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Chapter 7

Hotch came barging out of Rossi's office, past the man himself, as he saw two of his female agents talking to his pregnant girlfriend. From the position he was in, the conversation didn't look friendly. Not wanting to take any chances of another scene happening in the bullpen, he shouted out to his agents but they gave a quick retort about needing to use the bathroom. Typical women! Always going to the bathroom in groups. He will just have to find out off his girlfriend what the discussion was about, praying that she didn't cause another scene. That was all he needed, Strauss coming down and making his life more hell than it already was.

Hotch made his way down to Beth and walked with her back to his office.

"Hey sweetheart, what happened? What are you doing here? I thought you would have been at work by now?"

"Why Aaron? Trying to get rid of me, so that little whore can worm her way into you?" she said in a snide tone, not pleased that Prentiss had punched her plus his other two agents ganging up with her to. Stupid Team, always sticks together, well, not for long. She thought to herself.

Hotch was taken a back by her little out burst. "What? Beth, what are you talking about? And I'd appreciate if you didn't take that tone with me. I'm just trying to find out what is going on."

"Maybe you should ask that slut of an Agent, Agent Prentiss"

"Beth, please do not speak about my Agents like that and tell me what is going on. I have had a rough morning so far and it isn't even 9 o'clock yet".

"Well, Aaron, Agent Prentiss punched me when I went to speak with her just a few minutes ago. All I asked the woman was that I thought she Left the BAU. Why is she Back Aaron? I want her arrested for assault. I'm Pregnant with you child Aaron. She could of harmed the baby"

"I will get hold of Prentiss and find out what is going on"

"I already told you Aaron, you don't need to ask her. You should believe what I told you"

"I do believe you Beth, but if you want her arrested then we need her take of events otherwise it won't go anywhere. Why don't you go into the break room and have a coffee. I will be in as soon as I've spoken to Emily, I mean Prentiss" great one Hotchner, add more fuel to the fire by calling by her first name, idiot.

Beth did her best scowl and stomped out of her boyfriends office and over to the break room.

Mean while Hotch got on the phone to Prentiss,wanting to find out exactly what had gone on. He didn't really want her arrested, because that would put a blemish on her career. But if Beth made that much fuss, he would have to, especially with Beth carrying his child and all.


"Where are you?"

"ERM, why? Do we have a case?"

"I need to speak with you in my office, now please"

"O.K. But I'm just in the middle of …..."

"Now please Emily, it's important"

"OK. I will be there shortly" and with that Hotch hung up and sat back down at his desk.

Mean while, Emily was sat with her dad, Rossi and Strauss, in Strauss' office.

"That was Hotch, he er, wants to see me in his office now. Said it's important, I ERM, gotta go" Emily would be lying if she said she wasn't nervous.

Strauss chose this time to remind her about her suspension. "Emily, unfortunately, I still have to suspend. I have added an extra week onto the 3 that Aaron gave. You still have your job but the suspension still stands, as you were insubordinate and the fact that you did also punch Miss Clemmons"

Emily knew this, so wasn't exactly surprised but the extra week, that she wasn't happy about.

"Wait why have I got an extra week? I hit Beth in self defence. She went to hit me"

" That maybe the case, nether the less, you are a train FBI agent, you are train to kill with your bare hands, so you are still suspended"


"Sorry Emily it still stands. Miss Clemmons may want to press charges and the fact that she is Aaron's girlfriend isn't going to go down well with him, considering you punched him also. If that is what he has called for you, let him know I have dealt with the situation and my punishment over rides what ever he may want to give you."

"Fine. I best go and see what he wants"

"Emily, why don't you and your dad come round to Dave's later tonight and we can get something to eat and Dave can have a catch up with Jacen"

"OK. Dad can you sort out the details, I need to see what Hotch wants" Emily went to give her a dad a kiss and took her gun off and laid her credentials on Strauss.

"You can keep those but only use them if you absolutely need to"

With that, Emily left and went on her way to get her head chewed off by Hotch. She was not looking forward to this one little bit.

Down In the bullpen, Garcia and JJ had re-appeared and were peaking through the blinds in JJ's office, trying to look into the break room.

"You know, I bet Beth made some shit up and told Hotch something totally different. I mean how can he not see that nasty side of hers?"

"I don't know Pen. Hotch tends to only see what he wants to see but then again, he is a man after all"

"I know, I just thought that him and Emily would of gotten together"

"So did Emily, then Stalker appeared at the park and wormed her way in with Aaron. I just don't trust her. It was too much of a coincidence that she knew that he was going to be at the park and then to know that he worked for the FBI. It's just to...what's the word I'm looking for?"

"Fucked up? That the word you were after?"

JJ giggled and replied "Not quite Pen but it fits nicely, oh here's Emily"

Garcia stuck her head out of the door and tried to get her attention,

"Psst,Em, psst EMILY" she said a bit louder and got her attention waving her over. Emily turned round and giggled making her way over to JJ's office.

"What are you too hiding for?"

"Shush, Hotch is in his office and the wicked witch of stalker vile is in the break-room" Pen said grabbing Emily's arm and pulled her into the office.

"Why are you both hiding from Hotch?"

Garcia spoke up again "We kind of gave Beth a little talking to and Hotch caught us, so we ran off to the toilets so he couldn't follow us!"

"Don't you mean you ran off and dragged me in there with you?"

"Oh shush, I never heard you complain when the boss man came after us"

"Whatever. Anyway Em, where was you going?" JJ asked.

"I was going to see Hotch, he wants to see me for some reason and I'm guessing it has something to do with my punching his slut of a girlfriend"


"Pen, I don't need to be reminded that that bitch is making happy families with Hotch. Anyway, I gotta go see what Hotch wants. If she is in there, I swear I'm gonna put her on the floor again"

All tree woman giggled.

"Oh don't worry peaches, she isn't in with the boss man. Slut's in the break-room, probably putting an ice pack on her jaw! That was so funny Em." Emily let out a chuckle and started making her way up the catwalk , up to her bosses office. "Good luck peaches, we're here if you need us" Garcia shouted just as Hotch's door opened.

"Prentiss, my office now please" Emily grunted at him at him.

"I'm coming Hotch, god, give me chance".

Hotch looked at her with an annoyed look on his face, raised his eye brow and said " I've given you more chances than you deserve Prentiss, don't push your luck" with that Hotch went back into his office.

Emily turned around to look at JJ and Pen, who were hanging out JJ's office. " And here's me or should I say Derek, thinking I was imaging him being a twat with me!"

JJ looked at her with a sad face. "Don't worry Em, he is just an idiot and will figure it out soon enough"

"I doubt it Jay, by then it will be too late. I can't take any more, that's why I quit." The girls didn't see Beth stood at the break room door watching their conversation,

"May be you should have stayed fired and save us all from you're self loathing"

Emily spun around, looking in her direction, mouth open in shock, then anger rose in her. She turned and looked at her friends with her a questionable look on her face.

JJ spoke up. " Emily, don't. She's not worth it. Besides, there is only so much luck you will get today, Strauss isn't that nice to let it go a third time and neither will Stalker over there." Emily turned and looked back at Beth, who had a huge smirk on her face.

"What Agent Prentiss? Why do you look so glum? Cat got your tongue?" Beth said with a chuckle.

Emily started to make her way over to her, fuming to the point of exploding.

"Emily don't" JJ shouted over the bullpen, drawing the attention of Hotch out of his office. Hotch just stood there, waiting to see what happens. It was one way to find out who was telling the truth. Emily was now right in front of Beth, up in her face.

"Got something to say Beth?" Emily had no idea Hotch was watching the scene unfold, where as Beth could see him clearly over Emily's shoulder.

"I have no idea what you are talking about Emily, I never said a word" that innocent look appearing back on Beth's face for the benefit of Hotch.

Emily grunted out "Good, if you want to stay standing with both your legs, I suggest you keep it that way."

"Or what? What is the great Agent Prentiss going to do about it" Beth said quietly, not loud enough for Hotch to hear.

"Just keep pushing it and I will knock you back on your …..." Emily didn't get to finish that statement as Hotch chose that Moment to speak out and call her into his office.

"Prentiss, my office" with that he moved back toward his door.

"Shit!" Emily muttered, to the amusement of Beth, who started laughing.

"Go on Emily, run along now" Emily swiftly turned round, with her right hand raised, ready to throw another right hook at her, but someone caught her arm and stopped her. She felt a cold shiver run down her spin.

"My office NOW PRENTISS" Hotch said low but with laced in venom.

"OH MY GOD, can you get off my back for five frigging minutes" she snapped at a furious Hotch.

"Thought you would of enjoyed that peaches!" Garcia chuckled to Emily but then soon stop when she got glares of both Hotch and Emily.

"Sorry peaches...Boss man"

"Shouldn't you two have work to do? Which reminds me, I want words with you and JJ when I'm done with Prentiss."

Garcia couldn't help her self and spoke out before her brain had time to register the consequences of what she was about to say. " That sounds promising for you Em, maybe it will relieve some of that sexual tension between the two of you!"



They both said at the same time.

"Oops! Did I just say that out loud?" Garcia quickly went back into JJ's office, slamming the door behind her.

Hotch and Emily made their way in to the office. Hotch Closing the blinds and locking the door behind him. Emily started getting nervous but a little excited in anticipation of what might happen, or what she would like to happen!

" Why are you closing the blinds?" she asked.

" I don't want an audience. There has been enough attention around the pair of us the past couple of days and I don't think we need any more, do you?" His tone softened slightly but not by much as he sat down behind his desk in a big huff.

"What about your girlfriend? She isn't going to be happy that I'm in here with you, door locked, with the blinds closed, is she?"

"I don't answer to her Prentiss, where you get that impression is beyond me"

Emily stood tall, arms crossed over her puffed out chest, bracing herself for the confrontation that was surely about to come with her next statement. " Well you best tell her that, because that's not the impression she is giving everyone" wait for it... 3, 2, 1...nothing, what? He mustn't of heard me, she thought to herself. "you did hear me right, I did say that last bit out loud, right?" she was questioning herself now as he just sat there with a blanc expression on his gorgeous, dimpled face.

"I'm not concerned about what she is saying about us at the moment. I need to fix the mess from this morning with you and Beth, she wants to press charges and I would rather that sort of accusation didn't go on your record."

"Don't act like you give a damn about my career now, when all you have done since I've been here, is give me shit and make my life hell most of the time." She tried to hold her anger back but it had been building up for a while now. "And here's me thinking that we were becoming good friends at one point, until she came into the picture and started putting things into your head.." Her anger was slowly disappearing into something else.

"She hasn't been putting things into my head Emily and I think we are getting off track here. What happened with you and Beth this morning?"

"Nothing that she hadn't had coming to her" she snapped back.

" Oh come on Prentiss, I know you. I know when you're lying, besides, Beth already gave me her take of events this morning and I wanted to clear things up before she tried to take them any further."

Hotch had now got up and made his way to the front of his desk.

"That's right, believe her like usual" Emily was starting to let her emotions get to her now and could feel that burn in her throat.

"What reason would I have not to believe her, she is my girlfriend." he said with slight regret.

"Because the baby she says she is carrying, isn't yours Hotch. She has been lying to you this whole time, and it isn't me just being jealous of her, I heard it from her own mouth. And I have a witness to prove I'm not making this up." she let a tear roll down her face.

Hotch just stood there with his mouth open in shock. "What? You're lying. Why would she lie about it? I don't believe you. You're just jealous" He was now angry. The emotions building up inside him.

"I'm not lying Hotch. I admit, I may be jealous, because who wouldn't want children with you? Have you seen Jack? He is the sweetest boy. But I'm not lying Aaron, I love you, I have no reason to lie. Like you said before, you know when I'm lying."

Tears were now free falling down her face. Hotch was still silent. Not knowing what to say or do. Emily walked up to him, placed both her hands on his face and said "Aaron, look at me, look at me closely and tell me that I'm lying to you" she stood there, hands still cupping his face, waiting for his answer. The answer she got was not the one she was expecting but yet wasn't surprised. He lifted his arms up and removed Emily's off his face and pulled them down roughly. His usually stoic mask was back on his face and Emily let out a little sob and let more tears run down her face.

"I can't do this any more Aaron, when this all blows up in your face and you find out what she is really like, don't come crawling back to me and try to get back our friendship or what ever it was, because I'm done, I've finally had enough of your shit, maybe Clyde still has that job open." And with that she walked up to the door, unlocked it, and walked through it, slamming it loudly on the way out.

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