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Enough is Enough

Emily Prentiss stepped off the elevator on the BAU floor and slammed through the double glass doors. She headed straight to her desk and through her Go-Bag down; she was pissed, very pissed. She slumped down in her seat and got to work, finishing her report for the case they had just closed, not wanted to be there any longer than she had too. All she wanted to do was go home, soak in the tub and have a nice cold beer or two or maybe five the way things had gone today, she needed to try and forget everything for at least one night.

Morgan came through the doors 2 minutes later "Hey Princess! Why'd you storm off so quickly?"

"You know why Derek, he was pissing me off. I can never catch a break from him; I may as well have a leash round my neck and a big sign on my back saying 'not to be trusted'. Emily didn't want to talk about it but she was too angry to keep her mouth shut and it just so happens that it was her partner that was worried about her.

"Look you know that's not the case, he just was having a bad day and unfortunately you were the unlucky one that got the brunt of it this time…again" he said the last bit quietly not really wanting to rile her even more.

"Exactly Derek….AGAIN, it's always me that he lashes out at when something doesn't go his way, it's me that he doesn't trust STILL, it's been six FUCKING YEARS Derek, I thought I would of proven myself to him by now". Tears had started to slowly fall down her flushed cheeks, she was close to breaking down but held it in know that the man of her anger was about to walk in any second.

Derek waked over to her, placing his comforting hand on her shoulder, "He does trust you Emily, like I said he is just having a bad day and you were there to take the cross fire of his anger. Yeah, he shouldn't have done it in front of everyone and you did nothing to get that thrown in your face but you know Hotch, he isn't one for biting his tongue when something is pissing him off".

Emily was biting her on tongue, trying hard not to direct her anger at Morgan, he was only trying to make her feel better, well that was until his last comment. Derek could see Hotch approaching with Rossi and decided he should stay neutral in the argument, as he didn't want to be on Hotch's bad side.

"Princess maybe you shouldn't have said anything to him and just stayed quiet and stop imagining things."

Just as he said that Hotch and Dave walked in, Emily was too angry and pre occupied with what Derek said to have noticed them. She shoved his hand of her shoulder, stood up and started putting her things away.

"WHAT? You know what forget it; I've had enough, you always take his side. May be if you took your nose out of his arse for 5 seconds, you would see it isn't all in my head"

"PRENTISS…That's enough, my office NOW"

Emily turned round to see Hotch fuming, glaring at her. She was even angrier now she had seen him and was acting like it was all her fault, yet again, but this was the last straw, she had had enough.


Hotch raised his eyebrow, he couldn't believe she just disobeyed a direct order. Emily could feel the whole bullpen staring at them, she was going to give Hotch a little taste of what it was like to be shown up in front a room full of people, his subordinates neither the less.

"Don't push your luck Prentiss, get in my office NOW"

He started to walk towards his office, people started getting back to their work until they heard it again, stopping Hotch dead in his tracks. You could see the steam coming off his head, as if he was a volcano and was about to blow.


Hotch turned round and just stared at her, how she dare show him up in front of everyone. He gave her a questioning look, raising his eyebrow yet again, as if to ask 'what did you just say'.

"NO, NO, NO"

She stood there shaking her head from side as she was saying it, hands on hips, giving him a glare to match one of his own. At this point the whole bullpen was quiet and watching with amazement that somebody had actually dare answer the famous Aaron Hotchner back. He stormed back down the walk way and was inches away from her face, they were that close they could feel the heat radiating off each other. They stood there for a few more seconds just glaring at each other.

Rossi was stood outside his office debating whether to step in between them before either one said or did something that they would later on regret. Emily broke the silence

"What's up Hotch?"

"SERIOUSLY, you want to know what's up."

"Well yeah"

"You bad mouthed me to Morgan, you deliberately disobey an order and now you are acting as if you don't know what has got me pissed off "

Prentiss tried to get closer to him, lowering her voice to a deep growl

"I know what's got you pissed now, ME. If you listen properly to what I said to Morgan you would of heard that I didn't bad mouth you, it was him" she turned round and pointer to Morgan or so called partner "so get you facts straight before you start accusing me of things I didn't do yet again. And you want to know why I'm disobeying an order?"

She pulled away slightly waiting for him to answer, he just continued to glare at her.

"remember earlier, when we were at the station and you were going over a plan to catch the UNSUB, I said to you that I didn't think that would be wise, you turned round and let loose on me for stating my observation, in front of the whole station and our team. I have never been so humiliated in my life and all I did was say that I didn't think that your entry route was wise considering the UNSUB had wired all the other entry points."

Hotch was clenching and un clenching his fists at his side, Prentiss came closer, she could smell his cologne, God, he smelt good, she needed to do this before she lost her nerve and crumbled to her knees, she leant further in and snarled in his ear

"Paybacks a Bitch, now you know how you made me feel for the past 6 years, thanks SIR"

She quickly turned round and grabbed her bag and was about to leave when she felt him grabbed bicep hard and full her back, her reflexes kicked in, she turned round and swung at him, her right fists connecting with his jaw. Hotch let go of her arm as he tumbled back on to Reid's desk, almost sitting on his lap. On the other side of Emily's desk, Morgan had spat out his coffee and nearly chocked when he saw Emily punch their unit chief. Even he wasn't that stupid or brave. Rossi had started to jog back down to where the two were stood, or in Hotch's current state, sat. Rossi went to pick Hotch up off Reid. Prentiss just stood there shitting her pants, she couldn't believe she just punch him, but she thought to herself 'yeah but he had it coming'. She still couldn't shake the anger inside her, as much as she was shocked at the fact she just floored him, she was still royally pissed at him for how he treated her today, then with what Derek said added to her anger, then the iron man himself had to put more of his two pennies in and push her to her limit. Hotch was now on his feet rubbing his jaw, face red from anger and embarrassment.

"Prentiss, you are suspended for 3 weeks, pending immediately, get your stuff and go. I don't want you anywhere near this office until then"

Prentiss wasn't at all surprised, but she had had it.

"Go fuck yourself! You know what, I'll do one better than you, I quit SIR"

She took off her issued weapon, her badge, and her credentials and slammed them on her desk and made her way to the doors. Rossi ran after her, grabbing her arm but then quickly released it when she turned round to throw another punch, he stepped back

"Emily, wait, look, you don't need to quit. Just take the 3 weeks to get yourself together and then come back and we will sort things out. I will talk to him" Emily started to well up, she didn't want to leave but she couldn't take it anymore, enough is enough. The tears slowly stared to run down her face. Hotch just stood there, looking at her, his face had softened a bit; he never took his eyes off her whilst Dave spoke to her. He wanted to listen to what Dave was saying to her.

"Dave I can't, I just punched my boss, plus I've finally had enough, I can't take it anymore."

"Don't worry about that, he has a stronger jaw, you should now that, besides he'll get over it, I'll talk to him"

Dave was rubbing is hands up and down her arms trying to calm her down

"Dave I can't, he isn't going to let this one drop no matter what you say to him. Besides I can't take it anymore, He doesn't want me here, he never has. I'm only here because he feels obligated cos I never sold him out to Strauss. I thought he was starting to be normal with me like he is with JJ and Pen, but today just confirms my suspicions he doesn't give a crap about my opinion. He doesn't trust me. It's been 6 years Dave and he still doesn't trust me, he doesn't want anything to do with not staying where I'm not welcome, I've put up with it for 6 years because I fell in love with him and I would rather him be like that with me than not see him every day"

Dave pulled her into a hug and squeezed her tight. Emily hugged him back but with tears still running down her face, her eyes were staring back at Hotch. His face was blank as usual. She was right he didn't even give two shits what he had done to her. She could feel the anger building up inside, the tears quickly dried out. She gave him her best glare, he didn't budge and inch. Emily pushed back of Dave and said her goodbye.

"Prentiss wait"

"What Morgan, you going to add insult to injury and say that it's all in my head AGAIN? Why don't you grow a pair and finally stand up to him and take your tongue out of his arse and stop sucking up to him"

Morgan was starting to get angry now

"We can't all be as perfect and brave like you, oh, let's all try and be a Marta and take down a terrorist by ourselves" Derek decided being sarcastic would get her wound up

"Whatever, at least I have the balls to stand up to Hotch and speak my mind and I was in love with the man. Call yourself a man? And in case you forgot, I went after Doyle to save your lives, so he wouldn't hurt you guys to get to me."

Emily's tears had long gone and she back on to rage.

"What do you mean you WERE in love with him?"

"You see Derek, after 6 years of being madly in love with somebody and then after all that time for him to treat you like a piss of shit stuck on the bottom of their shoes, always being pushed away when I tried to voice my opinion, never feeling like you were ever trust on this team, that's when you finally come to your senses and say enough is enough. It makes you feel about 2 inches tall. That love that you hold for them close to your heart starts to fall apart, breaking your heart in to tiny pieces. Today I drew the line and you made it more of a definite decision. I was obviously wrong when I thought you were my friend, just as wrong as I thought the man I had so stupidly fallen in love with, would finally learn to trust me. So bye Derek and thanks for everything,"

She turned round kissed Dave on the cheek and told him she will call round tomorrow when she has had time to cool down. And with that, she turn to face Hotch who hadn't moved or said anything since he suspended her, she looked him dead in the eye and simply said


Emily finally made her way through the double doors, a lone tear making its way back down on to her cheek.

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