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Chapter Seven-Why You Shouldn't Mess with Five-year-olds

The murderous doll sighed to himself as he boredly watched the little kids play around in the room. He didn't see how humans got education from this, all they did was play, use the toilet and learn like one number every two hours.

On Mobius, kids could already write structured sentences and occasionally find the genius child *cough* Tails *cough*.

Tails doll turned his gaze to Sonny, who was sat at a nearby table drawing on some paper. He noticed that nobody else was at the table or even near-they were surrounding and playing with the bully from before.

"Crap, I got stuck with the less popular kid. Oh well, at least nobody is bothering me." He muttered to himself, slumping more against Sonny's bag, which he had been placed next to.

However as Tails Doll took a moment to relax, it was all the time needed for a kid to quickly snatch him and pull him away.

'Fuck my life…..'

Mathew stared at his computer screen blankly, nothing but that scene from yesterday playing through his head.

"That portal…no, I must have been imagining it. The same for that blue thing too! But it looked so much like that robot character…and the destroyed wall…."

He clutched his head with his hands, taking a deep breath before exhaling. School was probably getting to him, that must have been it.

"I need some fresh air…" with that said, Mathew stood from his computer chair and walked out of his room, grabbing a jacket from closet before leaving. He headed downstairs to the porch, digging his trainers from the mass pile of shoes (he really wished his mother would stop buying shoes) and slipped them on.

"Oh Mathew, are you going out?" Eliza called, stepping out of the living room.


"Well alright then but don't be out too late," she replied, waving him off.

As soon as he shut the front door, Mathew shook his head and began walking down the street. Although it was sunny out, there was a slight chill from the air.

He had no real destination in mind, he was planning to just keep walking until he found somewhere to lounge. As luck would have it, he ended up near the hills of the area, just near the forest. Luckily nobody seemed to be out, all the adults being at work and kids being at school.

Oh and in case you didn't realise, he was skipping school.

He stood still for a moment before falling to the floor, spreading his arms out and closing his eyes. Eventually he began to feel his muscles relax and was nearly lulled to sleep.

'Nearly' being the key word.


Mathew sat up, stretching his arms before groaning. "Goddammit, if you're that annoying kid with the army obsession, I swear to God I will make you cry-"

However when Mathew's eyes landed on the 'person' who had spoken, he froze while his eyes widened.

There in front of him was a blue robotic hedgehog with red optics. The robot's claws had a built in gun, pointed at him.

"You have GOT to be kidding me."

The response he got was the robot charging it's gun.


Sonny blinked, pausing on colouring in her drawing. For a second she thought she heard an explosion, but there didn't seem to be any signs of destruction. She shrugged before staring down at her drawing.

"Hmm, it needs another colour, but what colour? Hey, Tails doll, what colour should I use?"

She turned her head to where she left her friend, but froze when she saw that her friend was not there. Her eyes widened as tears began to form in her eyes.

Tails doll must have been kidnapped! That was the only explanation as to why he wasn't there. (Though she did not take in the fact that he could have just left on his own.)

She suddenly heard laughter behind her and risked a glance, seeing some boys pointing and laughing at her.

Sonny's finger twitched.

Tails doll silently grumbled to himself as he felt his arm being squeezed by his captive. The little boy who had grabbed him had given him to the bully, who was staring at him with a naughty look.

"Heh, once we break this toy, the nerd will cry." He said to his comrades, who all laughed with him.

"Hahaha, then she won't have anymore friends!" another kid piped up, causing more laughter.

Tails doll, for some reason, felt extremely annoyed that they were mocking Sonny.

However he dismissed this as the annoyance of other people mocking her and not him.

However the feeling began to escalate the more they said her name until he decided that because they were in a broom closet, away from adults and security cameras, he was just going to kill them. Happy with the idea, he got ready to alter his appearance, one must look good to kill, when suddenly a chill ran down his spine.

Looking around, he wasn't the only one that felt the chill.

The boys heard a thump from the door, all pausing to glance at it.

"Maybe it's the other guys," the main bully dismissed it.

They were proven wrong when the door slammed open, revealing one five-year-old girl.

Correction-one PISSED OFF five-year-old girl.

"Where. Is. My. FRIEND!"

To write the expression on her face would be like to end the world-clearly I'm not going to write it. I'll leave it up to your imagination on how 'scary' her face was.

It was enough to cause all the boys to scream and to make Tails doll sweat. The main bully threw the doll over to her, cowering behind his friends.

Sonny then did a 180 and smiled down at Tails doll. "There you are! Help me pick a colour for my drawing!"

The boys watched as she walked away, thinking that they saw the doll crying.

Mathew flinched, his head bent down, his legs pulled towards his chest and his arms wrapped around his legs. He heard the loud boom and felt the heat from the gun, however he just realized that he was not actually hurt, let alone dead.

Rising his head up slowly, he blinked before shaking his head, mouth following agape.

"Hey, close your mouth bro, you might catch flies."

But all Mathew could think was one thing.

'Why is Sonic the Hedgehog in front of me?!'

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