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Chapter Eight-What's Metal up to?

Mathew briefly wondered to himself if was dreaming. Possibly he could be unconscious on the road for all he knew because there was no way in hell that what was happening in front of him was real.

But yet no matter how many times he blinked, hit himself or tried to shake himself 'awake,' the image of Sonic the hedgehog and Metal Sonic being in front of him would not disappear.

"Aw man, it must be those pills," he muttered, rubbing his head.

"You alright dude?" the blue hedgehog asked with a grin, peeking at him with his eyes.

"Sure, I'm alright. Not like I'm freaking out that there's a talking hedgehog in front of me," he responded, getting a chuckle in reply.

Meanwhile Metal Sonic surveyed the two with his optics, making clicking sounds occasionally.

Suddenly he let out a beep, catching the hedgehog and human's attention.


With that said, he fired his boosters an shot into the sky just as Sonic made the move to grab him. He left a trail of smoke behind him.

Sonic sighed, before turning his full attention to Mathew, who was still staring at him gob smacked.

"H-how are you real?" Mathew finally spat out, rubbing his eyes.

"What do you mean? Of course I'm real," Sonic replied with a 'duh' voice.

Mathew raised an eyebrow but sighed, "great, just as weird as my sister and her new 'doll' that mum thinks I bought her. Haven't even seen it yet."

This caught the blue hedgehog's attention, "sister? What's her name?"


Sonic couldn't help but let a chuckle loose. This means he can get to know the new fella better.

"So, what's our name?"

"Mathew…though I'm still confused why I'm speaking to you."

Meanwhile somewhere else….

Metal Sonic flew around some more before dropping down back into his now self-proclaimed cave. He sat down before shut his optics, making a few more beeping noises.


He then waited a moment before hearing the familiar static from his communication line.

"Thanks for getting the information Metal S~ I'm sure uncle will be pleased about this, although I'd rather not tell him…playing pranks on him is much more fun!"

Metal Sonic rolled his optics, used to his commander's behaviour.

"We'll be arriving soon, so try to keep collecting information. Kay, F out~!"

After ending the communication line, Metal Sonic activated his sleep mode.

Tails Doll was thankful that they were heading back home. In fact he was tempted to hug Eliza when she came to pick up Sonny.

As soon as they were back at the house though, he felt as if something was off…

He found out when Sonny and he arrived in her room, where Sonic and Mathew were. Now Tails Doll had never met Mathew yet, but he just knew he was the older brother.

Sonny blinked in confusion, "Big brother?"

Mathew cleared his throat before giving Sonny a tired look. He then glanced over to what she was holding…

And promptly widened his eyes and fainted.

Tails Doll grinned, "finally, someone acts correctly!"

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