeth.

"Red…you idiot…" Lyra said with a whimper. She cried as she fell on her knees. Red bends over and kissed Leaf on the lips for the last time. It was cold, but tender. He finally released her and strokes her long brown hair. Leaf nudged a bit on contact. Red smiled and whispered in her ear, "Stay strong Leaf. I love you." With that, Red ran out towards the main road to draw the soldiers attention at Red. Silver and Lyra could only wait.

"Shit!" Red yelled out as he saw sparks below his foot. They were gaining on him as the soldiers were getting better at hitting their targets. Red turned to the left as he slides against the mud. Red kept running until he hit a cliff. Red immediately stopped as he bends over to look down and saw a bottomless dark pit filled with rocks that is barely visible to the naked eye. Red turned around as he saw the incoming flashlights getting closer. His hands and palms were sweating, the rain made the whole scene look like some sort of horror movie. This was it, now or never.

"Stop right there Red!" One of the soldiers yelled out towards Red. Red looked at the man in the pokemon ranger uniform. He advanced towards Red at gunpoint. Behind him are dozens of other soldiers with flashlights aiming at Red too, in case he did something drastic.

"Red. It's the end of the line for you. You either come with us, or we'll fire at you!" The soldier yelled out as he finally stopped advancing at Red. Red only stared at him with sad eyes. He didn't respond back at the soldier.

"Red, tell us where Leaf is at, otherwise we'll shoot you if you do not comply." Red's face turned into an angry glare. Like hell he's going to give away Leaf's position. It will not only endanger Leaf, but Silver and Lyra too. Like hell.

"Fuck you…" Red only responded back. All he got were a few chuckles from the soldiers, the one pointing at Red chuckled too as he advanced towards him.

"Look buddy, the odds are in our favor, you're not going to get out of this alive unless you cooperate." The soldier said as he came face to face with Red. Red looked up at the taller man.

"You're right. I'm not getting out of here alive. However, I'm not going to cooperate either!" Red yelled back as he turned around and jumped down the dark steep cliff. Everyone gasped as they all ran towards the cliff and look down.

"Holy fuck, this guy is crazy!" The soldier who was pointing the gun at Red exclaimed as he aimed his flashlight down at the cliff.

They couldn't find a body or any blood down at the cliff as they scanned the area with their flashlights.

"Tomorrow morning, I'll go down here by myself to see if he's dead or not. I want you guys to patrol the area at the top incase he tries to climb his way out. It will be better if one person were to go down to cause less tension and sound movements." The soldier ordered as he looked at his men. They all nodded their heads as they return back to camp.

"H-How is she doctor?" Lyra asked the doctor as she wipes the tears off her eyes. The doctor who is male looked at her reassuringly and smiled.

"She's going to make it, but barely and she'll be up tomorrow. We called her parents already and they're coming all the way back from Sinnoh. I am curious on how she got a bunch of scars, burns, and bruises though." The doctor said as he flipped up the paper from his clipboard. Lyra smiled and thanked the doctor and ran down the hall towards the waiting room where Silver sat down waiting for her.

"Great news Silver, she'll make it!" Lyra shouted out in joy as she hugged the surprised red headed boy. Silver smiled as he let go of Lyra.

"That's great news Lyra, now you'll be able to tell her that you're sorry." Silver happily said. Lyra nodded her head with a smile, but then it slowly turned into a frown as she looked down on the floor.

"What is it Lyra?" Silver questioned as he lifted up her chin.

"I-I don't know how we're going to tell Leaf about Red. She'll be so devastated." Lyra sadly said as she had a few tears in her eyes. Silver frowned too as he wiped the tears off of her eyes.

"I know Lyra…but she has to know." Silver said as he placed his lips on hers. Lyra was surprised as her eyes bulged out, but soon her eyes lowered down and kissed Silver back. The thoughts were piling up in her head, was this cheating? Is she cheating on Ethan? No, Ethan would've wanted this way, he wanted her to be happy. Ethan would understand as she kissed Silver even more.

The next following morning have arrived as the soldiers have finally reached at the cliff where Red had jumped down. They've surrounded the whole area and mapped the place where Red might be if he were to escape. The soldier from last night who pointed the gun at Red was buckling himself as he is about to descend down the cliff.

"Pull me up in less than three hours. If I don't find him, the search is off because government themselves don't even know about this mission and if the news get out of hand, it'll be our heads. Is that clear?" The soldier commanded his squads. They all nodded their heads and some of them gave a peace sign. He smiles as he descends down.

Few moments later he finally reached the bottom as he pulled out his primary gun out as he scanned around. There wasn't any blood or tracks anywhere, but there were large rocks and boulders big enough for someone to hide behind. He sighed as he slowly approaches the rocks. One by one he still hasn't found any sign of Red at all. That is until he saw a piece of torn black T-shirt ripped on top of a rock. There was blood on it. The soldier examined it as he picked it up. It was recently and the fabric is still soft, meaning that he's nearby. He pulled out his watch; he already wasted two and a half hours already. The soldier kept walking until he heard something dragging nearby. He raised his gun in case it's a wild pokemon or the prize catch, Red. The sound was coming from the corner of the giant rock as he hid himself against the rock. He breathed in and he quickly vaulted forward, gun pointing and to his surprise, it was Red. He was crawling away with his legs bloodied up as though he was cut by a large hack saw. The soldier felt sorry for him, but the mission must come to an end.

"Freeze!" The soldier commanded as he pointed towards Red. Red stopped as he slowly turns his head around, his eyes were bloodshot red from the falling tears he had spilled, his black hair is dirty and his legs are bandaged up by his torn black T-shirt.

"Shit…" Red whispered to himself. The soldier immediately walked up to him and kneeled down.

"You're coming with me Red. And that's that." The soldier said as he kept his gun aimed at Red. Red didn't both fighting back as he slowly nods his head in defeat and tries to sit back up. The soldier was surprised as he is willing to cooperate with him.

"It's over…I'm sorry Leaf…" Red sadly said as he finally sat back up.

"First I have to fix you up and don't you dare try anything clever, I will shoot you." The soldier said as he dropped his backpack down and pulled out a first-aid kit.

"Do you…ever…have someone you love?" Red suddenly asked. The soldier looked at him in bewilderment as he pulled out the healing ointments and bandages out from the box.

"I do…I'm assuming you're talking about Leaf?" The soldier asked as he took the ointment and placed it on Red's injured leg where Professor Oak shot him. Red hissed in pain and nodded his head.

"What of it?" The soldier asked as he held onto Red's injured leg.

"What will you do…if you're in my position right now?" Red asked as he looked at the soldier. The soldier looked at him and ponders.

"I'll be cussing in my head right about now." The soldier chuckled along with Red. Red hissed again as the soldier poured more ointment on his injured leg and washing away the blood.

"What's your… name?" Red weakly asked as he gulped.

"Tyler. Tyler Carmine, captain of the pokemon marine squad." Tyler responded as he grabbed the white bandages.

"Tyler…" Red whispered to himself as he chuckled a bit.

"Tyler, you've got to let me go…I'm begging you." Red begged as he looks at him. Tyler dropped the bandages as he eyed at Red. Tyler raised an eyebrow as he examines Red.

"Why would I let you go?" Tyler asked as he dropped the bandages. Red shook his head and formed a weak smile on his face.

"I…don't know…I don't even know why I'm asking you to do this…" Red chuckled as he looked down. Tyler just kept looking at Red.

"But…I want to see her again." Red sadly said as he looked at Tyler.

"Leaf right, where is she?" Tyler asked as he put a hand on Red's shoulder. Red shook his head as he ignored Tyler's question.

"Please…find it in your heart…let me go. Let me go find her." Red asked as tears weld up in his eyes. Tyler shook his head.

"No can do boy, I'm suppose to do my job, and that job is to capture both you and Leaf." Tyler said as he let go of Red's shoulder.

"Then…I guess it's a lost cause…the government is more cruel than ever…that Lance." Red cursed as he groaned in pain. Tyler raised an eyebrow again and looked at Red.

"What do you mean Lance?" Tyler asked as he cut the white bandages off and placed it on Red's leg. Red was puzzled.

"Don't you know? Lance did all of this, including Professor Oak. They've set this whole act together; the whole Mt. Silver is a total lie." Red said. Tyler was confused as he firmly placed the bandages on Red's leg.

"What are you talking about? The top government official wouldn't do this on a personal gain. That's illegal even for government standards." Tyler said as he finished the white bandages on Red's leg. Red shook his head.

"You mean…you don't know what Lance did? I thought the government official was working with Lance." Red questioned as he looked at Tyler with a serious face.

"I have no idea what had happen at the Pokemon League, but all I do know is that we were ordered to capture you and Leaf because you're the one who supposedly destroyed the building from what our sources tell us." Tyler responded as he stood back up. Red twiddled his thumbs.

"Do you have any proof of this Red?" Tyler asked as he put his hands on his hips. Red shook his head slowly. Suddenly he realized something, he looked at his pokegear, his eyes widen, his pokegear have been recording the vocals of Lance's this whole time! It's proof enough for him to erase his whole background. Red then looked at Tyler and smiled.

"What?" Tyler asked.

"I do have proof." Red said as he pulled out his pokegear out of his arm and gave it to Tyler. Tyler examined it and pressed on the play button. The recording was on for at least a week. Why was it on, and how did it record on its own? Few seconds later there were voices from the pokegear and it sounded all too familiar to Red.

"Hey…is this thing on? Well anyways, I'm sure Red wouldn't mind if I use this pokegear for a while to record my jouney, I mean I lost my journal, oh well. Anyways, my name is ETHAN GOLDI'm from the little town from New Bark Town all the way to Johto and have finally confronted the pokemon master himself, Red. And I beat him! He passed out and everyone is worried about him, especially Leaf, his girlfriend."

Tyler fast forwarded the pokegear, trying to find the evidence itself. Red smiled, he's really grateful that Ethan have saved him once more. He has a fighting chance. Red was then saddened by Ethan's cruel death. Few moments later, Tyler found the evidences he's looking for. It played the part where Red and his friends were brutally hurt by Lance and his own army. It then talked about the Harvester and the sound effects where Red and Blue were fighting Lance himself along with his pokemon. This was it, the evidence that Lance was using his own power for personal gain, by using the government forces without acknowledgement. Tyler looked at Red, shocked.

"Red…we have proof that you're innocent." Tyler said in shock. Red smiled as he slowly stood up. Tyler help lifted Red off the ground.

"I believe the lab at Pallet Town will have some evidence that Professor Oak was working with Lance." Red said. Tyler nodded his head as he turned on his radio.

"Everyone, mission abort, we have a new objective at hand." Tyler said in the radio. Red smiled happily as he looked up the morning sky.

Leaf woke up that same morning as she cried her eyes out when she found out that Red had died trying to save her along with Silver and Lyra. She tried to reach for the door, but was held against her parents and her two friends. She cried uncontrollably as she curls up into a ball when she collapses on the ground.

"Red…I love you…why?" Leaf sobbed as she held onto his red cap and jacket. Suddenly there were helicopter propellers around the hospital and there were voices outside. Silver and Lyra looked at each other worriedly. They're here, the soldiers!

"Leaf, we have to go! They're here!" Silver commanded. Leaf's parents looked at him, confused. Leaf shook her head as she held onto the items closer to her.

"No! I rather die! I-I-I can't live without him." Leaf sobbed.

"Don't be stupid Leaf! They'll be here any minute!" Lyra cried. Suddenly the door opened to Leaf's room and everything felt like time had just stopped. Silver, Lyra, and Leaf's parents stared in shock as they saw who the person is at the door. Leaf kept her eyes closed as she kept holding onto Red's jacket and hat.

"Can I have those back?" A voice called out so familiar to Leaf that she opened her eyes from that simple statement. Leaf slowly raises her head and her eyes opened widely, fresh new tears fell down on her cheeks, a feeling she hadn't had for a while had suddenly sprung back up. She tried to speak, but no words came out, she was too happy to see the person right before her. It was Red, alive and okay as he kneeled down at her with a bright smile.

"RED!" Leaf cried out as she jumped on him and held on for dear life. Red wasn't caught off guard, but was laughing as he embraced her back. Leaf kept crying filled with mix emotion, fear, happiness, angry, and excitement.

"You stupid idiot, you stupid idiot, don't do that again! I hate you Red…I-"Leaf's outburst was silence once Red's lips touched hers. Her eyes widen from the realization, but soon she kissed him back with more tears falling from her cheeks. They're friends and Leaf's parents smiled by Red's return as they too cried in joy. Red had finally came back and he had kept Leaf's promise. Red finally let go of Leaf and looked into her blue misty eyes.

"I told you…I always keep my promises." Red smiled. Leaf cried more as she kissed him harder than before.

Few months later…there was a funeral being held at Pallet Town. Red, Leaf, Silver, Lyra, Ethan's mom and Leaf's parents were all there including the majority of Johto and Kanto's residence have come. It was one of the biggest funerals ever. There were three coffins with the name indented on the stone tablets that reads Blue Oaks, Mrs. Fire, and Ethan Gold. Next to those coffins there were fifty four pokemon graves with a picture of the pokemon themselves. Red eyed on his favorite pokemon, Pikachu with a sad smile. He then looked at the one that reads Mrs. Fire. He was sad, he never did say goodbye to his mother, and he had an argument with her when he left for Mt. Silver. What kind of a son his he. Leaf looks at him with worries as she placed a hand on his hand. Red looked at her and smiled. Ethan's mom cried uncontrollably, it was very hard on her. Lyra and Silver cried too as they look at Ethan's coffin lowering down.

"Ethan…" Lyra whispered as she looked at the coffin descending down. She suddenly felt a presence behind her as she looked at that direction. Time stood still as her eyes widen in shock, it was Ethan, and he seemed to be okay. Lyra was shock, but just kept looking at him as he advances towards her. Lyra was about to say something, but Ethan placed his hand on her lips. He still has that goofy smile on him.

"Lyra…I know this may seem crazy, but what you're looking at is my spirit. Lyra, I want you to be happy, Silver is a good guy and I know he'll take good care of you because he's my friend." Ethan said with a smile as he looked at Silver. Lyra looked at Silver too and smiled with tears in her eyes. She then turned to look back at Ethan, but he was gone. She looked around, but didn't see him anywhere until she heard a voice.

"Lyra, I will always be in your heart, I love you." A voice that called out that Lyra just heard. She smiled as she looked up at the sky. Silver looked at Lyra and nudged her shoulder.

"What is it Lyra?" Silver asked. Lyra looked at him and kissed him and replied.

"I'll tell you later." Lyra said as she released her lips off of his. Silver gave a puzzled look as he looked at her.

A couple of hours later, the funeral were done; almost everyone was gone, except for a few people left. Red looked down at the three graves as he eyed at the one to the left.

"Blue…I'm glad to have a friend like you. I'm so sorry for everything…and I wish everything went back to the way it was. You're my best friend Blue and I'll always remember you. Thank you Blue, for giving me a fighting chance." Red said as he took out Blue's pokedex out from his pocket and placed it on top of the stone tablet. Red then eyed the grave in the middle.

"Mom…I 'm so sorry…I…I shouldn't have yelled at you. You were right mom…no…you were always right. You've helped me so much and I never did repay you back…I'm sorry mom…I…I wish I can go back in time to fix it…but like you always said…you have to move on. Mom…I love you." Red sadly said as he puts down a banquet of flowers against the stone grave and looked down on the ground. He then turned to the final grave.

"Ethan…thank you…thank you so much for everything. I'm sorry for dragging you on this mess, you didn't deserve that, and I'm glad you turned on that pokegear and left it on." Red said as he chuckled a bit and wiped a few tears off of his face. He then continues.

"Ethan…you've saved me even in death. No…you've saved everyone, you really are a nice guy. I thank you Ethan, truly." Red said as he placed Ethan's black cap with a yellow stripe in the middle on top of the stone tablet. He finally turned his head towards the small grave, Pikachu's grave.

"I'll get you that comforter Pikachu…thanks pal…no thank you everyone." Red said as he eyed on all of the pokemon graves. Red then could hear footsteps coming from behind him. Red turns around and sees Leaf.

"Red…" Leaf silently said as she looked at him. Red smiled as he walked towards Leaf and embraced her. She returned the hug and smiled. They let go of each other and walked away from the gravestone.

"I think they approve Red." Leaf said as she snaked her arms around his. Red looked down at her as they kept walking.

"You think so?" Red questioned. Leaf just nods her head happily.

"So…on the scale of one through ten, how scared were you that I was gonna die?" Leaf asked gleefully as she hopes the answer is a ten.

"Three…" Red simply said. Leaf's eyes were shock as she looked up at Red.

"A three!?" Leaf questioned in bewilderment, and wanting to make sure she heard it right. Red looked back at her.

"Yeah why?" Red asked. Leaf's mouth was open from the shock.

"A…three…" Leaf replied back. Red just raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah, a three." Red replied back, Leaf puffed up her cheeks with a cute glare on her face.

"You were at least a nine." Leaf said. Red rolled his eyes and chuckled.

"A nine, are you kidding me Leaf. Those soldiers were a nine." Red chuckled as he rubbed the back of his head.

"Then what's a ten?" Leaf had to ask. Red quickly replied back.

"Mr. Mimes." Red said. Leaf's jaws nearly dropped more as she looked at him.

"Are you kidding me? Mr. Mimes…over my death?" Leaf replied back.

"Y-Yeah, those things are terrifying, because they remind me of clowns." Red said as he chuckled. Leaf just rolled her eyes.

"Whatever, you were crying when you were carrying me." Leaf said with a smile. Red rolled his eyes and chuckled.

"Oh come on you were unconscious when that happened." Red said as he held onto her more. Leaf giggled too.

"No, I caught a glimpse of you when you carried me." Leaf said with a giggle.

"It was raining." Red replied back.

"Yeah whatever Red, I have Silver and Lyra as my witness." Leaf said with a giggle. Red's face was flushed red.

"I'll give you a three point five, how about that?" Red said with a smile. Leaf just rolled her eyes as she went in for the kiss. Red kissed back as the setting sun shines between the two couple. Leaf pulled back and looked at Red's eyes.

"I love you Red." Leaf said with a smile.

"I love you too Leaf." Red happily stated. They kissed once more, and forgetting everything that had happened to them in the past, but to change for the future.

The End