Sorry that we haven't updated in a while. Unfortunately our schedules just haven't meshed :/ We wanted to let you know that if it seems the story is moving a little to quickly that is because we plan on writing longer chapters and then having the average year span over two or three of these insanely long chapters. We will probably cover the highlights of the year. For more detailed stuff we are going to make a series of one-shots. The one-shots will probably be easier for us to update because we don't have to be together through all of the writing process for those. Remember that we don't own Harry Potter! Thanks for reading! Chapter 3. Me and My Friends Fight my Father and his FriendsJames and Sirius watched in shock as the newest addition to Hufflepuff, walked over to the Slytherin table. It wasn't normal for a Slytherin and Hufflepuff to socialize. Unless the Slytherin was scaring the Hufflepuff. They stared as the two new students walked out of the Great Hall conversing in whispers. Sirius whispered, " Wormtail you should follow them!" Peter scurried out of the Great Hall to follow the odd suspects. When he saw that they were far enough down the corridor he transformed into his animagus shape. Peter's POV "Well this is weird." Peter thought as he scuttled close to the wall. "So what are our plans for the year?" Cedric shot him a look, "Get home alive of course! The last thing we want to do is return home dead. Or not get back at all." Peter was confused, " What were they talking about, Hogwarts was safe wasn't it?" Peter looked up and realized that he couldn't see or hear them anymore they had walked on to far down the hall at that point. With that Peter transformed back into a human and returned to the Great Hall. If he was lucky they weren't done with dinner yet. Once he got back Peter was hounded with questions from James and Sirius, "What were they talking about?" , "Why were they together." and " Do you think they're gay for each other!" were the question that hit the rat first. "They were just talking about getting home alive, apparently they're worried that Hogwarts isn't safe or something." Peter said nonchalantly. "That's it!" James nodded, "I lost them after that.""So they aren't gay for each other!" Sirius whispered." Why is that your main concern!" Remus jumped in."Yeah Padfoot, you fancy one of them or something?" James laughed."No! I'm perfectly straight, just wondering about it. It's a logical reason why they would be together." Sirius defended himself."Friendship never occurred to you?" Remus raised his eyebrow."Why are they acting like I'm not here?" Peter wondered.Cedric's POV

"So what are our plans for the year?" Cedric shot him a look, "Get home alive of course! The last thing we want to do is return home dead. Or not get back at all." "Well what else besides the obvious?" Cedric questioned. "Well lets pull a Hermione and do some research. During free time we'll go in the library and look up current events so it seems like we actually no what's going on in this time." " That sounds like a brilliant plan, but hey there's my common room so I'll be off!" Cedric smiled and left Harry standing in the hall.

"Well, now I know where three of the four common rooms are. That's a nice accomplishment!" Harry thought, attempting to forget that he was in a different time zone for a while.

Harry's POV With Cedric in his common room it was time to begin the long decent into the dungeons that held his new common room. The dungeons were cold and Harry was slightly concerned that the common room and dormitories would have a temperature to match their surroundings. Once he got to the right patch of stone Harry remembered that he didn't have the password. Out of curiosity he said, "Pureblood." The wall swung open. "Apparently generations passwords weren't all that different." he thought,It was then that he noticed that other Slytherins who had also left the feast were staring at him a bit. "Well.. Hello there… Er could someone tell me where I could find the fourth year dormitories?" That could have gone a lot less awkwardly. Harry wanted to face-palm himself. "I can show you up." a voice turned around to see two boys. One he recognized quite quickly. Between the hair and the nose Harry was left with little doubt that he was looking at Severus Snape. "Thanks, so what's your name?" Harry asked as they walked towards the back of the room. "Severus Snape, I'm in the fourth year as well." "I'm, Regulus Black, I'm actually in my second year." "Well that's cool. So what subjects are best here?" Harry was desperately pulling for a conversation topic. Not wanting the walk to go on in silence. "If you ask Snape he'll tell you potions, But personally I prefer charms and transfiguration." Regulus grinned a little."Potions is an excellent subject, you just don't have the patience for it. Now be quite!" Snape snapped. Regulus laughed at the older students disdain. Finally the fourth year dorms had been located. "Well, thanks for the help." Harry smiled. "Its, not a problem." replied had to reflect, who knew Snape was… nice.

Next Day…Remus POVThe marauders were eating in the Great Hall when they just happened to notice, Snape, Regulus Black, and the new Slytherin Harry walk through the doors. James leaned over to Remus, "We should prank them when they leave." "Are you sure that's a good idea, Harry's new here that's not really-" Remus began. But Sirius cut him off, "All the more reason to prank them. It'll be more fun that way!" The other two boys got a slightly crazed gleam in their eyes which made Peter back off and Remus roll his eyes. Those two were way to enthusiastic about their 'pranks'.

Harry's POV Snape and Regulus were actually very nice. Something Harry hadn't expected from Slytherins. Sure everyone always preached that not all Slytherins were bad, but in Harry's normal life any run-in's he'd had with a Slytherin had never turned out well. Maybe it was just because he was now a Slytherin that Severus and Regulus were being kind. The world may never know. When breakfast was over the three Slytherins walked out of the Hall and were about to split ways for their separate classes when a new person called, "Hey Snivellus!"Harry watched Snape roll his eyes., "Just ignore them," Severus said, "And keep walking."

"Are you sure that that's such a good idea?" Harry asked, but then he realized that the other two Slytherins were holding their a few minutes something wet and squishy hit their backs. It smelled like paint. Harry's father, godfather, and their friends had just hit him in the back with fresh paint. When they turned around Severus and Regulus got hit with expelliarmus. Luckily Harry hadn't drawn his wand yet and it was still in his robe pocket. Snape leaned over and whispered. "Point your wand at them and say Levicorpus." Harry did as he was told whispering the spell so that the marauders couldn't hear it. All four of them were lifted up and turned upside-down in the air by their ankles. Unfortunately right then Dumbledore walked out of the Great Hall. "Mr. Jameson, kindly put Mr. Potter., Mr. Lupin, Mr. Pettigrew, and Mr. Black down now." "But Professor, Mr. Black is already on the ground, and you have to make them promise not to prank us." Harry replied boldly. Dumbledore's eyes twinkled. "Please put the elder Black down then. And the rest of you promise."There was much grumbling and groaning from everyone but Remus. Eventually the promise was out and the marauders were dropped on the ground. Students had already piled up in the previously empty corridor. "Someone please ask Mr. Davies to come to my office with the rest of these students." Cedric's POV

Cedric had left the Great Hall early so that he could get to Transfiguration ahead of time. He was sitting at his desk waiting for the rest of his classmates to arrive when a second year ran up. "Scuse me but are you Mr. Davies?" he asked."Yeah, what do you need?" Cedric asked.

"Dumbledore wants to meet you at his office." the small Ravenclaw said and then ran on earth was going on. He hadn't blown his cover or done anything wrong this morning so what could Dumbledore want?

When Cedric got to the office things became a little clearer. On one side sat four Gryffindors and on the other sat three Slytherins. One of the Slytherins was none other than Harry. What had the fourth year gotten himself into on the very first day? Cedric was pretty shocked. As he understood the plan they were both going to go about life at Hogwarts quietly until they could get back to their time, but here Harry was in the Headmasters office, apparently in some form of trouble.

"You wanted to see me Professor Dumbledore?" Cedric asked.

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