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Chapter Two-Worst Revenge Plan Ever!

"Alright fuzz-doll, where am I?" Sonic demanded, tapping his foot impatiently.

Tails Doll smirked, creeping the blue hedgehog out. I mean seriously, when Tails Doll smirks he shows his teeth which are covered in blood stains. Anybody would be creeped out.

"Not telling~!"

Sonic sighed but before he could argue more with the demented doll, a groan sounded from the bed. Both of them looked over to it, Tails Doll looking excited while Sonic was confused.

Sonny sat up tiredly, rubbing her eyes to get rid of the sand in them. She looked around her room before noticing Tails Doll and Sonic.

Her eyes lit up at seeing Sonic.

"Here it comes…the torture hehehehehe!" Tails Doll cackled, punching his 'paws' together. Sonic shot him a look before warily looking at the little girl who was rushing to get out of bed.

After finally untangling herself from her sheets, falling off the bed in the process, she rose up from the floor and promptly hugged Sonic, who stepped back in shock.

Tails Doll gleefully grinned, "he is sure to hate it! He hates it when the pink thing does it!"

However, he was surprised when Sonic, instead of recoiling from the hug, laughed and hugged her back. Tail Doll's jaw dropped.

"Hey kid, what's your name?" Sonic asked kindly.

"Sonny!" She giggled.

Tails Doll flew in front of the two with an annoyed expression on his face. "Why aren't you torturing him?! You know, like you did earlier to me?!"

It was then that Sonny, who was no longer tired, realized that Tails Doll was not wearing the clothes or make-up she had put on him before. Her eyes started welling up with tears, which made Sonic panic while Tails Doll inwardly awarded himself for making her cry.

"He hates me! That's why he won't wear the clothes!" She whimpered, burying her head into Sonic's chest. He gently rocked her back and forth while shooting Tails Doll an annoyed look.

"It's alright, I like you!" Sonic said, in an attempt to cheer up the child.

Tails Doll looked baffled. "But…but you only just met!"

Sonic chuckled, "true but I can see that she's already going to be fun to hang around. Besides, the fact that she dressed you up, from what I heard, makes it all the better!"

Tails Doll glowered, "I'd like to see how you would react in a dress, asshole! For goodness sake, you're supposed to be screaming in torture! Why isn't she being a monster to you?!"

Sonic grinned, "maybe she can see the evil in you and thus tortures you for it. Obviously she knows I'm good, so I get off free. Besides, I like kids."

A snore broke the argument up and both of the game characters saw that Sonny had fallen asleep. Sonic picked her up and walked over to her bed before jumping on, letting Sonny rest against him. Tails Doll was shaking with rage at this point.

His awesome revenge plan had failed!

Eventually Sonic had also fallen asleep while Tails Doll floated a bit before collapsing on the floor.

"It's not fair! Not fair!"

He could have killed them now but he was too busy whining.

Suddenly his head snapped up and a look of confusion came on his face. "I can still sense that the portal is still active. Meh, not my problem."

If only he knew what he had done.

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